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Addie finds help from her benefactor's lawyer and his family. This is no dry genealogical tome, however. The author has the ability to descibe and evoke emotion so that we are drawn into the details of the story and we want, we need, to find out more. There is a sad family story which unfolds here and there's scope for the old discussion about nature or nurture as we see how the women's lives reflect one another down the years.

Addie is a strong character though and her determination comes through. I enjoyed this book very much indeed. This is a very enjoyable book, with a good mixture of light and shade. It is essentially the story of American Addie's search for her English roots. Along the way it explores changing attitudes to pre-marital sex and illegitimacy, without ever becoming a polemic. Some of the things Addie discovers about her family are quite horrific and made me burn with anger at the injustice suffered by women in the past.

This is revealed by Addie gradually uncovering the story from documents, letters and witnes This is a very enjoyable book, with a good mixture of light and shade. This is revealed by Addie gradually uncovering the story from documents, letters and witnesses, so you share her modern reaction to it in a completely empathic way. Jacquelynn Luben has obviously done her research into geneological records and where information can be found.

Addie is lucky to find quite so many people who knew her mother and grandmother, but this is still believable and helps bring a human touch to what could have been rather dry research. It includes a nice bit of romance, but is much more than a standard boy meets girl, they have some problems, but get together in the end.

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It is overall a very good read. Addie was adopted and although very happy with her adopted parents, is still very curious about her natural family and yearns to know more. Inheriting a house in England gives her this opportunity. She is inclined to rush into things, both with her research and with people she meets, finding the British reserve rather hard to take at times. Usually I read several books at a time , but having started The Tainted Tree I did not want any distractions and read it straight through.

It is one of those books that has me torn with wanting to read on and on and yet not wanting the book to end. Very well written and obviously well researched. Jul 21, Ann rated it really liked it. I really enjoyed this book. Feb 07, Lindah rated it really liked it. Great ending and I enjoyed the mystery without any murders.

The diary entries were overly long, but a wonderful story about finding family and facing very difficult situations in their pasts. Adopted Addie comes to England to trace her family after inheriting a house in Guildford. As I have been tracing my family enjoyed the contrasts of searching now and them.

Was very envious of the ease in which her story unravelled. Interesting though and I couldn't put it down! Read in a day. Oct 03, denise bell rated it it was amazing. Mystery to the end I love family tree mysteries. Really quite good for the genealogical mystery genre and I like the way the author presented the changes in moral standards and the devastating affects of secrecy on families. From the first few chapters I felt that I was in the hands of an able and intelligent writer. A less accomplished author might well have produced a mechanical, tedious story, but Jacquelynn Luben knows how to introduce intrigue, tension and false leads into the plot and so kept my interest.

But another compelling feature of this kind of research is the detective work it involves, and the details of the lives of characters it reveals. Luben exploits the appeal of detection with great skill, guiding us through such annoying complications as particular first names recurring through the generations, changes of surnames and false certification.

I found the diary convincing. I have not met Jacquelynn Luben but I saw on her website that she took her degree in , so I do not know how she managed to conjure up the life of a university student in the early s. This gave a sense of time passing, and hence a realistic historical grounding to the narrative. Merely recounting a search would not be sufficient to ensure an absorbing novel; for that, intelligent characterisation is needed.

Luben has created complicated individuals who can be relied upon to show the kind of inconsistencies and subtleties we find in life. Many of the relationships in the story are appropriately and realistically fraught as she deals with important and serious issues.

Tainted Tree - Kindle edition by Jacquelynn Luben. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @ irogyrikewyx.tk

I was often able to feel apprehensive for Addie, How one can feel apprehensive for a fictional character I do not know it feels like a category mistake and it is not particularly helpful simply to say that we suspend our disbelief, but, however that may be, there were many moments when I experienced a kind of imaginative concern for her. That is an achievement on the part of the author. It adds to the interest of the story that Addie is an American who has come to research her family in Britain.

Whether or not Luben has got into the consciousness of a young woman from that part of the States I am not qualified to say, but her use of American vocabulary was sufficient to give me confidence that Addie is American. Jacquelynn Luben was able through her skilled writing to overcome my prejudices. Therefore I am giving this book five stars. View all 3 comments.

I came across this book purely by chance and am so glad that I did. I was looking on Google to see what books were set in Guildford and noticed that this one was and available from a local publisher. It appealed to my genealogical mind, so I ordered it and it arrived on Monday just in time for a business trip. I devoured the book during my 6 hours traveling yesterday. Addie inherits a lovely house in Guildford from someone she does not know,but she understand that the deceased has links were her I came across this book purely by chance and am so glad that I did.

Addie inherits a lovely house in Guildford from someone she does not know,but she understand that the deceased has links were her mother, who died in childbirth with Addie, In America. The people that Addie's mother was living with write to advise the would be grandparents of the death of their daughter to find that they do not want to accept responsibility for the child,and after a period of time, Addie is adopted by the couple. Addie has a happy and loved childhood, but finds that she has questions of her heritage and wants to "know" her deceased Mother, and she has no idea who her father is Inheriting the house is a catalyst for discovering the answers.

The link is the Addie's mother was god daughter to James, and it is his house that she has inherited. Addie sets out on a journey of discovery, and as with most genealogical type searches Addie soon finds that she has more questions than answers, and that she has to live with the decisions that her ancestors made.

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The author has done obvious research into genealogical searches and mentions the huge references of birth,marriage and death records at St Catherine's House, of course they are not longer available in the serch room by that has occured since the book was published earlier in the year, and the reference to it in the book reminded me of days lifting those heavy books and battling for space with other researchers. Also the use of the surname of Daborn a very Surrey name!

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Addie does meet living relatives, including her great grandmother, who she discovers was illegitimate and has spent the majority of her life in a hospital simply for having a child out of wedlock. There are tears of joy as the elderly lady realises that the young woman standing with her is not simply a stranger from the social but a relative, a descendant of the daughter she had been told had died. I could almost feel Ada's pain and anguish. The genealogical search is just like a jigsaw, gathering the facts and placing what you know into the mix to build the picture, and that was done as we read of Addie's search.

Quite simply I loved this book, not just for the subject matter, but the way the story unfolds and evolves. I was there, within the pages. Sep 19, carol rated it it was amazing Shelves: What a beautiful story the author, Jacquelynn Luben has written, that takes the reader on an emotive journey through her main character Addie. Addie is an American young woman born to an English mother who dies during childbirth. She is raised by her loving, adoptive American parents. An inheritance bequeathed her brings her to the UK and here starts her genealogical journey to find out her ancestry and whether she has any traceable relatives still living.

The story is set back in the 's and What a beautiful story the author, Jacquelynn Luben has written, that takes the reader on an emotive journey through her main character Addie. The story is set back in the 's and the time difference is mostly noticed by the ever changing use and mention of that era's latest technology as in word processors. It progresses through letters, diaries, personal contacts and supported by new but supportive friends, Addie finds information of her family. The author intelligently weaves little known, shameful facts of UK law and morality left over from the Victorian Era; as for example, Ada's incarceration for life, with her subsequent institutionalisation into a Mental Hospital in the first half of the twentieth century; for no more than becoming pregnant outside of marriage where the Mental Health Acts of the time needed little more in evidence of a teenage girls moral laxity, where committed, deprived of freedom, a life including a normal sexual life, as well as most tragically deprived of her baby.

Does Addie have her happy ever after, her family traced, her father, siblings, a lover? For that you need to read for yourself this multi faceted story that this author has so carefully created. I recommend this story in it's entirety, which is well written, with a very good standard of English and I have no hesitation in giving it 5 stars. Just keep a tissue or two to hand! A fairly depressing era, I might add. So somehow, in an effort to find something a little lighter for a while, I started reading Genealogical Histories.

I thought these would be interesting as I have been working on my own genealogy for the past ten years. This is probably the fifth Genealogical History that I read, and possibly the last. This is one of those improbable genealogy conundrums where al My preferred genre is Historical Fiction and I've been reading a lot about the French Revolution.

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This is one of those improbable genealogy conundrums where all the loose ends get tied up neatly in the end. And just to move it along, there is a current day romance involved too. As I read, I kept thinking that this was written for "young adults". The sex involved told me it wasn't but the writing style told me it was. The main character, Addie, describes herself as "always thinking of others first", or something to that effect, but I found her to be selfish and self centered.

The book moves along predictably as does the ending. An excellent story with twists and turns aplenty. Ted Dekker meets Frank Peretti meets C. Product details File Size: December 23, Sold by: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention main character jacquelynn luben well written tainted tree family tree addie finds enjoyable read young american good book great read genealogical story good read english british mystery slow england genealogy born research.

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Fruit of the poisonous tree

The author immediately caught my attention. The story kept me greatly interested and turning pages quickly. A baby born and adopted in America sets off to find her English family.

The story takes us back and forth from the present as Addie searches for her family to the past over generations to piece together her family tree. I enjoyed the touch of romance, but mostly the genealogy research and piecing together of the tree. It was interesting to see the changes in her family tree as she unlocked secrets in the lives of her ancestors. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. This is the type of story that you HAVE to find out how it ends, both for the genealogical thread and the main character's personal thread.

I found it engrossing and got back to it every chance I could. I like that she doesn't say "he said" "she said" all the time. But that's a personal quirk. A Little slow paced at times, and I would have like the main character fleshed out a bit more. Scene setting, like when they visit Bath is very good. Enjoyable read and Jacquelynn Luben has excellent writing skills. I liked the genealogy aspect. The story got a little long, so dragged toward the end, and the main character got a little whiny.

One person found this helpful. This story is about a woman who was adopted at birth and knows nothing about her real family. After receiving an inheritance, she attempts to find her real family and finds some surprises. Nice read on a snowy afternoon. The characters were believable and although the story could drag, it was still a treat. This tale reveals its' secrets , building step by step.

In the end all is resolved I with a happy ending. I wanted another ending with this storyline, but I liked the story itself. It was a different story and quite entertaining.

Tainted Log

To me, Tainted Tree was not the genealogical story I was expecting. It was an okay story but I would put it more in the romance genre than genealogical mystery. Granted, there is the young American lady who inherits a British house from a godfather she didn't know existed. She was adopted by an American family when her mother died when she was born. When she arrives in England, she decides to search for her immediate ancestors who she has no information about except a name or two.

In her search, she finds some very unsavory facts but she also finds good friends and even love. See all 36 reviews. Most recent customer reviews.

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