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Murder, strange accidents and tragedy all took their turns in the bizarre adventures at the Valencia Manor. But through all of the mystery and misery, it had become a reality. The Valencia Manor would be legally transferred into Maryanne's name today Maryanne was reluctant at first, to accept the unbelievable gift of the Valencia Manor, because she felt so bad about the death of the lovely Mrs.

Maryanne spent weeks trying to find other relatives who might otherwise be next in line to inherit the property, but after careful searching, to no avail and legal counsel, she felt more at ease in accepting the gracious offer.


After several mysterious deaths it was put on the market and bought by John Farthington. The deaths continued with his child and wife both dying while living at the Manor. After succumbing to illness himself, Farthington moved in with his sister Irene Dirkshire.

Mysteerie Manor

He later died leaving the Manor to her. She, in turn, decided to sell and contacted Joan Bishop to be her agent. Joan and Maryanne O'Donnell were close friends and when Irene saw how much Maryanne loved the old Manor she wrote a new will stating that if anything should mysteriously happen to her it was to go to Maryanne.

Upon her death a few weeks later, Maryanne inherited the Valencia Manor. The Manor wasn't the only thing that Maryanne inherited. She acquired all of the ghosts, both good and bad, that called the Manor their home. So she decided to sell her home and move into the Manor, but before doing this she first had to have the place completely renovated.

After finding the perfect contractor, her plans progressed with a good offer being placed on her home and Maryanne and her new husband Mario made plans to move into what was to be their new home at the Valencia. Maryanne had already had the Manor swept of its spirits by her physic friend Vivian but when the contractor took out a wall and found an unexpected guest, Maryanne had to call on her friend again.

Mysteerie Manor Ii

Vivian found more than expected when she returned to the Manor and with Mario informing her of the mysterious deaths that had been occurring around the area she had no choice but to give them her idea that they may be dealing with the "undead. It was called Salem's Lot. I read it at night, which was a mistake, and had trouble sleeping afterwards. I couldn't even leave a curtain open for fear that an unsuspecting predator would be looking in. That was years ago, but these two books bring some of those feelings back.

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Author Sharon Hays has succeeded in giving me the creeps, even while reading during the day. See all 10 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published on September 14, Published on September 7, Published on September 3, Published on April 3, Published on September 21, I Read this book in seven hours and couldn't stop!! Published on August 11, There's a problem loading this menu right now. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

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Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. View or edit your browsing history. Get to Know Us. English Choose a language for shopping. I felt it could have had a better transition. The other plot twist I am having an issue with is Steve becoming abusive to Joan, where in the world did that come from?

This was Sharon Hays first book and I think she did a good job for it being her first. The overall plot kept me interested.

Mystery Manor

I am definitely waiting for book two to come out. She hoped that was all, thinking that spiders and bugs of all sorts inhabited basements that were left for years.

Mysteerie Manor II: The House That Keeps on Giving by Sharon Hays

Heart racing, she quickly pulled herself up and clumsily made her way toward the door, where some early evening light still Mysteerie Manor — Review by Martha A. Heart racing, she quickly pulled herself up and clumsily made her way toward the door, where some early evening light still shown through. Stumbling over miscellaneous items, she tried hard not imagine what could be there. Dead animals had flashed through her mind.

Someone or something moved on the opposite side of the dark room as she made an effort to reach the exit. The light from the door helped to guide her out of the room. She was about to reach the door when it suddenly slammed shut, and then the room became pitch black. Maryanne reached out and pulled on the door, and to her surprise, it opened with not much effort. It must have been the wind, she continued to rationalize. Taking in a deep breath, she could feel her heart in her throat as she yanked on the door and made her way around it.

Maryanne crawled ineptly, halfway on her hands and knees up the stairs to the yard and kept on going, not looking back. She forced her way through the brushes and back to the sidewalk, wiping off cobwebs and the like from her clothes. With the death of the latest owner, the Manor has been put on the market with her best friend Joan Bishop being the agent with the listing. Maryanne has a degree in anthropology and history with her specialty being in the dealings of antiques so the Manor and its history are of great interest to her.

She is also tossing around the idea of possibly investing in this late Italian beauty. As with most houses of this age, it was rumored that the Valencia Manor was haunted. There were a few moans and groans that could be heard coming from the house but after all, it was an old house that still had some settling to do. Neither did her new love Mario. Even after he was tied and thrown over the railing did he believe it was anything other than a living, breathing human that had overpowered him.

He continued his belief until the disappearance of Maryanne. It was as if she had vanished into thin air. The police were starting to believe that she just might be dead. She know her friend was alive and with the help of Mario she would find her no matter what it took. Even if it meant calling in a Priest or even a medium.