Microsoft .NET Interview Questions, Answers, and Explanations

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The developer must implement all declared members. A class is a comprehensive data type that is the primary building block, or template, of OOP. An object, on the other hand, represents an instance of class. As a basic unit of a system, objects have identity and behavior as well as attributes.

NET interview, make sure candidates respond to the second part of this question, about how these terms are related to each other. The relationship is based on the fact that a class defines the states and properties that are common to a range of objects. A delegate is a type that encapsulates a reference to a method. Delegate objects can then be passed to code which calls the method according to the method signature, which means the developer doesn't have to know at compile time which method is being invoked. A delegate can contain references to a single method or multiple methods.

Stacks and queues are two examples of collections.

Hire the Best Developer with These 15 .NET Interview Questions

Hash tables, bags, dictionaries and lists also fall into this category. A stack keeps track of what is executing and contains stored value types to be accessed and processed as LIFO Last-In-First-Out , with elements inserted and deleted from the top end. A queue, on the other hand, lists items on a FIFO First-In-First-Out basis in terms of both insertion and deletion, with items inserted from the rear end and deleting items from the front end of the queue. NET provides a simple way to develop web services.

17 Essential .NET Interview Questions and Answers

NET framework provides built-in classes for building and consuming web services. NET framework has been based on web forms.

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Web Forms still allows developers to create quick and simple applications, and some legacy systems may still run as Web Forms. NET interview, a strong candidate should be able to highlight the advantages of the Model-View-Controller architectural pattern. NET provides a way for. You can also use Json. Code written in C or Visual Basic.

NET will, when compiled, run only in the CLR, which provides functionalities such as garbage collection and memory management.

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The advantage of this is that managed code is platform-independent — because it runs in the CLR rather than the operating system of the machine accessing the application. Managed and unmanaged code are interoperable. Examples of unmanaged code used in. This is a Microsoft programming model and methodology that offers developers a way to manipulate data using a succinct yet expressive syntax.

It does so by instilling Microsoft. NET-based programming languages with the ability to make formal queries. It is part of C and can be imported as a library in other languages. This is one of those. NET interview questions that can reveal how much candidates know about data types and OOP principles. The idea is relatively simple: Unboxing extracts this value and stores it in a value type. Boxing was essential in some old Collection types such as ArrayList, and can still be used for accurate conversion of types — for example, from a Double to an Int.

This one should be easy for. NET job candidates to answer, as long as they understand the basics. The interview question allows them some flexibility in choosing terms with which they are most familiar. Three frequently used acronyms in.

Other acronyms commonly used in. There you have it — our list of 15 essential. NET interview questions and possible answers to get you started. NET job candidates, please post them in the comments section. Are you hiring IT pros? Check out these 15 tech interview questions that every hiring manager should ask, and find out why you should ask them. Learn the secrets of how to recruit employees who are likely to fit and thrive at your firm, even when the hiring market is tight.

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