Perfectly Still

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  2. Stay Perfectly Still | Donnacha Costello
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Vinyl turnaround currently stands at about 10 weeks, all orders will ship within a week of the vinyl landing with me, credits released September 28, Composed, performed and recorded by Donnacha Costello.

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Published by Freibank license all rights reserved tags Tags ambient buchla drone electronic experimental synth ambient drone experimental electronic modular Dublin about Donnacha Costello Dublin, Ireland. Streaming and Download help.

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  • Stay Perfectly Still | Donnacha Costello.
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  • Perfectly Still.
  • If you like Donnacha Costello, you may also like:. A universe in and of itself. Everywhere at the end of time by The Caretaker. This is one of those musical journeys that can never be replicated. Familiar, comforting, nostalgic, disturbing, haunting and even frightening; all these sensations and feelings are evoked, and yet it can still be a relaxing ambient experience all the way through.


    This is music you can listen to many different ways, in different mindsets, and have a variety of different experiences with it. An absolutely brilliant piece of conceptual art. Opalescent synth waves crash gracefully on top of each other on this enlightened electronic album. Lo-fi minimal beats and shards of instrumentation unravel patiently, like audio origami, to create an infectious whole.

    Stay Perfectly Still | Donnacha Costello

    Wave Refraction HD by Sungod. Sungod deliver vast, exploratory, synth-based songs that feel as wide and as fascinating as the galaxy. Channelview by Curved Light. Bandcamp Album of the Day May 25, Stay Perfectly Still by Donnacha Costello.

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    Richard London I love this. Couldn't select favorite track just yet. So far, really dig it top to bottom. Find of the year for me.

    Perfectly Still

    Martin Doudoroff One of my top 5 from It reminds me also of -Ten Ton Purchasable with gift card. Let's settle this once and for all in the only way I know how — going into a topic in way too much detail. Audiences decided to steer clear of these flicks despite their exorbitantly high production costs.

    Perfectly .​.​. Still

    Pay no interest until and double your cash back. For generations, the renowned Jesuit prep school groomed its students to live up to the mantra "men for others.

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