Your Mother Wore Army Boots

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  1. Your mother wears army boots! - phrase meaning and origin
  2. "Your momma wears combat boots." Why was that offensive back then?
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Your mother wears army boots! - phrase meaning and origin

Her mother came home alone and pregnant; never knowing that her lover had been sent to Korea. They never saw each other again. Rosie's barren search continued over many agonising years until she discovered the breakthrough that she had longed for. This is the story of a heart-wrenching and emotionally charged journey half way across the world; a trip that was held up by Terrorists plots; major London Airports closed down on critical stand-by and surrounded by gun-toting Police.

A lone journey of self-discovery to find her father This was my story that had unfathomable meaning for me and I devotedly hoped it would have deep meaning for someone, somewhere out there, in pursuit of their own dream'. It transpires to be a journey of self discovery and a genuine rollercoaster of emotions. Having never known her natural father, it eventually became an obsessive operation to find him. Are you ready for the return of " This Is Us "?

"Your momma wears combat boots." Why was that offensive back then?

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An overprotective single mother tries to stop her son joining the parachute unit by sending him to the college, fearful that he may end up his life like his father did. He secretly leaves the college and joins the army, but the mother finds out and makes a bet with him that if she passes the basic training, he will leave the unit. A great movie starring Barbara Eden and her real life son , Matthew Ansara.

Barbara as Brenda Anderson, the overprotective mom tries to keep her son out of the airforce and wants him to go to college.

But in the process everything goes astray and instead Brenda Barbara Eden winds up in the airforce. Things get very funny as she alienates everyone in sight by getting them on KP for her screwups.

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In one hilarious scene she appears on the battleground wearing short shorts because she misunderstood the term BDU battle dress uniform to mean BVD's ,which of course, she told her sergeant, she was no way going to wear. In the end she is forced to do a jump from the plane to set an example for her son and winds up encouraging him to stay in.

I strongly suspect, from the reality of the scenes that they were done with the cooperation of the airforce. Barbara as usual makes everything hilarious with her antics.

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Brenda drives down to Georgia in an attempt to stop him, but when she arrives Jimmy has already entered Fort Benning. When Jimmy refuses to quit, she makes a deal with him — if she can make it through the Airborne training course herself, then he will not do the parachute jump at the end of the course, and will leave the army and return to college.

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Brenda struggles to adjust to the strict military regimen and make it through the tough and physically demanding Airborne training course. Her fear of heights also causes her difficulties.

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  8. This leads to a number of comic incidents, though her drill instructor , Sgt. But with a little help from other trainees in her squad, Brenda perseveres, determined to get Jimmy to leave the army. In the end, however, the experience leads Brenda to realise that Jimmy needs to complete the training in order to develop a closer bond with his late father, and gives him her blessing to complete the final qualifying parachute jump.