Lost Under the Lions Shadow

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  1. Shadow of the Lions by Christopher Swann
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Alternating between the relief to be missed by the falling missiles and the grief imagining it fell on someone else. The film alternates between different levels: In this film, I have showed how losing a shadow is a traumatizing experience that is reflected through a magical realism concept.

Shadow of the Lions by Christopher Swann

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Skip to main content. Share this page on. Christopher Swann hits the sweet spot with a novel that has a gripping plot, beautifully rendered characters, and an accomplished style.

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Swann spins out an enjoyable little potboiler from this premise, and his ending comes alive with action and intrigue. Filled with secrets and betrayal, Blackburne is the perfect setting and has a gritty and noir atmosphere. Flashbacks connect Matthias back to the school through his relationship with Fritz. Matthias is a compelling lead, a lost soul desperately searching for answers and racked with guilt. His search for answers gives Matthias closure and a second chance.

The mystery unfolds with twists and turns, with clues in the most unexpected places.

Shadow of the Lions

Swann, who attended a Virginia boarding school and now teaches in Atlanta, knows his material well and marshals it to good effect. Unsettling and beautifully written, Shadow of the Lions challenges the idea that we ever truly leave high school behind. An unsolved mystery plunges the best friend of a missing person into sinuous intrigues 10 years later in this confidently plotted literary thriller.

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A twisty tale that surprises at every turn, Shadow of the Lions will keep you turning pages compulsively into the wee hours, cursing Christopher Swann for the inconvenience. Christopher Swann is a gifted storyteller, a master at the twisty tale.

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Set in the persistently alluring environs of an elite prep school, where the idealistic image of striving achievement is always in conflict with the dark realities that trouble even the most privileged of lives, Shadow of the Lions illuminates the complexities of friendship, love, loyalty, and duty with remarkable wisdom and compassion.