Unwrapping Your Gift

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  1. Unwrapping Your Spiritual Gift
  2. Unwrapping Your Spiritual Gifts
  3. A New Beginning

You discover your gift as you endeavor to do it.

Unwrapping Your Spiritual Gift

As Paul told Timothy, stir up the gift of God. Study to show yourself approved. No matter what your gift is, like a natural talent, you must develop it through study and work. Your spiritual gift must operate in the power of the Holy Spirit. Spiritual gifts operate with supernatural power.

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Depend upon the Holy Spirit. Put it to work with other saints. When these gifts work together, the body matures, and we become more and more like Jesus. You are a gifted child.

Unwrapping Your Spiritual Gifts

Find out what God wants you to do and get busy doing it. When you serve Him, joy begins to flow. Ask God to show you your ministry. Accept yourself, discover yourself, be yourself, and give yourself for the glory of God. As you fill out your prayer request in the form below, here are a few reminders: Your information is safe. Love Worth Finding does not sell, lease or rent confidential information. When mentioning others in your request, please respect their privacy by using only their first name or initials.

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A New Beginning

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Then, you know that they sing different parts. That's what makes it beautiful. God doesn't want us all to be alike. God has made each of us different. When we come together in one Spirit, our work is a harmonious symphony of loving service to our King! You don't decide which one of the gifts you would like. He sovereignly chooses the gift for you.

And, there's no need for you to ask God for a spiritual gift. When the Holy Spirit entered your life and placed you into the Body of Christ, He didn't come in empty-handed; He came in with a gift. All you need to do is discover the gift and develop the gift that God has already given you. The Design of the Gifts What is God's design for your spiritual gift? But, it is not for your enjoyment; it is for your employment. If I have a gift, it's going to bless you. If you have a gift, it's going to bless me.

Together, we're going to bless each other. The Phillips translation of verse 7 says, "Each man is given his gift by the Spirit that he may use it for the common good. Once you've done that, spend some time in God's Word. Day after day, He will transform you more and more into His likeness, then you can realize your gift in Christ. Next, I suggest you spend time serving others.