John Milton: Selected Longer Poems and Prose (Routledge English Texts)

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Milton's Comus and the Fortest of Dean.

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The Journal of the English Association 50 McGill-Queen's University Press, Samson Agonistes as Closet Drama. Milton and the Ovidian Corpus.

Ovid and the Renaissance Body. University of Toronto Press, Lapsarian Lovemaking in Paradise Lost. Authorial Agon and the Integrated Canon. Theodicy in Augustine and Milton. Kennedy, Kim Paffenroth, et al.


The Gendering of Melancholia: Literature Interpretation Theory 2 Studies in English Literature, 35 Essays in the Cultural History of Emotion. U of Pennsylvania Press, , The Unendings of Paradise Lost. The Case of Paradise Lost.

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On Milton's Theology and Poetics. University of Chicago Press, From Identification to Identity. Semenza , Gregory M. Stuies in English Literature, 42 Figures of Friendship in Shakespearean Contexts. Date of Composition, Editions, and Issues. John Milton and Influence: Presence in Literature, History and Culture. The Self and the World.

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University Press of Kentucky, The Uncertain World of Samson Agonistes. The Arms of the Family: UP of Kentucky, A Review of Some Recent Editions. Time Present and Time Past. University of Delaware Press, Reinman and Neil Fraistat. The Economics of Authorship in Areopagitica. A Quarterly Journal of Literary Criticism 60 A Jonsonian Marvell's Lucanic Milton.

Routledge English Texts

Stoicism, Politics, and Literature in the Age of Milton: War and Peace Reconciled. Messiah's Account of Himself. Papers from the Twenty-First Annual Conference. Milton, Poet of Duality: A Study of Semiosis in the Poetry and the Prose. University Press of Florida, Eikonoklastes and the Rhetoric of Audience. Sexuality and Creativity in Midrash and Milton. Milton and the Rabbis: Hebraism, Hellensim, and Christianity. Columbia University Press, Radical Religion and the Poetics of Paradise Regained.

The Theology of Milton's Maske. The School Divinity of Paradise Lost. U of Missouri Press, , The Lady In The Labyrinth: Milton's "Comus" As Initiation. Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, The Predicament of Milton's Irony. Simpson, Ken, et al. Slights , Camille W. Samson Agonistes and Casuistry. Spenser's Theory of Friendship.

8 Series Titles

The Johns Hopkins Press, Origin and Authority in Seventeenth-Century England: Stanford University Press, Studies in English Literature, 33 Milton's Knowledge of Music. Digesting Gluttony and Temperance in Paradise Lost. A New World of Words: Redefining Early American Literature. Yale University Press, The Last of the Race: Paradise Lost and the New England Tradition, Milton and the Rising Glory of America. Moral Fiction in Milton and Spenser. University of Missouri Press, Civility, Exclusion, and the Politics of Wisdom.

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A Review of International English Literature 26 Soliloquy, Subject, and the Modern Nation State. Journal of English and Germanic Philology The Problem of Raleigh's Cabinet-Council. Imagining Death in Spenser and Milton. Palgrave Macmillan; , Longing for a Hero. Represents Tennyson's work in many poetic forms over more than sixty years.

The collection includes a substantial introduction, explanatory notes and bibliographical information.

John Milton

Lord Byron, Donald A. Low October 26, Donald Low's collection contains Byron's most subversive, spirited and playful poetry as well as his outspoken prose. With helpful and informative annotation and a full bibliography this is an essential study aid for students. The first feminist edition of these two tales.

Wynne-Davies addresses the social and cultural context of the poems' production in a critical commentary to the texts. Also includes a line by line gloss and a historical introduction. John Milton, Tony Davies January 02, Through his introduction, commmentary and full annotations, Tony Davies sets the works in their political and cultural contexts, and discusses such themes Alexander Pope, Robin Sowerby May 05, Alexander Pope's technical polish and intellectual poise appeal to the subtlest audience.

First published in William Morris, James Redmond November 06,