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Say which Strategy page interests you most. Say how many Webquests there are. Name the four activities of the Checkpoint page. Explain what the Golden rules are. Give the title of the first EPI. Name two of the writers. Pick out and remember the page number of an interesting phonological point. Ton objectif comprendre un texte en anglais Es-tu capable de: Writing Reading Speaking b. Get to know a classmate! Ensuite tu vas parler anglais pendant une minute.

Robbie has just recorded this strange message from outer space. Listen and help him complete his notes. Noises and words you understand: Can you help him rewrite his report and add some punctuation? So, who can tell me what we did last lesson? Erm… We talk… we talk about our summer holidays. Who can help her? We talked about our summer holidays, Miss. We speaked about the weather. We spoke about the weather. Well, we went camping in the South of France for two weeks. The campsite was marvellous, there was a huge swimming pool.

There are a few exceptions. Can you spot one here? Listen to the words and repeat. Practise saying them in a different order. Repeat it, then practise spelling the words! Quels points revus dans ce premier Gettingitright! How many different letters can you find in this saying? The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. Then, ask your classmates for their opinions. Check your ideas on the Internet. Project roject roject 16 sixteen List personal qualities. Name the two teenagers. In pairs, choose either the girl or the boy and note down personal details. Then share your answers.

Look at the screenshots and say what you can. Say where the teenagers are going and why. Listen, note the stressed and unstressed words, then give the rule. Act out part of the conversation in pairs; then change roles. Discuss your qualities with your partner. I think I might be… Pupil B: I think you are… b. Look at the skills check and pick out your skills. Some choose to do paid work, e. Others volunteer and help associations, charities, hospitals or sports clubs.

It is a way to gain experience and new skills and increase confidence. What is the youngest age you can work in France? Take part in a class project on jobs and professions. Create a poster for your classroom describing a job. A vet has to enjoy… b. Report back to class. Identify the jobs and the qualities and skills you need to do them.

Say what you remember about the situation and the teenagers. Guess what this extract is about. Do your classmates agree with you? Listen for information in his introduction to kickboxing. Note what they discuss in the final screenshot. Is Nick a good teacher? Would you like to do a life swap? Introduce yourself, then describe your interests, skills and ideal job. Listen and decide if the intonation is rising or falling.

Repeat the questions using the right intonation. Now act out part of the conversation, then change roles. Speaking Choices for young people in the UK In the UK, young people must stay in some form of education or training until they are The options at the age of 16 are full-time education, an apprenticeship or part-time education or training with more than 20 hours of volunteering a week. At what age can a student leave school in France? Make your hobby your job! Brainstorm with your partner to find jobs linked to your hobbies and interests. Now choose one of the boys and present him to the class.

Are you into new technology? How often do you? What instrument do you play? What sport do you play? What do you do in your free time? Pick out all the positive points of this award programme. Discuss with your partner what you would do for a Bronze award. How can we increase our chances of success? Participants create their own personal programme and an adult at a local centre follows their progress. You can learn new skills. It helps when you apply for a job or for university.

It looks wonderful on a CV! There are three award levels: Work experience Final project So now, what do you think? Pupils in the UK usually complete their work experience in Year 12, but some try to gain work experience before that during the school holidays, as you can see from the letter below. Work Experience YHA has a number of volunteering opportunities that are perfect for developing your CV and building new skills!

Find out online about the YHA. Identify who the webpage is for. Pick out the positive points. Read the letter and look for information about the sender. I am writing to you because I would like to gain some work experience in a youth hostel in August during my summer holidays. I am interested in working in tourism and a work placement in YHA York would help me gain new skills and give me valuable experience.

I can speak French and Spanish and I also have good com- puter skills. I enjoy meeting new people and I am good at adapting to new situations. I am reliable, good-natured and very enthusiastic. As for my hobbies and interests, I love sport, drama and travelling. I play tennis once a week and I am a member of the drama club at school. Thank you for considering my application. Aunt Sofia absolutely … go to the cinema. Jake … go out with his friends. Sam … tidy his room.


Jake … his new pet cat. Aunt Sofia … her job as a waitress. Julian … baking cakes. Rosie … shopping for new clothes. Cats are animals with four legs. Jessica is a girl with blue eyes. Alison has a kind heart. David is a man with brown hair. Simon is a boy with an open mind. Reptiles have cold blood. The fashion of this dress is old. So what do I have to do? When the customers arrive, Jimmy a take … them to their table.

Then, you b give … them the menu and when they have chosen their meal, you c take … their orders. What do I d do … after that? When the dishes are ready, you e bring … them to the tables. At the end of the service, Jimmy f clean … the tables and Deirdre g sweep … the floor. Sally goes swimming twice a week. Yes, I play the piano. Yes, Jake has a part-time job. Melvin plays tennis on Sundays.

Comment faire un business plan pour la création de son entreprise

Jenny and Tom go to the ice-skating ring every month. I am kind-hearted and good-humoured. I really enjoyed talking to the patients today. We have to go and find the CDs. Topi c 1 23 twenty-three Les questions How often do you play Nick? Who comes to your classes? Do you enter competitions? Do people use kickboxing for self-defense? Pour obtenir des informations, on pose: I come here every Thursday. Jim, can you describe Big Ben? Big Ben a … a black horse. Jack, his jockey, b … small and c … black hair.

I know they d … hard, six hours a day. What e … Jack … today, Jim? They f … over the fence. What h … now?!? The horse i … to jump! Too bad, the championship j … over for them! Being a vet is the job for me. Say what the teenagers are going to do and why. Identify the characters and check your ideas. Find stressed words in the conversation, share your findings, then complete the discussion. Pick out dates and say what happened. What happens to Nick and where is he?

Did you like the video? Find adjectives to express fear. Listen and repeat the following words from the dialogue: Class them in three groups according to the pronunciation of -ed. Act out the dialogue in your Workbook and check your pronunciation.

Le contexte

Listen to the following sounds and match them with the correct expressions. How do those sounds make you feel?

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Write a paragraph about what the Ghostcatchers did when they heard these sounds. Watch the scene where Nick gets lost again, then imagine how he described what happened to him.

⭐ Free Ebook Download Isbn On Fire For God Fb2 | Free Textbook Download Sites.

You and a friend are in the same situation as Nick. Imagine your reactions and make suggestions. Discuss a frightening moment in your life. You explain what happened, your classmate asks you questions about your phobias and fears and gives you advice on how to overcome them. One day, The Evil Queen cast a magic curse over the land. This dark curse, which was given to her by Rumpelstiltskin, was extremely powerful.

Today, because of the curse, they all live in Storybrooke. It is a quiet little New England town whose residents go about their everyday lives. However, they have no idea that they are Fairy-tale characters. The Queen trapped them here with her curse; she stole their memories, gave them new identities and took control of them all. Will everyone go back to Fairy-tale land and live happily ever after in the end?

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most wicked of them all? She is the mortal enemy of Snow White and Prince Charming. Determined to have her vengeance on all the inhabitants of Fairy-tale land, the Evil Queen is willing to do whatever it takes to destroy their happy endings. An expert on black magic and the dark arts, this creature has wizardly powers to make him a fair match for anyone in the land… even the Evil Queen. Where does the page come from? Say what the show is about. Getting ready Identify the situation. Read About Season 1 and explain what you understand so far. Find the adjective in the text that sums up her character.

Put them back where they belong. Once there was a man named Killian Jones… Fairy tales revisited The oldest fairy tales have been told and retold for generations. Today, some authors write new versions of fairy tales as in the films Shrek or Mirror Mirror. What do you say? Listen to the definitions and find the words.

You can turn your book for help.

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Find information about one of the above characters on the Internet. Now help your classmates find out who you picked. Write five clues going from the most difficult to the easiest. The person who finds your character first wins. But one day, she met… Then she… In the end, … 1. The Big Bad Wolf 3. The Evil Queen 4. Jack and the Beanstalk b. Little Red Riding Hood d. Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs e. Match the character with the title of the story. A twist in time How can old stories be made new? Cinder was a gifted mechanic and… a cyborg and as such, a second- class citizen.

One day, she met Prince Kai and her whole life changed: Cress had a small problem. She was a prisoner on a satellite and had only her netscreens as company. All that screen time had made Cress a great hacker though… Princess Winter was graceful and kind.

Look at the book covers and decide which classic fairy-tale character each one refers to. Read the character descriptions and pick out details which are not found in traditional fairy tales. Now decide on new standard features for fairy tales. Even her shoulders were trembling with restrained rage.

Her grandmother was rushing towards her with a worried expression on her face. A twist at the end Write a short scary story with a hero and at least one villain. Why not record your story and post it on your blog? What are the differences with the original? Do you prefer the traditional or the new ending? The Little Girl and the Wolf O ne afternoon a big wolf waited in a dark forest for a little girl to come along carrying a basket of food to her grandmother. Finally a little girl did come along and she was carrying a basket of food.

The little girl said yes, she was. So the wolf asked her where her grandmother lived and the little girl told him and he disappeared into the wood. She had approached no nearer than twenty- five feet from the bed when she saw that it was not her grandmother but the wolf, for even in a nightcap a wolf does not look any more like your grandmother than the Metro-Goldwyn lion looks like Calvin Coolidge.

So the little girl took an automatic out of her basket and shot the wolf dead. It is not so easy to fool little girls nowadays as it used to be. Little Red Riding Hood killed the wolf. The Little Mermaid lived happily ever after. Rapunzel had short hair. Peter Pan grew up.

Elsa d … magical powers: Both princesses f … together and Elsa g … ice slides and snowmen. But one day, Elsa h … Anna because her power i … too strong for her. So their parents j … to see the trolls, who k … Anna and l … away her memories, so she m … Elsa n … powers! From then on, Elsa o … Anna. She p … for her safety. Who … the story? What … the title? Who … the main characters? Where … the story … place? How … it end? How fast … you … it? I … a revisited fairy tale when Ben … me. My cousins … a horror movie when lightning …. I … down the street when a scary dog … after me.

My brother … popcorn when the power … off. My parents … dinner when I … at the door. Where did you vanish to? She was openly livid. She turned around quickly. Her grandmother was rushing towards her.

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How about a guided tour of the house? Maybe you should look down there. Will everyone go back to Fairy-tale land in the end? Captain Hook is a pirate … lost his hand. Snow White is a princess … stepmother is a witch. A potion is a powerful magic drink … can transform a prince into a frog. A fairy tale is a story … ends happily. I know a story. This story is about a giant. This story is about a mermaid. Goldilocks lives in the village. The village is near the forest. The Enchanted Forest is a magical place. The inhabitants of the Enchanted Forest are fairy-tale characters.

Just a minute Practise speaking from notes. Fairy tales are for children. When we think about him, the first thing that comes to mind is computers. Indeed, he was the co-founder of Microsoft Inc. Moreover, in , he created a foundation with his wife Melinda in order to reduce extreme poverty, open up access to education and support scientific research programs. To conclude, I would say that Bill Gates is a great person.

He has been elected the most admired person in the world! Help him put the sentences in the right order! Can you give him a hand? He is very nervous. Then answer the questions for him. Can you correct his mistakes? Master Dayo which is a very wise creature interviewed me this morning. But he always speaks backwards, so nobody understands him.

He asked me a series of questions about my skills when I answered perfectly. Tell me, my friend, do you think there was a time where Master Dayo could speak normally? I know a person which speciality is curing language problems. So she locked her up in the highest room of the highest tower. In the end, they left the kingdom g. Once upon a time, h.

After two years of captivity, i. Golden rules 37 Getting it right! Then learn your part and act it out. Then, listen and check. Are you fond of sport? How often do you play football? What job would you like to do? When do you want to start working with us?

Pay attention to the intonation. Hey John, do you want to answer my personality test? Right, are you sporty? Yes, I am, definitely. Of course, I am! I work a lot! Say what you like! Yes, I am… But not to my little sister! Select one or two sites proposed by your browser. Which address endings can you trust? What elements can help you find the information you need on the sites you selected? Now find out about the place you have chosen. Find a picture or illustration of the ghost you have chosen.

Discuss your work experience week with your classmates. Write your Curriculum Vitae in English and include your work experience, mentioning the skills and qualities you have developed. Create a visual display in English and French for the careers fair presenting the company you worked with. B Avec ton professeur de technologie 1. D Avec tous les professeurs du projet 1. Check your ideas and say who produced the video and why.

Listen for place names and situate them on the map. Note the names of activities you can do. Listen again for more information on the places. Pick out the techniques used in this type of video. Would you like to holiday in New Zealand? Describe the screenshots and react. What do you think this video is going to be about?

Queen Elizabeth II Official languages: New Zealand dollar List outdoor tourist activities. Pick an activity, describe it, and see if your classmates can guess which one it is. It is the most … of the ten. It is the least … of them all. Complete the crossword and write down the definition you like best for each sport. Listen to what some tourists said about New Zealand. Rephrase their ideas for an advertising campaign. Your services are required to record a voice-over. Mark up the script and practice! Places to go in New Zealand! Use the information to explain why the following are so important.

Things to do in New Zealand. It is situated off the coast of Queensland and is regarded as one of the seven natural wonders of the world. It is believed to be over 20 million years old. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the richest areas of diversity on the planet: However, scientists believe the site is in danger — the Great Barrier Reef used to cover an area twice as big. The park is inhabited by theAnangu people who have the oldest culture known to man.

They believe that the rock formations were created by their ancestors and that the rocks carry the marks of the stories of their creation. Their stories are told and passed down from generation to generation. Check out the other sites on http: Identify the type of document. What do you think is special about the two places in the photos? Read the introduction and say what is on the World Heritage List. Give the age of the two sites and situate them. Which site is in danger and why?

What do we learn about the Aboriginal people at Uluru? Say which site you would like to visit most. Queen Elizabeth II Language: You use some of the comments left on the website in a tourism campaign for Australia. You discover you need to correct the punctuation. When did the following Australian icons first appear? When do you think the Sydney Opera House was completed? Share your estimations with the class, then listen and discover who was the nearest. A timeline for Australia. Write a presentation on the history of Australia. Practise presenting it in pairs. Use the information below to explain what life used to be like for the Aboriginal Australians.

They support democracy and peace and work together to improve education, health, gender equality, human rights, development and climate change. Commonwealth Day, on the second Monday in March, is an occasion to promote these values. It is celebrated in schools and communities all over the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth is an association of nations and today counts 52 member states and a combined population of 2.

The majority of the member states were former colonies of the British Empire and so we share a common language. Is the Commonwealth just a group of nations? What is the Commonwealth? Pick out key facts and compare with your partner. What values do Commowealth countries have in common? Topi c 3 47 forty-seven Take part in the Commonwealth Games bid: With around 6, athletes from the 71 nations and territories, the Games are a truly international occasion.

There are medal events in 18 sports and in 7 para-sports for athletes with a disability. The atmosphere is particularly warm and relaxed with spectators and athletes from all nations enjoying themselves. Pick out the important facts and discuss the positive aspects of the Games. To find out more about the Games in general and the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in particular, visit http: So now, what do you think?

Did you book the whole trip a … or did you book through a travel agency? Fiordland is the least inhabited but the mostspectacularregionofNewZealand. The blue shoes are …. The white shoes are …. The yellow shoes are …. Australia — famous rock formation c. Sydney is … city in Australia.

Kangaroos are … animals. Topi c 3 49 forty-nine Used to It used to cover an area twice as big. Twenty-two million people visit Niagara Falls every year. Tasmanian settlers founded the city of Melbourne in People found many Aboriginal rock paintings around Uluru. Australians formed Qantas Airline in A terrible earthquake hit Christchurch in New Zealand in They rebuilt a shopping centre with shipping containers. A haka … compose of movements which … accompany by a chant.

It tells the story of how he escaped death. Te Rauparaha … chase by soldiers from two enemy tribes. He … save by Te Whareangi a friendly chief. The plan worked and he … find by the enemy warriors. Legend says he composed the haka when he … hide. The Aboriginal Australians … find their way thanks to special songs which gave them directions. There … be any camels in the Australian desert but now there are many. Koala bears … be hunted in Australia but now they are protected. European immigrants … travel by plane to the New World but by boat.

Australia … be called New Holland, but it changed around The All Blacks performing the Ka mate, ka mate haka. New Zealand or Australia: Then, gather and share information about them. What do you know about Shakespeare? Describe the page and guess its aim. Scan the text and find information about the festival.

Pick out elements showing the size of this festival. Say what participants need to do. Would you like to take part in this festival? Discuss with your classmates. SSF is for everybody. We work with secondary schools, primary schools and special schools all over the U. SSF has something to offer students everywhere: Have you ever dreamt of being on stage? There has never been a more exciting time to be part of the Shakespeare Schools Festival! Have you submitted your video yet? Johnson, 15 What participants say about their experience http: Project 53 1 fifty-three Topic 4 Writing 1.

Pick out the repetitions. Write a better version of his statement. Become a crossword champion! Create your own crossword puzzle using a crossword generator. You can create a poster or a web page. He was born in Stratford-upon-Avon. We know little about his life, but in 20 years, Shakespeare wrote plays and poems that capture the complete range of human emotions. Which do you know? Take up the challenge! Visit the BBC website and explain what 60 second Shakespeare is. Kate is one of the participants.

Now work in pairs. Choose one participant each. Project roject roject 2 54 fifty-four Look at the screenshots and say what you can. Say what you know about street dancing. Imagine what the two people in the first screenshot are going to do. Listen and identify the situation.

Give the names of the people in the video and check your ideas. Explain how the man got into street dancing. Talk about his career. Focus on places and say how popular street dancing is. What do you think of the final performance? The UDO United Dance Organisation is an event management company which promotes, stages and manages street dance events globally. The UDO was originally established in the UK in but over the years it has grown and expanded worldwide, with a growing membership of over 30, members. Now repeat the tongue twisters as quickly as possible.

Listen and identify the dance styles. Read the following flyers about dance classes, list the equipment and explain what sorts of dance they refer to. Different styles, same passion! Listen to the following dancers and gather information about their careers. Then, check your answers with your classmates. How long has he…?

How long have you…? Now work in pairs and act out the interview, then change roles. Learn the basic dance step and discover a new way of dancing. Choose one author, find a book whose adaptation was a blockbuster and share your findings. What is your favourite film? Is it an adaptation? Charlotte Observer There are a few scary seconds here and there, but for the most part, this is a version of Dahl, which feels not just safe, but downright sleepy.

Turning a book into a blockbuster B. ReelViews No one can deny that the first film based on The Hobbit was charming fun, and the second was pretty good, too. The Battle of the Five Armies is a film too far. Listen and note details about the book and its author. Now pick out positive and negative points about the film. Would you like to watch it? If you have seen it, do you agree with one of the critics? Choose a film review. Search the Internet and find the story in the book. Pick out key elements showing if the film is a good adaptation or not. Share your findings with your classmates. Do you feel like watching these films?

Hello James, can I ask you a few questions about your career? Do you have a favourite theatre, b … you feel at ease? Is there d … you would really like to work with? Do you agree with them? But there is f … I would really like to do one day: I would love to go to the Cannes festival! That sounds like a great idea!

The Cannes festival is a place where g … is possible: Anyone in your school can enter. We … study English literature at school, and we love reading. Jimmy … work as a paperboy, so he knows a lot about newspapers. I … watch many American TV series, which I can recommend to the public. Jimmy … play the guitar for 4 years: I … organise concerts at my school: I can do it in the cultural centre as well. Jimmy … buy a bicycle so he can cycle to the centre!

Have you seen many Sofia Coppola films? What do you think about this book? When did you discover slam poetry? When did you last see Sarah? Last year, when we went to a slam session in town. I saw her yesterday. Le present perfect It's the best school activity I've ever done! It has made me consider a career in technical theatre.

Have you written poetry? Has Jane been to the Globe Theatre? Has Samuel considered becoming an artist? Have you watched a musical? My friend Paul and I have played in a band for 2 years. My mother has been interested in blues since she saw BB King live. My father has tried to do impersonations for many years. Leila has played the piano … 5 years now. How long has it been … we last met? Have you seen Lea … Monday? Cheryl has worked on her arts project … a very long time. I've been listening to rock n'roll … I was born!

My parents have taught me ballroom dancing … 3 months. My gym teacher has been very nice … the start of the year. We should have drama classes at school. Observe les deux prises de notes ci-dessus et compare-les. Quelle est la technique que tu trouves la plus efficace? Ton objectif comprendre un article de presse sur un sujet familier. The best artistic experience! Si vous en connaissez un pour apprendre allemand, ce serait bienvenue aussi. Aller faire un tour sur http: Ca me semble bizarre: Je suis en Ts et je me demandais ce pour quoi je pouvais opter pour l'annee prochaine. Je me demandais donc , S'il y avais des Differences de programme entre la prepa et la fac, est ce que apres 2 de fac de sciences, ou de prepas MP on a le meme niveau?

Est ce qu'on a un niveau inferieur mais plus large, ou bien est ce que la fac, a ce stade, a un niveau plus faible que celui de la prepas, en terme de connaissance et d'application donc de savoir finalment. La prepa est elle scolaire? Qu'en est il pour la fac? En gros, j'aimerais mieu etre au courant des plus et des moins de chaque section; je trouve l'information finalment asser restreinte, et rarement objective sur le sujet.

La fac tu dois te prendre en main si tu veux arriver quelque part: Le contraire n'est pas vrai - ou beaucoup plus difficilement. Le conseil des anciens serait de? Revenez quand vous voulez! Ce signal se propage comme une onde en fait, c' est une onde. Au point d'intersection, les deux signaux se superposent: Ce qui permet de fracasser les vitres c'est la grande aplitude de l'onde? Si j'ai bien compris Ca me laisse pantoise et je ne suis pas assez intelligente pour me permettre - ou du moins ma forme d'intelligence ne me permet pas de trancher.

Je sens l'arnaque dans cette argumentation Comme le disait le vieux petit gars , dans son Te King 2 grand clasique: Tous les hommes reconnaissent le bien, alors le mal devient visible. C'est ainsi que "ce qui est" et "ce qui n'est pas" naissent l'un de l'autre. Il suffit de lever le nez. Ca me laisse pantois et je ne suis pas assez intelligent pour me permettre - ou du moins ma forme d'intelligence ne me permet pas de trancher mais je sens l'arnaque dans cette argumentation. En Latin, l'ordre des mots n'a absolument aucune importance, donc ce n'est pas une faute.

Effectivement a latin orde du mots des importance aucune. Coefficient de dilatation de l'eau: Merci encore une fois Je souhaite avoir une reponse argumentee scientifiquement Nous avons cru se trouvez au KGB Franchement …. Mieux encor, que ce sera fait par cher Fabien Je ne sais pas si cela peut servir.

Mon Larousse est formel: Bonjour j'ai une dissertation a faire en droit. Bonsoir, Je voudrais connaitre les relations qui existent entre le marketing et l'Administration ou comment l'Administration peut utiliser le marketing pour se moderniser? Je recherche sur le web les chiffres de vente des albums de disque CD audio ou CD 2 titres, ce site existe-t-il? You're talkin' to me? Je crois que c'est le canari. Mais dire qu'il modifie son cerveau est abusif: Jevoudrais vous poser une question sur la gastronomie. Merci pour votre aide. Merci d'avoir la gentillesse de vous pencher sur cet article.

Enfin, savez vous quel est le rapport entre ses recherches et son art si il y en a un? Je vous en remercie d'avance. Ou une sorte de maquis? Bonjour, il y a deux sens. DicoMedia dit " Savane africaine couverte de broussailles ". Je vous explique l'histoire vraie ou fausse je n'en sais rien: Bonjour, Je me demande si la phrase "l'enfant n'est pas un vase qu'on remplit mais un feu qu'on allume " est vraiment de Montaigne ou pas