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This is a fascinating subject. I also have an ongoing series, based on a former workplace, that's run for eleven years. The characters get older, they're replaced by new often correct ones, and in the series I know I'm working there as a returnee-- my responsibilities and the organization have evolved, and new tribulations arise to keep things spicy.

It would be merely entertaining if it weren't making it so much more difficult to move on! Perhaps this is more common than I'd thought. I have had the same dreamscape for all of my dreams. However, not all of the dreams happen in it. Last night I dreamed about taking a walk with my crush, but during that walk, we went past the entrance to a dark, frightening forest. I fear that sometime in my future, the forest will also come true. I have had several series of recurring dreams that have persisted throughout my 40 years.

These dream episodes continue to evolve and sometimes repeat from slightly different perspectives. My level of awareness and lucidity varies throughout these episodes, but there is an eerie consistency of the settings that are depicted. They usually occur in hybridized or bastardized versions of places from my actual waking memory, but the events that occur and some the characters within these environments are unique to this dream world. For instance, I have had an episodic series of dreams where I am tasked with feeding kittens for my great aunt, in an apartment that she had not occupied for 20 years and she never had cats when she lived there.

In the dream I fed the kittens changed the litter, on many occasions. I even discovered additional cats that were hiding within that old apartment that would only come out when I put out food. I consistently visited this apartment in my dreams for almost a decade and every time that I visited these kittens grew and aged relatively to the time that had passed since my last visit.

I outfitted that cat apartment with a television, personal toiletries and even stocked the freezer with frozen pizzas, for when I needed to stay overnight! Once one of the cats escaped and I searched the building until I found her in the basement close to the laundry room. This dream series persisted for almost a decade and I paid no particular attention to it because it was one of many similar episodics in my subconscious. Until recently when that Great Aunt died in real life.

Land Rush Dreams – Vickie McDonough

I dreamt that I was helping her clean up that old apartment preparing for her to move back in. The cats were gone or at least in hiding. Her and I cleaned up that apartment for what felt like hours, afterwards she prepared one of the frozen pizzas that I had stocked in the fridge. She sent me out to corner store to buy some Pepsi and asked me to bring some extra pillows to the Firehall next door to thank them for all the times they rushed her to the hospital.

The Darkness in Dreams

On my back upstairs 3 kittens began to follow me. I opened the door to her apartment and My aunt was sitting on her love seat with the four now full grown cats that I fed and took care for her in the dreams. She was petting them and feeding them pieces of pizza.

I laughed at the sight. It is, overall, the most boring, bland, and just plain bad book that I've read in months. View all 13 comments. Aug 21, Alishia rated it it was amazing Shelves: Katherine is dreaming about a young man she has never met. In her dreams, she is so comfortable with him, it is almost like she has known him all her life. Her dreams are so powerful, so vivid and so emotional that she begins to wonder if just maybe, somehow, this young man is real. Could the young man in her dreams really be real and if so what does that mean? In Dreams by J Sterling is an enchanting novel about love and soulmates, one that I found absolutely beautiful.

Throughout reading this novel, there were times when I found myself laughing out loud and other times, where I was reaching for the tissues. I really cared about the characters which was why, at times, I cried. I really felt for them. There were so many things that I loved about this novel. I loved the friendship between Katherine and Taylor - the comfort they both found in their friendship, their loyalty to each other and their strength, both in their friendship and as individuals. I loved the mystery, the romance, the patience of Cooper and the selflessness of Austen and I loved how author, J Sterling, told the story.

I found myself torn just like Katherine. This amazing story of unconditional love, soulmates and friendship is a must read, especially for all the romantics out there. A stunning debut novel by J Sterling. Sep 06, Heather rated it really liked it Shelves: He's one of the best male YA characters I've seen written in a while.

All-American, confident but put in his place by the right girl. I have to say if this were a YA contemporary novel without the paranormal element or other male character I would have been happy reading it that way. Austen, boy of her dreams is great but I just didn't feel the same pull to him as I did Cooper, alive and in the flesh. J Sterling did an awesome job of fleshing out all of the characters and t What I loved: J Sterling did an awesome job of fleshing out all of the characters and the friendship between two college roommates.

I also really enjoyed the hockey element, the setting and the concept behind the story. I like that the main girl is from California and is living in the East. There is a big difference between the two coasts which I know since I've lived on both and I liked the way Sterling added that into her book. What I struggled with: The storyline is constantly shifting between the thoughts of all the characters which got a little confusing for me.

I received what I am guessing was an advanced reading copy from the author- there were several typoes, weird spacing and even font changes which are a bit distracting. For some reason I just didn't feel a connection to Austen so I think the pull in the story between two men didn't carry the full emotional reaction it otherwise would have. Moderate swearing, college drinking and co-ed sleepovers. No sex, very mild violence. Yes, I would recommend reading In Dreams and I would read it again. You may also like: View all 3 comments. Once she confides in her roommate Taylor, they both sets out on a mission to discovery who this mystery guy is while dealing with regular college life.

With saying that, I st http: With saying that, I still enjoyed the concept of what the author was doing with dreams and other beings even though the story had a bit of simplicity to it. Her roommate is Taylor whose she's become very close with. Katherine starts having dreams about guy who she's become emotionally attached to but doesn't know why. Without giving too much away, the first few chapters took me some time to get into because I'm still trying to figure out where Katherine's story was leading me while getting to know the different characters.

However, once I discovered who the mystery guy was, I was a bit intrigued. The discovery of the mystery guy set off a chain of events that leads to jealousy and other events. I also really enjoyed Cooper, the hockey star and his perusal of Katherine. He was so cute. Though the author has a follow up book explaining the past and explaining this without giving too much away, it would have been nice to have more information or a brief history of the mystery guy and Katherine's past.

It was talked about but wanted a bit more. I don't read much YA, but this was one that captured my curiosity and I can appreciate a good concept and interesting characters. This story definitely depends on the reader and the openness of the reader towards this storyline. The storyline jumps right in there and it didn't give me a chance to connect with them.

Usually when I read a book, I want to go through what they do, I want to feel what they feel and I want to fall in love when they fall in love. Maybe my expectations were too high I did read this after Beautiful Disaster. Anyway, the author has a lot to give and her writing was enjoyable.

Friends - Rachel's Dreams

My only other gripe was how the point of view changed multiple times, without warning, within a short period of time. The book really does have potential and perhaps it will be the start to a good series. I hope so for all the people who did enjoy it. Jul 30, Kristen Landon rated it did not like it. Instead of thinking of this as a harsh critique; I'd like everyone to think of it as a learning experience. This book is a prime example of a self-published book that could really have used some good editing. The story line is decent and the characters are okay.

There were a lot of basic things that an editor could really have helped the author improve on. I'll give a couple of examples that asspiring authors can note and thus avoid. First of all point of view. Stick with one POV character. If you Instead of thinking of this as a harsh critique; I'd like everyone to think of it as a learning experience. If you really need more than one--and sometimes you do--stick with only one per chapter. In this book POV characters change one paragraph to the next.

It's confusing, and it makes it really hard to identify with any one character. We're bouncing from one person's head to the next--sometimes even more than once per paragraph. Another thing to watch out for--don't show us something in dialogue which is a good thing and then turn around and tell us the same thing in the next sentence. I'll give you an example. This isn't a direct quote from the book but the author did similar things quite often: Seems pretty obvious that the second sentence isn't necessary, and any decent editor would have pointed that out.

Professional editors--not your college roomate who majored in English--are vital to a good book--I believe. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. This book is about a college age girl who falls in love. The problem is who she falls in love with. The premise of the story should be silly but it worked. I won't give anything away. It took me about a third way through before I became completely enthralled and stayed up until 2am to finish the book.

One of the guys in this story, Cooper, had me at hello. But towards the end of the book, I thought his choices were a bit unrea I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. But towards the end of the book, I thought his choices were a bit unrealistic based on the character he was supposed to be. I simply accepted it and moved on. I thought I had this book figured out about halfway through, but I was totally wrong. And this was a happy ending and wrapped things up nicely.

It was an entertaining read, more romance than paranormal although it did have a slight paranormal aspect. But it should be romance. Good read and I would recommend. Jun 18, Nina rated it really liked it. I downloaded In dreams today from Amazon for free, after hearing people from a reading group rave about this book. Granted, I heard the words hockey boys and wanted to read it anyway, but that's not the point.

In Dreams introduces us to Katherine, a girl who dreams about a boy she has never meet. She doesn't know why she's dreaming about him, but she just knows every time she does she falls deeper and deeper in love with him. And there lies the problem. In falling in love with him, she is struggl I downloaded In dreams today from Amazon for free, after hearing people from a reading group rave about this book. In falling in love with him, she is struggling to deal with the living and the dreamworld - a dreamworld that is more intriguing to her than the living.

She literally can not wait to dream - to see her dream boy. Then she meets Cooper, a real life living dream boy. The star of the hockey team, and someone who loves her completely. But he's still not the boy of her dreams. Katherine has to make the choice between what is real and what is not real? Firstly, I've got to say a few pages in I was interested but not overly interested. I almost put it down. I say almost, because I decided to read a few more pages. Then a few more pages after that. Well, you get the gist. An hour later, I'd finished the book and found myself annoyed that I couldn't read the second one yet.

This storyline is unique in so many ways. I'm not going to spoil it and tell you why.

See a Problem?

You need to read it for yourself. The hook really is having a main character who dreams about a boy she doesn't know. It has you wondering if she does know him? If she'd had a memory lapse and he was her boyfriend or something different altogether. It makes you want to read to find out the reason behind her dreams and to find out who this dream boy is. It's a poignant love-story in which the main character has to choose between two boys - both of whom she loves - with the knowledge she can only ever really have one of them.

The question is, which one does she really want? And what is she willing to sacrifice to get that boy? In Dreams is beautifully written and leaves me eager to see what will happen next in this tale. Definitely worth getting It's free still today and after that the cheap price of 0. You also get a sneak peek of the next novel in the series, and can I tell you it will leave you wanting much much more.

May 30, Sali rated it really liked it. The classic 1 liners that Taylor came out with had me laughing out loud all the way thru the book!!! Only an idiot wouldn't want to date me. And since i dont date idiots, it all works out. Yes, u have to give Cooper a chance. Your country would want this. If you don't date Cooper, the terrorists win. Cooper has been trying to get you to go out with him since the moment he laid his stupid speckled eye on you" lmao ohhhh Taylor i want u to be my best friend OH YEP that is what i said!!! Jun 25, Tiffany rated it did not like it. I'm stealing my own review from Amazon when I got this book for free.

I'm so glad this book was free, I wouldn't have paid for it or I would have asked for my money back. The book was too choppy, the conversations the people had were terrible, I don't believe I've ever heard a college student say "Oh Gosh" Or "Oh my Gosh" as many times as the main character did. She has little to no self esteem, doesn't believe she is pretty or that guys find her attractive when they clearly do. There is very l I'm stealing my own review from Amazon when I got this book for free. There is very little to no emotions or facial expressions of any time what so ever.

They sometimes cry or smile and the author mentions eyes like 50, times. The book holds little to NO description value what so ever. I don't even KNOW what the main girl looks like, save for the brown hair and that her friend is blonde. The guy who is after her is the most described person out of the whole book, and even then I couldn't really picture him. Again the book is choppy, unrealistic and YES I know it's a fictional book, but to a point you can make fictional books realistically fictionally. I think the woman that wrote this book needs to re-do the book or at least go back to school for a more practical approach for how people interact and what she should write to be more descriptive.

HAD to force myself to finish the book, because the concept of the book was cool. I just wish it was written better. However, vocab and writing shouldn't be limited to a genre. Jun 20, GW rated it liked it Shelves: Received this free on my kindle! It's been on there since January, but I finally got a chance to read it today. I'm not sure how different the new version is from the version I have, but it's definitely interesting! I really loved the beginning of this book!

From the beginning, we already know there's a love triangle. Love triangles are really frustrating, and to be honest, I thought this was a stand alone book. But, apparently it's a series! Anyways, I thought this was a contemporary Received this free on my kindle! Think mesmerizing, think engaging, think psychologically compelling. The characters in this book are on a journey where their unconscious and shadow reality realms, their own mysterious unknown natures and the secrets of reality, are bumping up against their actual waking actuality. This story is spooky, exciting and the read is entirely addictive.

I got chills and that just doesn't happen sure, I might feel fear reading certain books but goosebumps on my neck and arms? I admit that I love Jung's writing on dreams and have been dream journaling for around 15 years and so find dreams compelling but those interests aren't prerequisites for enjoying this seriously trippy, entrancing serial fiction. Plus there is a a romantic subplot that is thrilling and dreamy in it's own way--so heartfelt and authentic in feeling. The main characters are primarily students and the setting is primarily a university. If you are interested in a compelling and exciting read with heart, that you won't be able to put down, then this book is for you.

Think nightmare dream thrilling. I can't wait to buy and read Dream Doctor Dreams, book 2. May 22, Dina Roberts rated it really liked it Shelves: This book takes place in , but there's not much of a 's feeling in the book. Well, there's a lack of internet. But I would think a book published in this century, taking place in the 's, would try to be more of a period piece.

I'd expect more popular culture references Though the chapter titles have very cute references to 's TV shows and movies. I was thinking maybe the author wrote this book back in the 's, then with This book takes place in , but there's not much of a 's feeling in the book. I was thinking maybe the author wrote this book back in the 's, then with publishing being so easy this century, he dug it out of it's grave, and now it's been reborn.

And from what I saw in the acknowledgment pages, it looks like I was right. The editing of the book doesn't seem very polished, but in a way I think that's a good thing. Well, I liked it a lot. The author rambles on about things that don't have much to do with the main plot For example, there's a lot of talk about buying Secret Santa Gifts. I'm not sure if that adds to the supernatural thriller plot or if it provides character development. Maybe it does provide character development, or at least it made the characters seem more real to me.

The book is about a college student Sara who is going the medical route. She starts entering other people's dreams There's a severe lack of sexual tension with all that. They're madly n love. The development of the relationship was a bit fast, but in the end I didn't mind it so much. The thriller part was thrilling. I felt spooked out and afraid at some point Some of the dream parts were a bit off. The whole idea is that Sara enters people's dreams.

When it comes to her college buddies, the dreams are very dreamlike. That kind of thing.

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When it comes to the thriller storyline, the dreams are very straight-forward. More like psychic visions. Or it's as if, instead of entering the person's dream, she's entering their memory or future. She uses the dreams to get information needed to fight the crime. Despite my complaints, I really did like this book. I want to read more from the series. Jun 05, Samantha LaFantasie rated it really liked it. There are so many good things to say about this but there are also a few more negative things. Depending on your preference as a reader, will depend on how you view those negative points.

It was a fast-paced plot, riddled with mystery, suspense, and even a bit of sex and strong language. The characters were developed well enough that I could easily see them as individuals and not cardboard cut-outs. They even acted like I would assume normal college students would by exercising their individuality, going to parties, clubs, dorm life, etc.

This is NA, which I absolutely loved.

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The main character is a med student trying to get through junior year while dealing with mysterious and terrifying dreams of murder. There are others dreams mixed in that are quite comical, but still believable. I was pulled in. I found myself wanting to read faster and faster at certain points which kept me turning the pages. The author did an excellent job of keeping up the suspense and character reactions to such suspense.

Though, the points were slow in the reveal, which I felt went quite well with the fast-paced plot. It was well balanced and really nice. There were points that were slower, though I feel they were almost too slow at points. Still, it kept me reading and guessing, which is what ultimately lead to my enjoyment of the story.

Ultimately, this is one of those stories that surprised me and makes me glad the story continues as I do plan to eventually finish the series and see where the characters go and end up in the end. Please Note that this review will appear on Amazon and my personal site. Sep 17, Alisha Tarran rated it it was ok Shelves: Dream Student is a bit of a toss up for me.

I spent most of it skim reading the boring parts that I didn't really care about. This book is by no means fast paced, it starts off slow and continues at a slow pace, hence the skim reading the majority. There's repetitive and boring detail all about her classes and her college life, the dreams themselves where much the same and how she would wake up from them.

It was all so repetitive and bland. There are parts where you get little bits of infor Dream Student is a bit of a toss up for me. There are parts where you get little bits of information that's enough to keep you interested to keep you reading, I would imagine, while you try to work out who the killer is. To be honest, as soon as the killer's name was casually mentioned, I knew it was him. His reasons for killing people What can I say, I've seen waaaaayyy too many episodes of Criminal Minds! I just kept reading because I felt like I should see it to the end.

The main character didn't really have much of a personality and I didn't really connect with her, I actually liked her best friend, Beth, more. I just thought Sara was a bit of a bitch for no reason on multiple occasions and the lack of personality didn't really do her any favors in being likable. Brian was also very bland. For me this book was very bland for the majority, the dreams are about all that happens that provide the intrigue to keep you reading, unless like me, you work out the character who's incredibly shady when mentioned, is behind it.

The whole Brian and Sara thing was off. He was really quiet and shy, and how she acted with him was out of character for her, and the whole thing felt odd to me, much like most of the dialogue. I think I wasn't even a quarter of the way through when I started skim reading large sections of text with characters wittering on about this or that.

I'm not really sure if I'd pick up the second book, while there where some good parts to the book, the general blandness really put me off. DiBenedetto was a fantastic paranormal suspense novel. The book becomes a giant mystery and a race against time to find a way to stop a murderer whose dreams she is seeing night after night. DiBenedetto does an excellent job with character development. Sara is incredibly likeable and realistic as she deals with the emotional turmoil of her dreams. The reader gets acquainted with quite a few characters while dealing with the main storyline and a few smaller parallel storylines.

The plot is entertaining and exceptionally unique. DiBenedetto is an outstanding writer with a clever sense of humor. He does a great job portraying a young female character. The novel is written in an interesting manner, first person, but also like Sara is explaining certain thoughts and actions directly to the reader.

This novel would be great for young adults and adults alike. I will definitely be reading the next books in the series. I highly recommend it. This in no way influenced my review. Most of us sleep and wake up not remembering or even wanting to remember our dreams. Some of us wake and do remember our dreams but tend to regard them as maybe curious, quirky or even perhaps a little zany.

Overall, we tend to regard them as irrelevant and having no bearing whatsoever on our waking life. And then there's Sara. Sara does remember her dreams and her dreams are very relevant to waking life because not only do they involve people she knows, they involve people she knows doing thing Most of us sleep and wake up not remembering or even wanting to remember our dreams. Sara does remember her dreams and her dreams are very relevant to waking life because not only do they involve people she knows, they involve people she knows doing things in her dreams that they are also doing or wish they would be doing in their real lives.

In most cases, what people are doing in her dreams are innocuous enough: It's not like Sara experimented with lucid dreaming techniques or self-hypnosis, no, she's just like the rest of us: However, what she does witness in her dreams changes her and everyone around her. Thank heavens she's got her best friend and roommate, Beth and her new dreamboat and devoted boyfriend, Brian to help her not only keep her sanity but also help her become a sleuth and possibly save lives.

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The more I read this book, the more I had to remind myself that this is a first book by a first time novelist. Terrific book and terrific writer who definitely has a bright future. I got this book when it was free on kindle.. The book tells the story from Sera perception. She doesn't confirm this fact until she actually meets the guy from her dream That would be some teasing mat I got this book when it was free on kindle..

That would be some teasing material right there which she doesn't use But early on she starts having nightmares, experiences the acts of another that is not harmless or have any good intentions.. Its hard to write a story review without giving the plot of the story away, though you could probably already guess or read from another review or synopsis. I would not but this book under supernatural, even if it does have a supernatural aspect. That being said overall it was a good read and glad i did not judge this book of the book cover which looks terrible in my opinion.

First, a special thank you to Mr. DiBenedetto for sending me a free e-book version of his book! Read my entire review as well as another blogger's in English and Portuguese here. Dream Student is the first book of Dreams series, whose main character is Sara Barnes, a girl of approximately my age and who, like me, wants to be a doctor. For these reason First, a special thank you to Mr.

For these reasons, it was very easy, for me, to empathize with the protagonist. And this is the ordinary girl to whom something extraordinary happens: And if some dreams are just nasty because they are such an intimate invasion of privacy, others are truly nightmares, disturbing and thoroughly described in such a way that we feel the hopelessness and the powerlessness Sara feels, and this was what I liked best about this book and what I enjoyed most reading.

Feb 12, Faye rated it it was amazing. The spacing of the story was a little too slow at the beginning for but it caught up somewhere between the middle to the end. Sara's unique ability to see the dreams of other people was interesting although it was scary when she can see the dreams of a murderer but thanks to that she was able to save lives.

Although I do wonder why her ability appeared out of nowhere. I think my favorite dream of hers was about Brian's. It was kind of funny but when they actually met, it was very sweet. The kiss The spacing of the story was a little too slow at the beginning for but it caught up somewhere between the middle to the end.

The kiss out of the blue was totally of character but again it was hilarious especially Brian's reaction. The relationship between these two progressed quickly but that was alright for me. Their feelings for another were real, that you could feel it too. I liked the friendship between Beth and Sara. They treated each other like sisters and when things were hard they both have each other. It was nice that Beth believed in Sara about her dreams and it became a normal thing for them especially when Sara could also see Beth's dreams. The mystery behind the killing I kind of guessed who the murderer was.

Later, it would be revealed I won't spoil that part anymore. The ending was satisfying and it was sweet. Although her dream ruined that surprise. Mar 12, Dana Busenbark rated it really liked it Shelves: Sara is a pre-med student in her Junior year at the university. We start out the book in a dream sequence that is a little on the odd side. It really sets the tone of the book however. Who is this male that she sees in the basketball dream? When her dream shifts to something more horrific, who is that man?

What happens when Sara's talked into going and seeing a former professor of her roommate beth? Why does Beth want her to see him and talk to him? What she sees as she waits for him is truly ho Sara is a pre-med student in her Junior year at the university. What she sees as she waits for him is truly horrific. What sorts of dreams is Sara having? What do Beth and Brian have to do with all of it? How can she prove knowledge of things that have become public without looking like a freak? This is an interesting start to the series. I'm looking forward to reading Dream Doctor next. There are some very interesting ideas regarding dreams in this book, but I have to say to me it read primarily like a romance novel with the dreams Sara is having as an intriguing and at times very creepy sub-plot.

The romantic element is extremely well done. The dream plot unravelled quite slowly while Sara's romance blossomed, but it came to a satisfying conclusion in the end.

I enjoyed the characters very much in this 'Dream Student' is the story of college student Sara and her strange dreams. I enjoyed the characters very much in this novel. Sara came across a bit awkward, her directness was at times cringe-worthy. She is totally different to any other character I've come across, yet easy to sympathise with and fun to read about.

Her love interest is a shy, quiet guy who is also vastly likeable. Overall I would say this is an enjoyable read, with some interesting ideas and great characters. I would recommend to anyone who likes to read romance with an unusual twist or almost supernatural feel to it. I remember being at university and how I always afterwards wondered how on tv can people get a degree and play the entire time? It drove me nuts. In this books the students actually does put in the time and I loved that. Our main protagonist is a pre-med student with a problem.

She keeps having nightmares. Not any old dreams, tragic murder scenes play off infront of her night after night. While balancing study, friends, a social life and a brand new boyfriend she needs to figure out why she is d I remember being at university and how I always afterwards wondered how on tv can people get a degree and play the entire time? While balancing study, friends, a social life and a brand new boyfriend she needs to figure out why she is dreaming of a serial killer and if she can do something about her dreams