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  1. What is convention photography?

What is convention photography?

First and foremost, there are a multitude of casual photographers who take snapshots of their favorite characters, their friends, and pretty much anything else they find of interest. As mentioned before, you have the serious photographers who roam the halls with extreme equipment and desire to take as many cosplayer photos as possible cosplay meaning people who dress up in costume. You can also find booths where professional photographers offer their services for a price.

It is actually quite a nice working relationship that develops between cosplayers and photographers.

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There is much fun to be had for both parties! What is convention photography?

Convention and Cosplay Photography Tips presentation from Fandom Con 2014

Help Support This Website: Buying something through these Amazon affiliate links within 24 hours of clicking could help me out at no additional cost to you: Jury Rigging Retro Digital. Many of the tips in the great How to Photograph a Conference post featured here a couple of weeks ago apply, so read that as well. The advice that follows, however, comes specifically from my experience photographing conventions.

So how can you be the best convention photographer possible?

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  • Well, there are a lot of things to consider. Here are some of the lessons I have learned over the many years I have photographed conventions.

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    • A little preparation can make everything a lot easier. The costumers and cosplayers at a convention are the real draw card for photographers.

      Beautiful, sexy, impressive and cool costumes parade by you faster than you can shoot them.