Child Behind the Darkness

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  2. Helping kids overcome their fear of the dark
  3. What Are Those Dark Circles Under My Child's Eyes? | University of Utah Health

Dark circles under the eyes in children are also usually not from lack of sleep. So what are the most common reasons for those panda eyes?

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Nasal congestion and genetics. Dark circles under the eyes are often caused by veins around the eyes getting larger and darker if the nose is blocked. Kids often have nasal congestion if they have colds or allergies. It can also be caused by large adenoids.

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These are lymph nodes that sit above the tonsils and behind the nose. Kids with large adenoids are mouth breathers and loud snorers. If you have dark circles under your eyes, there is a good chance your kids will too. Some people genetically have thinner skin under their eyes. If your child has fair skin, they can also appear to have dark circles under their eyes, due to the veins being seen under the skin.

So when should you be concerned about dark circles under eyes? Rare cancers such as neuroblastomas can cause very dark circles under the eyes, actually even around the eyes. It almost looks like your child has two black eyes from being punched. Any time the cause of dark circles under the eyes might be something more serious, your child will have other, more concerning symptoms that will help your child's pediatrician determine if further testing is needed.

Helping kids overcome their fear of the dark

Want The Scope delivered straight to your inbox? The film is about a family who visits the Grand Canyon and brings home a supernatural force that feeds off their fears and takes over their lives. Peter and Bronny Taylor go on a vacation to the Grand Canyon in Arizona with Stephanie, their teenage daughter, and Mikey, their adolescent autistic son. Mikey discovers a small Kiva cavern, where he finds black rocks with symbols on them. He takes the rocks, keeping a secret untold. When the Taylors return home, strange things begin to happen.

After Stephanie gets home from school, she vomits into a container and puts it under her bed. Bronny catches her, and she and Peter learn that Stephanie has been throwing up for a while; there are many such containers under her bed. They take Stephanie to a hospital for help, leaving Mikey at Bronny's mother's house. At home, Bronny searches online for answers to the strange activity and learns about the Anasazi Indians, who have believed that demons were bound to rocks hidden in underground caves.

If the rocks are taken, the demons take the shape of a crow, snake, coyote, wolf, and buffalo. The family has already had encounters with a crow and a snake. The demons connect to young children who are dragged into their world, triggering an event known as 'The Darkness'. The only way they can be banished is if the rocks are returned to where they were found by someone who is not afraid.

Bronny finds a wall on fire in Mikey's room, but Peter rules out the possibility of ghosts. They later find Mikey covered in black marks from the fire, with blood pouring from his mouth. Later that night, Bronny has a nightmare of a wolf. Depressed, she starts drinking.

What Are Those Dark Circles Under My Child's Eyes? | University of Utah Health

In Mikey's room, the fire-damaged part of the wall is revealed to be a portal. Stephanie begins being choked by handprints appearing all over her wall and body. In the tree house, Peter sees a coyote, and then sees the shadow of a demon in Stephanie's window. The force stops choking Stephanie as Peter rushes in. Peter then breaks down Mikey's bathroom door, and finds him with marks all over the walls and ceiling. Peter calls a number given to him by his boss. It is a woman named Teresa, who is said to perform spiritual healings.

Teresa comes over with her granddaughter named Gloria, who acts as a translator. As they cleanse the house, Teresa and Gloria go into Mikey's room, and note that this is where the real evil lives. They recite a chant as Mikey tries to enter the portal. When they realize Mikey's gone, the family races upstairs. Peter sees Mikey walking into the portal with the demons.

He finds the stones and follows Mikey into the portal, but can't set the stones down due to his fear.