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  1. The Evils of Temp Agencies - Adecco Jobs | irogyrikewyx.tk
  2. Top Cities for Adecco Jobs
  3. The Evils of Temp Agencies
  4. Why Going From Temp-to-Hire Isn’t as Easy as It Sounds
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The comments are closed. It is such a comfort knowing that I can reach out to Unique Employment Services to assist me with finding reliable and qualified professionals quickly. They always listen to my needs and provide the best possible candidates for the positions. I am extremely satisfied with our partnership with Unique! They never cease to amaze us with their quality of service and prompt responses. We greatly appreciate them! Time and time again they provide us with high quality employees who fit our needs. We look forward to working with them in the future.

They understand our needs and do their absolute best to find the right candidates. We know they are working hard behind the scenes for us!

The Evils of Temp Agencies - Adecco Jobs | irogyrikewyx.tk

It is such a relief to know that I can rely on Unique to immediately take action when we need it. And their contagious personalities make them fun to work with, yet they are complete professionals who are totally committed to getting us the right applicants. I highly recommend the team at Unique! Without exception, Unique Employment Services has always been able to provide our office with exactly what we need.

In fact, many of whom we thought would be temporary placements, became full time employees in our practice. They are just that good! Their attention to detail and keen listening skills has helped us greatly! Unique has excellent follow through with exceptional attention to detail.

Top Cities for Adecco Jobs

Needless to say, we get excellent service and look forward to working with them for many years to come. Their staff is pleasant, professional and very dedicated to finding exactly what we need. It is very evident that the applicants are thoroughly screened based on our needs which saves our team a lot of time and resources. If you or I oppose the temp services, that doesn't matter, we are not buying polliticians so we go unheard.

The problem lies at the top, the greedy government that upholds the idea that profit should come before people. Temp services get government kick-backs for a reason and it isn't because they provide jobs, it's because they provide wage slaves for the corporations that buy congress. I'm in HR so I've dealt extensively with temp agencies. Some of them are fairly good to their employees and the company that uses the temp agency does so with the intent of finding people to hire full-time.

I've found many good hires over the years through temporary agencies and it benefits the employees since they can decide if they like the work and supervisor they will work for.

The Evils of Temp Agencies

The supervisors like it because they get a much larger say in the hiring process. On the other hand, I've seen temp agencies where the employees are treated poorly and have seen companies that will string temporary employees along with the promise of a full-time job that never materializes. Temp work is often the fastest way back to work after a job loss but it should be treated as just that-temporary. I have no patience for agencies that treat their employees like crap.

In my last role I didn't renew the contract of the temp agency we used because they treated their employees so poorly. It's not like I didn't warn them; I had told them multiple times that I wouldn't renew the annual contract if they didn't start improving their treatment of the employees. This happened to me. I was working with Randstat and they placed me with a company as a temp to hire but the company had no intention of hiring me.

They strung us along for 6 months, and then it got to the point of where I told them that I need to look for full-time, permanent employment. I also told them that I was willing to continue to work for them during this process but I would need slight accommodation in order to schedule interviews. I would make up the time so I would still be working a full, 8 hour day. Shaun in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Why Going From Temp-to-Hire Isn’t as Easy as It Sounds

I know this temp agency thing should be short term, but I'm making decent money. My biggest complaint is the lack of vacation time and medical coverage.

I've been offered a full time position 2 or 3 times now but the company is moving an hour north of me and I can't make the commute. As a temp I'm making 15 an hour but if they bring me on I'll drop to For the most part I was working 40 hours and I'm the only temp they hired thru my agency GES and I'm one of the first to get a call when they need help.

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But now, the hours aren't there. I haven't worked in 2 weeks but I'm contracted to this company so my agency can't place me elsewhere.

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Is is possible to collect unemployment in this situation? Ayisha in Wilmington, Delaware.

We've Helped Businesses Just Like Yours

Shaun I would definitely try to apply for unemployment. I want to change the industry for the better. I hope everyone on this thread finds successful employment. Nick in Pearland, Texas. Yes, it's absolutely true. The staffing agencies can only get a contract if they have big volume and this will happen only if the staffing company can show around job seekers application turnover every month.

I applied at one the staffing company for Admin position. My testing results were excellent was I was over qualified. They send my resume to some oil company and the job position was postponed for a limited period of time. I checked on line staffing company's website and applied more jobs to see if they have any lower job position where they can fit me. People often get jobs based on personality. Through temping, people who wouldn't normally get the job, get the job.

Soft or hard, you need to have good skills, says Mr Jacobs. Temp to perm obviously gets you out of the interview traumas. Temp to perm people tend to stay in the job. Working as a temp gives companies the chance to "talent spot" you, working in situ can be the best way of judging whether you would enjoy yourself in an organisation should a dream opportunity arise. Keep your ears open, says Ms Valentine.

Don't bury yourself in your desk. You should behave as though you're a solution to a problem they've got. Be a filing cabinet: Your temporary boss might pop up elsewhere - perhaps in your next permanent job.

Temp Work Provides Flexibility — More or Less

Show interest in their business. Is it to earn money, be valued or increase your network? It could well be all three.