225 Ways You Can Save America

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  2. Ways You Can Save America - By Michael F. Ryan
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He talks with David about his upbringing in the South Side of Chicago, the significance of the and elections, his take on the Trump administration, and whether or not he p Susan Glasser is a preeminent political journalist with nearly three decades of reporting experience spanning foreign policy, domestic politics, and war correspondence.

Pod Save America co-host and former speechwriter for President Barack Obama Jon Lovett joins the show to talk about the art of speechwriting, his experience working with Hillary Clinton prior to joining the Obama White House, and what the future holds for Crooked Media. Former Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers Austan Goolsbee joins David to discuss the major economic policy decisions under Bush and Obama, the ongoing trade negotiations with Mexico, how the government can effectively intervene in a changing economy, and his strategy for beating Ted Cruz in a debate.

Mike Quigley is the U. He joins David to talk about the importance of local politics, the challenges of working in a highly polarized congressional environment, and what Russian interference portends for this administration. Dean Baquet and Marty Baron, the Executive Editors of the New York Times and the Washington Post respectively, join David for the Axe Files on CNN to discuss the challenges of covering the Trump presidency, the unprecedented attacks on the free press, the power of journalism to change history, and the trajectory of their storied careers from re He sits down with David to talk about the ways in which political research is an essential craft to get right on campaigns; the unheeded letter he wrote to Hillary Clinton prior to the campaign, and Judy sits down with David to talk about the regional blind spots afflicting network news, the relationship between Trump and Fox News, and witnessing the assassination attempt on Ronald Regan.

Part two of our Special Olympics series. He sits down with David to talk about growing up in a family nestled in the public eye, the little-known impact of the Politics in the Age of Obama, Twitter, and Trump.

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He joins David to discuss his time in the Obama White House, the balance between civility and protest, the Supreme Court battle, and more. Secretary of Education under President Obama, sits down with David to talk about losing his parents at a young age, the impact of the Trump administration's affirmative action rollback, and how getting booted out of his high school ultimately motivated his decision to devote his life to improving educational outcomes for stu She was the first mental health professional to run a jail in the US. The Cook County Sheriff calls the jail the largest mental health institution in the country.

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Ways You Can Save America - By Michael F. Ryan

The Walkable City is probably the best book I have ever found as a result of this browsing. A relatively short but insightful book written by an experienced architect, The Walkable City lays out an evidence based case for having a walkable and bikeable downtown area that is illustrated throughout with explanations of case studies and anecdotal examples.

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But, what I think really makes the book especially as a learning tool for a general audience is the inclusion of Speck's dry and admittedly sarcastic humor. I found it hilarious and a good counterbalance to heavier topics such as dry jokes about traffic engineers during a section on pedestrian deaths due to traffic behavior as a result road construction. Overall, I am very pleased to have stumbled across The Walkable City and it is a book that I would be happy to reccomend.

I bought this book to help support an independent study project I needed to complete for a college-level class designed around Edward Glaeser's " Triumph of the City: Nor did I realize how much I would learn overall about the basics of urban design. Although this book is focused on how to make cities more walkable, it really served the purpose of being an engaging introduction to the whole field of urban and city planning.

After reading Speck's book, I now see my own lovely city and the many thousands that I've visited here and abroad over my life in a completely new light. This book gives me a context within which to understand why certain cities attract me and others do not. It is as if I now have a language to clearly understand cities for the first time. Honestly, you know how good it feels when you get eyeglasses for the first time and see what the world really looks like? Well, that's what this book did for me.

No. 1 way to save America: Just try to!

I now see cities in a whole new light. I only wish at this book could be read by my mayor, all my city councilmen, all the citizens on our planning commission, and all the citizens in my community that have the power to vote on our city's major land use initiatives. This book is getting almost consistent five-star ratings. I can do little more than join in and whole-heartedly agree.

A truly fascinating book, Speck makes you question how the United States moved so far away from the more ideal reality of walkability. Not only does Speck succeed in making the case for walkability, he provides a clear road plan for how streets can be reclaimed and thus cities made to be safer, healthier, more vibrant and ultimately more equitable places for all Americans.

The level of research and time that was put into this book shows and the comprehensive nature speaks volumes about the author and his drive to improve life in American cities. A must read for all people interested in urban planning, public health, economics, or any other subject relating to public life. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful.

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  • No. 1 way to save America: Just try to!;
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Really interesting discussion of the future of cities. Hopefully, ever city manager, mayor, council member and concerned citizen has picked up a copy for themselves and one for their friends.

Editorial Reviews

I heard Jeff speak in Miami and bought the book as a result of his presentation and thoroughly enjoyed it. He doesn't provide blueprints for cities to make themselves walkable as much as he offers steps you can take to advance toward the goal of becoming Portland.

One of my favorite ideas: Try little things repeatedly to see if you can develop something that sticks. Really easy read, and it was more enjoyable than I was expecting for a book on such a reasonably dry topic.

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Many of our local public forums return to keeping our city New Westminster a walkable city. Living under tyranny is simpler, no doubt. Because you do rule — when you put yourself in the position to do so. Seventy percent or more of Americans have trouble with basic civics tests. Turnout in many local elections can be in the teens.

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And those person-on-the-street interviews demonstrate a comical, but scary and suicidal, lack of knowledge of our system of government, history and even current events and newsmakers. Just do your job as a citizen.