Wenn nicht hier, wo sonst?: Kirche gründlich anders (German Edition)

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I hope it's not contagious Wari, having a bad case of the proxies sounds painful. Comment quibble is really nice.. There's a magazine called 'The Quibbler' Guten Tag zusammen! Comment Mornin' Mafi, I stopped reading Harry Potter after the 2nd book and that seems a lomng time ago - now. I had to think about HP all the time since mykl mentioned "to quibble" but I couldn't find the word.. I think, Rowling does amazing things with the English and Latin and whatever else language.. Comment Macht nix, Wari.

Muss auch schon wieder weg, viel zu tun heute. Hab heut so gar nix zu sagen Comment Hi Isi, 'twould depend on what you plan on doing. Falls das Sinn macht Comment Aaargh, that's all too complicated for me, you need to ask if there's a tax expert in Leoville. Comment Nicht nur die Farbe! Es sieht alles ganz komisch aus hier.

Comment Yep, seems to be Ok. Comment Es geschehen noch zeichen und Wunder.. Comment Damn, how did you know, you got a camera on me or sth. Wer spielt denn da Blockwart??? Hi Mafi, it's always nice to be right ;oP. Vielleicht weichen die Damen und Herren Trolle nach hier aus? Dein Seelenleben schafft das schon! Und den gabs schon seit Jahren. Das war nicht mehr thread-napping als hier eh immer passiert Comment Isi, why are you traveling with the Bundeswahn and not in your car?

Comment Because my mum is coming back with me to Munich afterwards, which is nice. And yes, I am looking forward to seeing my cats and my Mum again: Markus suggested hoola-skirts and banana-leaves as it's supposed to be a Carribean night. Comment So, I get to go home again people. I wish those remaining a pleasant evening. I was at a wedding on saturday, lovely reception, it must have all cost a fortune, but of the people there I only knew 5 and one of those was the groom. So only limited fun.

I know bride and groom and about five of their friends, maybe six. Easy, I'd recommend a little black dress..

Got some for ya: And if you decide to marry one day, it could be this: That one is really gorgeous.. No-where, to be honest But the first one is lovely as well! I did wonder for a second if I shouldn't simply wear that medieval one I had made for me Oh, well, I'll have to decide today, since I'll have to pack the stuff I need Another disadvantage of travelling by train Well I think for a Caribbean Night, you can wear everything but black: Don't you have sth fluffy, showing a lot of skin?

Put some flowers in your hair? But the pirate outfit would be fine, too. OWL would have other suggestions I suppose.. Have a wonderful evening, hope you find sth more or less suitable! Have a good trip and say hello to your kitties! Am going home now: Will say hello to my kitty-cats BBFN. Comment Hello to All! Spent a lovely day at my granddaughter's "Einschulungsfeier" - seems like yesterday that I attended her mother's celebration.

I had called their "service number" last Friday in response to their first letter "Betriebseinnahme Juni," told them "Null," only to get above-mentioned letter today: Haven't caught up on all the posts, will try to do so later on this morning. Isi, there were lots of ladies in black at the wedding I went to last weekend and some on the "lower" tables hadn't made much of an effort at all shame.

I wouldn't worry too much about the ArbeitsAmt, they're paid to be obnoxious. Carly, it's good to have you back! Nothing to tell at all.. Comment Happy Wednesday to all and sundry! My laptop is "all better" now, but still having some minor difficulties - it's now running under XP, all my previous settings have naturally "gone bye-bye," for some reason I cannot remain permanently "logged in" to LEO, and when I scroll any given page, the screen seems to roll as if on waves - oh well, will figure it out eventually: Guess as of Monday, I will be on permanent LEO night shift, unless I might be able to pop in and out again every now and then - will see what happens: Which Terry Pratchet novel are you reading at the moment then?

We're all experiencing minor log-in problems and color shifts at the moment.. You will get back all your setting step by step.. My first step on each and every new PC is to install a background picture.. Got my late dog here at the moment.. Sun's shining here, too. Some wind, but no rain since 10 this morning.

I hope you'll have a wonderful start in your new job! Comment Hi Carly, yep, it would be pretty silly to get fired in the probation time for cruising about in Leoville. Im still running LEO on the "tdict" version - seems to a little quicker and my "read only" computer works here as well. Comment Ah wari, the three witches are amongst my favourite characters - after the members of the night watch.

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There's a great deal of "northern" humour in the 3 witches - love 'em even the wishy washy Magrat. I've got the whole series of disc world novels, although I'm non too impressed with the latest couple of stories. One of my colleagues has all the old ones. The Wizards and the Watch are cool, too. He has a wonderful sense of humor. Love Pratchetts language though we discussed this morning that it might be difficult for us to read him in English..

One of the things I remember is: Instead of "can be counted on the fingers of one hand", he used "can be counted on the fingers of the blind butcher's hand"..

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  • Comment I wouldn't have thought that you'd have any problems with the language, the language is aimed at children of all ages and isn't complicated at all. I started reading one in German, but I put it down after a while 'cause there were so many of the language jokes missing or changed around so much that I didn't find them funny. Comment So, I will try one in English, then. I was just afraid to miss the jokes then.. Reminds me of a film I watched in AK.. I laughed at absolutely different scenes than all the other visitors..

    Meine Lieblingsfiguren sind definitiv die Hexen, Granny insbes. Ich bin sogar 'mal in 'Tote tragen keine Karos' eingeschlafen. Eingeschlafen bin ich bisher nicht.. Comment Elves are wonderful. The thing about words is that meanings can twist just like a snake, and if you want to find snakes look for them behind words that have changed their meaning.

    Nobody said elves were nice. Comment My first problem was: With witch book do I start? Is there a reading order? So I asked my colleague to give me some advice and so she did.. Jsut have been to Wiki and amazon and put these into my Einkaufswagen: A hat full of sky I read that one about 12 years ago.. Will now buy them one by one unless you tell me I shouldn't. And what would humans be without love? Comment From the Wiki.

    Livre connexe : Top 10 Crete

    The books take place roughly in real-time and the characters' ages change to reflect the passing of years. No distinction will ever be clear-cut. Many stories such as The Truth and Monstrous Regiment nominally stand alone but, nonetheless, tie in heavily with main story-lines. A number of characters, such as members of staff of the Unseen University, Lord Vetinari and the Elves, appear prominently in many different story-lines without having titles of their own. As it is, many of these "standalone" stories deal with the development of the city of Ankh-Morpork into a technologically and magically advanced metropolis that readers will find analogous to real-world cities: A hat full of sky only came out 4 years ago in English!

    Comment Like the link says if you're not going to read them all in publishing order you should find which character s you like and then read about those in publishing order. I thought it was that one.. Comment There's a Bibliography in the link, you can see for yourself, actually quite an interesting link for Wikis standards. Comment We are talking about Terry Pratchett and his Discworld- novels. I recently came upon them and didn't know where to start, so my colleague decided and lent me some.

    If you need some more reading-hints, you might want to join us here: Darcy - Jedes Buch hat ein Ende, ob Andrea is a fan of Terry Pratchett, too. Den Australienband fand ich ehrlich gesagt nicht so gelungen. Aber den hatte ich auch auf deutsch gelesen. Having some fun there, aren't you? Comment May I join you there? Comment mykl - Drying off here, too, but not because of water bombs that would be MUCH more fun - humidity has decided to return in full force: Fancy meeting you here: Will check out amazon over the weekend! Amazon has a short description and lots of reviews to help you decide. Comment So people, I've done my time for today and I'off home.

    I wish everybody a pleasant evening. Comment Bin auch weg! Carly, enjoy your last days of freedom! Easy, hope you had a good journey and your kitty-cats recognized you. Comment Hallohoooooo aus Krefeld. Well, am off now. And off to the dentist tomorrow. Missed you dreadfully, too - dentist, oh YUCK!! I was a human guinea pig - and high-tailed it before they split my gums. Terrified of dentist ever since, couldn't bring myself to go for regular check ups for years, until that tooth they had treated started acting up about 5 years ago still had the temporary thingy, to my shame - anyway, found a dentist, am listed as "Angstpatientin" and get to choose a teddy bear when visiting her chair: Comment So, Computer aus, Licht aus, nach Hause braus'.

    Comment Komm gut Heim! Bin auch gleich weg - night, night. I went through sth. I got a crown and a bridge for nothing and it took ages. Then around '93 I started having problems with them and it took about Dm to put it right. It would probably have been cheaper to go a "real" dentist the first time. I can laugh about it now, but I couldn't then. Isi, happy to hear you got home alright despite the best efforts of the Bundeswahn. That didn't stop me from enjoying the books, but they wouldn't inspire me to read them more than once. Thats a good job too 'cause I "lent" the trilogy to my last Hausarzt as her 12 year old daughter wanted to read more English and didn't know where to start.

    She started by stealing my books when they moved about 6 weeks later. I hate losing books that way. It's hard to loose a book that way.. When reading English books, I keep a chit of paper and a pen near to me, write down words I don't know or words I can only guess from the context, so I can look them up later in LEO. You come to know pretty interesting words that way: Sie sind soooo tapfer Fr. But you were right.. I can read it. Just a few words to look up on the first 2 pages: But my colleague doesn't read English..

    Sounds like a wonderful dentist if that is possible.. Comment Wari, Well, she at least is kind and understanding - takes "Angstpatientin" seriously: Wari, I'm not really surprised that you couldn't find octitron it's a Discworld word. If I remember correctly it's more of a word for Isi 'cause it's darker than black. Comment That's always a problem with fantasy books. You never know which words you simply don't know and which ones you can't know because they're invented. Doesn't happen in thrillers that often. In those most times I stumble across slang words..

    I can definitely understand the wish to cuddle there..


    Comment When they look like this!? Comment I googled "manly chest" and found just what I was looking for - he could replace teddy bear: I googled "male chest" and found a chirurg for male "chest" implants..

    to eat s.o. out #26

    I find that silly with women, but even worse with men.. Comment So, ich bin weg! Comment Wari, have a super weekend, see you next week. Guess I won't be seeing much of you next week - wonder whether I could infect my new boss with Leonitis??? Comment The sort of male version of Pamela anderson or some other "promi" with a DD bra. I must be getting old and boring 'cause now I'd rather have so. Comment mykl, Had to run some more beaurocratic errands before expected storms hit. Nowadays, many of the "promi" women looked cloned - however psyched them into believing that baboon-type Butoxic lips are sexy??

    Wenn nicht hier, wo sonst?: Kirche gründlich anders by Meurer, Franz, | Book | eBay

    And don't they realize that silicon implants look anything but natural?? That they resemble to overripe cantelopes percariously attached to what is left of their upper body?? Give me an intelligent conversation any day!!! Comment Ah, but in a Zeitalter where looks and fitness are expected, the work of the cosmetic surgeon will continue to increase. Cher, auch unter die Ersatzteillager bekannt, feiert heute ihre Geburtstag.

    Funny thing about Cher is that while I had a year added per birthday, she subtracted about 3 years per bday. Was a member of the "Sonny and Cher fan club" when I was about 14, and she - now we're the same age: Comment Apparently time is relative - ask Einstein: I've just been reading, a Cindy Jackson has had the most cosmetic operations with over 40 - amazing.

    And she's Baujahr 55 as well. I didn't have all her "Problemzonen": Comment Oh, I don't know, it doesn't look that bad http: A pleasant evening too for anyone else still reading. Comment Good morning people, a very happy friday to one and all. Carly, all hell broke loose - as you so quaintly put it - yesterday here as well, several times and again this morning cycling to work to a backdrop of lightening strikes.

    Comment Mornin' Isi, it's friday, I think it will be quite a small group that you have to wave to. Monday is early enough to begin Leonitis withdrawl: I've usually lived within the sight of mountains, but never ON one, and thus didn't realize just how unprotected the "tippy-top" can be - a slight breeze feels like a hurricane, and yesterday I thought the trees were going to fly straight through my "jalousielosen" windows. Comment Hi Carly, I don't have much choice in the matter, I don't have a car and I'm far too lazy to walk.

    Comment Not nosy, oh no, not me - BUT you don't have a car???? Afraid of driving on the right side of the road? Comment Nope, my employers just think it's OK to keep me on the same wages since Isn't it about time to demand a raise??? Comment Yeah, and then the govt. Voted, on motion of Kathleen Courtney, to adopt the Constitution as a whole. See Constitution , with the understanding that the Committee would have the right to make such minor changes, not involving any change of principe, as might seem necessary, and that such right of revision should extend to all Resolutions passed in the Congress C.

    Voted by acclamation, on motion of the President, that before moving the Bureau from the Netherlands, the thanks of the League be offered to Dr. Aletta Jacobs and Rosa Manus for having carried the heavy burden of the work from the beginning of the organisation till now. Emily Balch said that anyone who had not been in Amsterdam could have no idea of the difficulties under which our Bureau had laboured during the war.

    Jacobs said the work had been a joy as well as a burden, especially the being in relation with other countries. Skip to main content. Add to Watch list. Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or tab.

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