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  1. Fire in the vein: Heroin acidity and its proximal effect on users’ health
  2. Fire in the vein: Heroin acidity and its proximal effect on users’ health
  3. Introduction

In the comics, Aldrich Killian felt guilty about creating Extremis and killed himself at the start of the story. In this movie, though, he's a straight-up bad guy with no remorse. In fact, he considers himself Tony's Arch-Enemy more than the actor he hired as a scapegoat, if his Badass Boast is anything to go by. In the film, Eric Savin is Killian's right-hand man who also acts with no remorse. This contrasts with his comics character, an Anti-Hero known as Coldblood who never delved into outright villainy.

Fire in the vein: Heroin acidity and its proximal effect on users’ health

Even when he's asleep and having nightmares. Killian launches a missile attack on Tony in the hero's Malibu home. Alone with the Psycho: Pepper with Aldrich Killian. At the end of the movie, Tony says he was able to prevent Pepper from exploding, but does she still have Extremis powers? Her following appearances in Spider-Man: Infinity War don't clarify the situation either. The Mandarin is of indeterminate but apparently Middle-Eastern birth played by the half-Indian Kingsley , further confused by his American South accent and Chinese name. This is in contrast to the Mandarin of the comics, who as his name implies is partly of Chinese descent.

It proves less confusing when he turns out to just be a British actor hired by Killian to impersonate the Mandarin. Rhodes's War Machine gear has a new paintjob as Iron Patriot, meant to evoke the appearance of a certain star-spangled Avenger. You know who I am. I'm not afraid of you. Just good, old-fashioned revenge. You can take away my house, all my tricks and toys. But one thing you can't take away? I am Iron Man. So now you're just gonna leave me here, just like my dad? Walk away from that , you son of a bitch. No, no, no, don't open—open? Okay, here we go Anyway, the point is, ever since that big dude with the hammer fell out of the sky , subtlety's kinda had its day.

Tony has to save Pepper a lot such as when Killian kidnaps her to use as leverage. The "helpless factor" is downplayed because she saves him back. Ellen Brandt is an Extremis-powered soldier who partakes in undercover missions and isn't hesitant to use lethal force.

The aftermath of the attack on Tony's home. His home is in shambles, his original and most complete armors are destroyed, Tony's in the middle of nowhere, JARVIS is offline and Mark 42 is out of power. Best summed up by this line from the billionaire playboy. I just stole a poncho off a wooden Indian. True story about fortune cookies — they look Chinese, they sound Chinese. But they're actually an American invention, which is why they're hollow, full of lies and leave a bad taste in the mouth.

I'm not that kind of doctor. You walked right into this one. I've dated hotter chicks than you.

Fire in the vein: Heroin acidity and its proximal effect on users’ health

That all you got? A cheap trick and a cheesy one-liner? Sweetheart, that could be the title of my autobiography. A bomb is not a bomb when it's a misfire. The stuff doesn't always work, right, pal? Honestly, I hate working here; they are so weird. You can breathe fire?! Don't talk to me like that.

You're not my boss. I don't work for you anymore. Stranded, isolated, hunted, out of power and stuck in the middle of nowhere, Tony still manages to jerry-rig weapons for himself. Gunships disguised as news helicopters launch a salvo of missiles on Tony's home in Malibu.

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The oil barrels at the Roxxon oil tankers explode very easily. Extremis users can generate enough heat to cut through steel like a hot knife through butter, but their clothes are apparently made of some amazing material that will never melt or burn. This is especially prevalent in the final battle, when Killian is running so hot that his skin is transparent , yet only loses his shirt to unrelated damage.

When Pepper falls into a large fire, her clothing remains intact. The Man Behind the Curtain: The Mandarin, purportedly a dreaded terrorist mastermind, turns out to be a washed-up British actor hamming up the Fu Manchu for coke and girls. The Man Behind the Man: Aldrich Killian, the founder of A. However, his ego leaves him not especially good at hiding the fact. Masquerading As the Unseen: A variation with the Mandarin , who is implied in the movie itself to be an Invented Individual , but All Hail the King establishes that Killian got the idea from a real Mandarin — who is not impressed about having his identity stolen.

The final line of the film: Who's the hot mess now? Should we be worried about THAT?! You start with something pure, something exciting. Then come the mistakes. I never thought people have been hurt. He lied to me. They are so weird. What are you waiting for? Ten years later, the industrialist father of Warren Worthington III discovers his son is a mutant as Warren tries to cut off his wings. In the present, Worthington Labs announces it has developed an inoculation to suppress the X-gene that gives mutants their abilities, and offer the "cure" to any mutant who wants it.

The cure is created from the genome of a young mutant named Jimmy , who lives at the Worthington facility on Alcatraz Island. While some mutants are interested in the cure, including the X-Men 's Rogue , many others are horrified by the announcement. Magneto re-establishes his Brotherhood of Mutants with those who oppose the cure, warning his followers that the cure will be forcefully used to exterminate the mutant race. With help from Pyro , Magneto recruits Callisto and several other mutants. They attack the mobile prison holding Mystique to free her, also freeing Juggernaut and Multiple Man.

Mystique shields Magneto from a cure dart and is subsequently hit by it, removing her mutant abilities and turning her human. Magneto abandons her after seeing no use in taking her with him. The now human Mystique is forced to crawl away. Jean appears to Summers but, as the two kiss, Jean kills him. Sensing trouble, Xavier sends Logan and Storm to investigate. When they arrive, they find only telekinetically floating rocks, Summers' glasses, and an unconscious Jean.

Mystique is taken care of by a homeless man who gives her a cloak and rags. Raven sees a federal government van and is soon apprehended after a struggle. When Logan and Storm return to the X-Mansion, Xavier explains to Logan that when Jean sacrificed herself to save them, she also freed the " Phoenix ", a dark and extremely powerful alternate personality which Xavier had telepathically repressed, aware of the Phoenix's godlike destructive potential.

Logan is disgusted to learn of this psychic tampering with Jean's mind but, once she awakens, he discovers that she killed Summers and is not the Jean Grey he once knew. The Phoenix emerges, knocks out Logan, and escapes to her childhood home. Magneto learns of Jean's resurrection through Callisto, and the X-Men arrive at the Grey home at the same time as the Brotherhood. Magneto and Xavier go in alone, and both vie for Jean's loyalty until the Phoenix resurfaces. She destroys the house and disintegrates Xavier before Magneto and Logan can stop her. Jean leaves with Magneto. After interrogating Raven with the supposed promise of gaining her abilities back, the FBI discover Magneto's base in the woods However, the life forms in the camp are all copies of Multiple Man, and Magneto uses his powers to move the Golden Gate Bridge so he and his army can get to Alcatraz and facilitate the attack on Worthington Labs.

Meanwhile, Raven escapes captivity of the Government and leaves a trail of bodies in her wake. The remaining X-Men confront the Brotherhood, despite being significantly outnumbered, and arrive just as the military troops who thus far have been neutralizing the attacking mutants are overwhelmed by the Brotherhood. During the fight, Kitty Pryde saves Jimmy from Juggernaut, who had been sent to kill him. Logan has Colossus throw him at Magneto and distract him long enough for Hank McCoy to inject Magneto with the "cure" and thus nullify his powers. Army reinforcements arrive and shoot at Jean just as Logan had calmed her down.

The Phoenix is awakened by the attack and disintegrates the troops in retaliation. The Phoenix then begins to destroy Alcatraz and anyone within range of her powers. Logan realizes that only he can stop the Phoenix due to his healing factor and adamantium skeleton. When Logan approaches her, Jean momentarily gains control and begs him to save her.

Logan fatally stabs Jean, stopping the Phoenix, but mourns for her death. Sometime later, mutant rights are finally obtained and Xavier's school is still operating with Storm as headmistress. Rogue reveals to Bobby Drake that she has taken the cure, much to his disappointment. Meanwhile, Magneto sits opposite Raven at a chessboard in San Francisco, both human and weak.

As Erik gestures toward a metal chess piece, it moves slightly, suggesting that the cure is not permanent after all. In a post-credits scene , Moira MacTaggert checks on a comatose patient [7] who greets her with Xavier's voice, leaving her startled. Other actors who portrayed mutants were: Various characters were included at the suggestion of editor Mark Helfrich , who brought Marvel's X-Men Encyclopedia to director Brett Ratner, searching for mutants who could make appearance. Mark Helfrich portrays an unnamed mutant with ash-gray skin. These include Phat , a mutant that is a very large man who can slim down to fit in a smaller space played by two actors, Via Saleaumua — "large mode" — and Richard Yee — "small mode" ; [28] Spike played by Lance Gibson , a mutant who battles Wolverine in the forest by extruding bony spikes from his flesh — the character was added because the editing team felt that the original cut of the scene portrayed Logan as a cold-blooded killer, which could be changed if another mutant attacked Wolverine before he struck the Brotherhood [33] and Glob Herman played by Clayton Dean Watmough , a mutant with transparent skin.

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Olivia Williams portrays Moira MacTaggert. Many fans believed this was Toad however, the credits list him as lizard man and Brett Ratner confirmed it was Anole. Avalanche and Vanisher also appear; however, it is not known who portrayed them.


Bryan Singer , the director of the first two X-Men films, left the project in July in favor of developing Superman Returns. The treatment focused on Jean Grey's resurrection, [38] which would also introduce the villainness Emma Frost , a role intended for Sigourney Weaver. Overwhelmed by her powers, Jean kills herself, but Jean's spirit survives and becomes a god-like creature, which Dougherty compared to the star child in A Space Odyssey. New contracts for returning cast members were made, as the actors and actresses had signed for only two films. In February , with still no director hired, Fox announced a May 5, , release date, with filming to start in July in Vancouver.

Brett Ratner , who was previously considered to direct X-Men in , replaced Vaughn during pre-production. Flyby for Warner Bros. X2 co-writer Zak Penn was separately working on his own draft, and the two joined forces for a combined screenplay in January Kinberg wanted " The Dark Phoenix Saga " to be the emotional plot of the film, while " Gifted " would serve as the political focus. This incomplete draft was leaked to Ain't It Cool News , who proceeded to write a negative review. The writers had to fight Fox's executives to retain the Phoenix plot, as the studio only wanted the cure story as it provided a reason for Magneto's conflict with the X-Men.

Still the disputes made them not add much for Jean Grey to do in most of the film's second half, as the executives considered the tone of the Phoenix story too dark for a mainstream summer movie, and that its appeal would be limited to hardcore fans rather than a general audience. It's a harder character to relate to for the audience. The studio considered killing him off-screen with a dialogue reference, but Kinberg and Penn insisted that Jean kill him, emphasizing their relationship.

The Wrath of Khan , as Fox felt the script called for a dramatic turning point. Kinberg and Penn were originally cautious, but grew to like the idea of killing off Xavier. They decided to write a post-credits scene suggesting the character's return for a sequel. As the studio was simultaneously developing X-Men Origins: Wolverine , limitations were set on which mutants could be used for cameo appearances in X-Men 3 in an attempt to avoid risking character development for Wolverine.

The part of Nightcrawler was so minimal, however, that the studio felt it was not worthwhile to go through the long and costly makeup process, and the character was cut. It also felt like he might tread a little bit on the terrain of Beast, in terms of similarities in the characters and their political standpoints in terms of dealing with their mutancy. Afterwards came a scene in the Danger Room , which was considered for the previous X-Men films but never included for budget and writing concerns. The writers tried to make the simulation not feel extraneous by showcasing some of the character conflicts and abilities in a " Days of Future Past "-inspired battle with a Sentinel.

Another repurposed scene was Magneto attacking the convoy to free Mystique, Madrox and Juggernaut, which Penn had previously envisioned for X2. Ratner collaborated with Penn and Kinberg in rearranging the plot structure of the film. Kinberg agreed, as he previously argued with Penn about "blowing so many things early in the movie".

The Last Stand began shooting in August and wrapped in January Much of the film was shot at Vancouver Film Studios , the same location of X2. The editing team was led by Mark Helfrich, who had edited all of Ratner's films, assisted by Mark Goldblatt in the action scenes and Julia Wong with effects-heavy footage.

According to associate producer Dave Gordon, "This is the biggest production ever filmed in Canada. It used to be X2 , now it's X3.

P!nk - Just Like Fire (From the Original Motion Picture "Alice Through The Looking Glass")

Dante Spinotti , a frequent collaborator of Ratner, replaced him, with assistance of J. The two executives screened The Last Stand for their daughters, as well as the studio's female marketing executives, and the hand holding prevailed. Gianopulos stated that the kissing "was all about sex, and we didn't want that. Even the actors had problems with getting full screenplays, the call sheets did not reveal all the characters, and many scenes were shot in varied ways. In , Kinberg said of the wobbling chess piece at the end of the film, "There is a scene before the credits where Magneto's playing chess, and you see that he can just make the chess piece move, so there's a hint that he's starting to regain his powers.

The leap from there was that cure from The Last Stand didn't work exactly the way they thought it would, and so we just leaped forward however many years, and he's got his powers back. To make sure the visual effects were made in just one year and without exceeding the budget, special effects supervisor John Bruno shipped the effects shots to eleven companies in four countries — United States, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Canada — and did extensive previsualization.

Bruno estimates one-sixth of the effects budget was spent on the Golden Gate Bridge scene, which employed both a miniature of the bridge and computer graphics. As compositing supervisor Matt Twyford detailed, "the elements consisted of cold, rainy night live-action footage from Vancouver, sunny day miniature elements, traditional misty day background plates of San Francisco, and of course the CG bridge and fx elements.

Powell was unsure if the Bourne work was "the kind of score that would fit the film" and Fox got reluctant on the composer's availability given he was already scoring Ice Age: The Meltdown at the time of Ratner's contact. But Powell finished the Ice Age score early to accept the X-Men job even if it meant a tighter schedule. Powell included references to the score from the previous two films as "it all had to be in the same family, and the same language".

The marketing for The Last Stand was darker and more ambiguous compared to the two predecessors. Fox president Tom Rothman declared that the decision was made so the film would "be different from all of the other movies in the summer," with a campaign that "wanted people to stop and not have it be so immediately apparent that we're selling a movie.

We're interested in selling an emotion and an idea. From Concept to Feature Film. The Official Game , doing the script along with screenwriter Zak Penn. Patrick Stewart also appears as Professor X. The site's critical consensus reads, " X-Men: The Last Stand provides plenty of mutant action for fans of the franchise, even if it does so at the expense of its predecessors' deeper moments.

Ebert and Roeper gave the film a "two thumbs up" rating, with Roger Ebert saying, "I liked the action, I liked the absurdity, I liked the incongruous use and misuse of mutant powers, and I especially liked the way it introduces all of those political issues and lets them fight it out with the special effects. If only the rest of X3 had followed suit. Justin Chang of Variety said the film was "a wham-bam sequel noticeably lacking in the pop gravitas , moody atmospherics, and emotional weight that made the first two Marvel comicbook adaptations so rousingly successful.

Let's blow things up! It's a fast and enjoyable B-movie, though. Billed as the climax of a trilogy, the third and weakest chapter in the X-Men series is a blatant attempt to prove there is still life in the franchise. The film X-Men: Days of Future Past has subsequently been viewed by some critics as a revision of those controversial plot elements in X-Men: Days of Future Past — and the scenes with Leech, which he described as "really sweet moments". I'm probably going to be told off for saying that, but I genuinely believe it. My X3 would have been 40 minutes longer. They didn't let the emotions and the drama play in that film.

It became wall-to-wall noise and drama. I would have let it breathe and given far more dramatic elements to it. The Last Stand was also the highest-grossing film in the franchise, until it was surpassed by X-Men: Days of Future Past eight years later. Extras included three alternative endings, each with optional commentary by director Ratner; 10 deleted scenes ; audio commentaries from Ratner, the writers and the producers; and two hidden Easter eggs. The two-disc edition came with a page commemorative comic book with a new story written by X-Men co-creator Stan Lee, his first original Marvel comic book in five years.

Even though they weren't made together like Lord of the Rings , this is really closure for the X-Men series. Wolverine and X-Men: First Class were instead prequels that took place before the events of the first X-Men movie. A stand-alone sequel , [] The Wolverine shows Logan heading for Japan to escape the memories of what occurred during The Last Stand. The events of the film end up retroactively changing the continuity of the series, editing some events in films set after First Class resulting in an altered timeline where Jean and Cyclops are still alive.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Last Stand Theatrical release poster. Simon Kinberg Zak Penn. Matthew Vaughn left , who would later direct X-Men: First Class , was Fox's first choice to replace Bryan Singer. The Last Stand soundtrack. Film in the United States portal Superhero fiction portal s portal. Archived from the original on January 8, Retrieved May 10, For full data, click "Show more" link. British Board of Film Classification. Retrieved May 2, Retrieved September 12, The Last Stand ". Retrieved January 8, The New York Times.

Retrieved April 9, Xavier", Charles Xavier's braindead twin brother, whose character was written for the scene. Earlier in the film, MacTaggert spoke in a video about the ways of using mutant powers, such as transferring the mind of a dying man into the body of a patient with no higher brain function, giving an explanation for his resurrection. The Last Stand production notes" Press release.

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