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  • Guile is a programming language.
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A super-deformed version of the character is playable in the mobile puzzle game Street Fighter: Guile appears in Charlie's ending in X-Men vs. Street Fighter he is not identified by name, only as "Charlie's friend" , swearing revenge on Bison for apparently killing Charlie. A Guile-inspired costume for players to use in Sony's LittleBigPlanet was released as downloadable content. The video game adaptations of Street Fighter: The Movie expand on this, stating that Gunloc is Guile's brother.

The length of Guile's hair varies greatly from appearance to appearance. Capcom sourcebooks suggest that Guile's famous hairdo is styled with a special-order army hair spray to keep it up though he ends up fixing it quickly after a match. Currently, he has one on each arm. The positioning of the flags with the stripes forward is technically a violation of flag code , which a serviceman like Guile would ironically be quite aware of the union, or starred part of the flag, should always face forward.

He wears Charlie's dog tag alongside his own as he searches for Bison. Guile is played by Jean-Claude Van Damme and is the main character.

Costumes | GUILE | Character Data | CAPCOM:Shadaloo C.R.I.

Van Damme's line in the film, "Are you man enough to fight with me? His character is given the rank of Colonel. In this live adaption, Guile is commanding the A. His motivation for searching for Bison is not to avenge Charlie's death, but to end Bison's corrupt organization and to rescue Charlie, although he receives a great deal of help from Ryu and Ken to find Bison's base, and is aided in his mission by Chun-Li, Cammy White , T.

Hawk , Balrog, E. Jean-Claude Van Damme's hair, while blonde, lacked the hairstyle from the games, and even though the character was portrayed as American, Van Damme's Belgian accent was very noticeable it is possible that he is French-American in the film. Guile was mentioned by Ken in the Street Fighter: Guile will appear in the second season of Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist titled Street Fighter: World Warrior in a significant role.

Guile is one of the main characters in the anime film Street Fighter II: Guile is assigned to work together with Chun-Li in order to take down Bison , whose organization Shadaloo Shadowlaw in the English dub has been kidnapping several martial artists and brainwashing them to do his evil bidding. Guile is at first far from happy to work with another person on the case, claiming loudly that "Bison's ass is mine", but a distinct friendship builds up between him and the Interpol agent.

Guile is a programming language

The film follows Guile's plot from the video game in Guile tracking down Bison to avenge Charlie 's death, and his vendetta is amplified when Chun-Li is hospitalized by Vega on Bison's orders though Chun-Li manages to defeat Vega first. Near the end of the film, Guile manages to track Ryu down but is followed by Bison and a brainwashed Ken. Guile engages Bison in combat but is outmatched by the crime lord's overwhelming speed and only manages to damage his cape with a Sonic Boom. Bison then finishes the fight by blasting Guile down a chasm.

Guile survives this, although exhausted and bloodied, and when Bison finds Guile, he decides to spare him as an insult, and leaves. Guile is rescued along with Balrog by E. In his final scene, Guile, fully recovered, is moved to tears when informed that Chun-Li survived Vega's attack. Based loosely on the storyline of the film while combining elements from Street Fighter II , Guile serves as the main protagonist of the Street Fighter animated series, and is depicted as the leader of an organization of Street Fighters consisting of himself, Chun-Li, Blanka , Ryu, Ken, T.

Bison has survived his battle with Guile following the events of the film, and Guile's sole goal is to destroy Bison once and for all. The cartoon ran for two seasons October 21, — May 14, with a total of 26 episodes. Air Force , who spends most of his time training physically and who has great pride in the Air Force. He faces Ryu in a bar fight after Ryu and Ken beat up some of his men although it was Guile's men who started the fight in the first place when Ken stole one of their dates.

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Guile easily defeats Ryu, only to face Ken, who challenges him in an air force base to avenge Ryu. Despite a severe hangover, Guile is able to defeat Ken, which motivates the duo to start a training journey and improve their martial art skills by challenging opponents around the world. Learn more SKU Companion Pieces Charlie Nash Diorama.

Guile's theme extended

Sign up for the newsletter Email Address. See payment plans above. You may also like. Tabletop View — Guile Diorama. Run a Web server that will return a response with the text "Hello World! Guile contains an efficient compiler and virtual machine. In addition to Scheme, Guile includes compiler front-ends for ECMAScript and Emacs Lisp support is underway for Lua , which means your application may be extended in the language or languages most appropriate for your user base.

And Guile's tools for parsing and compiling are exposed as part of its standard module set, so support for additional languages can be added without writing a single line of C. Using any of the supported scripting languages, users can customize and extend applications while they are running and see the changes take place live! Users can easily trade and share features by uploading and downloading the scripts, instead of trading complex patches and recompiling their applications.

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