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Thank you so much for your comment and all the information you provided, and also your YouTube channel!!!! My kids are bilingual because my husband speaks Spanish I do not and as you said finding good books can be tricky. Few more, I promise: I said that I was not going to add more Spanish books, but I have to add this one. There are a bunch of Dr. Seuss books translated into Spanish.

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Seuss books were translated, because translating rhyme from one language to another one is pretty tricky and tuff. Having said so, I can attest that the translations on most of the Dr. Seuss stories are pretty well done!! In addition, you can find all most of the Dr. If you want to take advantage of the native speaker reading the book but you rather avoid the screen, something you can do, which is what I do with some of the English books I read to my boys, is to get the physical book at the library or purchase it and then use the sound of the story read in Youtube.

Sometimes, I also use the TV screen to display the Youtube books read aloud, which might be better than staring at the little screen on a phone or a tablet. Just some ideas of when a youtube story, in this case a foreign language one, might come in handy: You are VERY welcome.

no vueltas a hablarme

I will recommend to scroll down all the way under the home page to familiarized with all the subjects. I hope you enjoy it! Thank you so much for this podcast! I have been wanting to get more focused in learning Spanish with my kiddos. This podcast was so full of ideas and resources to help us get started.

Have a blessed day! I ended up going to a college that offered a large amount of foreign languages and my last few semesters I decided to take all the Welsh classes offered. One of the classes, we met in a conference room, so we were all sitting at this big table. The entire class for the entire semester was just going sentence by sentence through the Welsh translation of the first Harry Potter book.

Video: pronunciation of 'blunt'

One person would read the sentence, the next would translate, and then anyone could ask questions -vocabulary, grammar, culture, etc. I was so excited when I saw the topic of this podcast! My daughter has been taking online Spanish lessons for one year. Thank you for the great idea of getting Spanish stories onYouTube! It is VERY fun and interactive. Not sure if you read through the posts, but I do have a channel with Spanish stories. Here is the information: I am also recommending a bunch of Spanish books.

Just look at the above 3 or 4 posts to go over all the recommendations. What is your take on books like that? I get a lot of push-back when I try to read a book they know in Spanish, saying that they would much rather have me read it in English and then wander away if I continue. Audiobooks, while you are driving. That has helped me tremendously to have them listen to longer stories in Spanish, because they have no other choice but to listen to the story: I do that all the time.

I will say that it depends on the story, but so far the ones that have really done the trick are: I think there are like 5 or 6 of the 1st books translated in Spanish. And to make it more interesting and have them pay attention, I pause it and asked them what do they think the mystery is about, and they start guessing.


Involving them in the story has helped for them to really pay attention to it. Thank you for that resource! I grew up speaking 2 languages: French and Creole pretty much everyone in my home country of Reunion island does. I am now fluent in 5 English is my fourth and am learning Japanese as my sixth language.

My 8 yo daughter is bilingual English-French and also learning Japanese. Some of her ideas are archaic and she is blunt to the point of rudeness, certainly. Then it struck me with the force of a blunt instrument. It is a blunt assessment. Teams without an edge can only blunt opposition.

¿Hablas Español? Spanish Version of Form Revised

There followed a blunt assessment at half-time. Both were admirably blunt and direct. It was a blunt pain. It was likely that the initial injury was the blunt trauma to the side of the neck after the rugby tackle. Rarely has his message been as blunt.

Spanish Translation of “blunt” | Collins English-Spanish Dictionary

She had been battered with a blunt instrument. She had been struck over the head with a blunt object. The blunt warning came as business leaders blasted the Coalition for failing to boost growth. The exacting standards and the blunt warnings of the challenges appear not to deter the participants.

With as many blunt objects as you like. Our preoccupation with class and social etiquette had blunted our competitive edge.

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In the outside world, leaders continually face blunt assessment. He was a likeable chap, but as blunt and direct a character as you could wish to meet.