The Hunter (Orion the Hunter Part One)

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The Hunter (Orion the Hunter Part One) e-book downloads - Mon premier blog

Like Betelgeuse, it is much bigger and heavier than the Sun. It's surface is thousands of degrees hotter, however, so it shines blue-white.

That high temperature means that Rigel also pumps out a lot of ultraviolet energy, which produces sunburn and other problems. When you add up the ultraviolet, visible light, and other wavelengths, Rigel shines tens of thousands of times brighter than the Sun. With so much energy streaming its way, a planet would need to be billions of miles away from Rigel to be a safe abode for life, and it would need a thick ozone layer to screen out the ultraviolet.

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Even then, such a planet wouldn't be a good long-term home. In a few million years, Rigel, too, is likely to blast itself to bits as a supernova. The energy and shock wave would make quick work of life on any world around it.

Orion, the Hunter

Near the center of Orion's prominent rectangle, look for a short diagonal line of three stars that forms Orion's Belt. And extending south from the belt, you'll see another, fainter line of stars that forms Orion's Sword. It's M42, the Orion Nebula, which is a cloud of gas and dust that's like a giant fluorescent bulb.

M42 is part of a giant complex of clouds of interstellar gas and dust.

Orion the Hunter - All about the mythology, stars and celestial objects (N. Hemisphere perspective)

Pockets of this material are collapsing to give birth to new stars. Hubble Space Telescope images reveal about 3, stars in the Orion Nebula alone, some of which could be as little as 10, years old.

The visible nebula is a bubble of turbulent gas that is energized by the Trapezium, a cluster of hot, bright stars at its center. Ultraviolet energy from the stars strips electrons from atoms in the nebula. It is one of the most conspicuous and recognizable constellations.

The Hunter

The distinctive pattern of Orion has been recognized in numerous cultures around the world, and many myths have been associated with it. It has also been used as a symbol in the modern world. The name of the major stars are labelled as well as the most notable deep sky objects located within the Constellation. The red square shows the position of the depicted area on the astrophoto.

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The IC , and are smaller reflexions nebulae. The Horsehead and Flame Nebulae are one of the most popular deep sky objects among the astrophotographers. From the Norther Hemisphere they could be captured only in winter time.