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Tae Jin took a step forward. For example, I can tell you many stories. They are not tasty like meat. Ojutai himself sent his own favored broodling to hunt down the man. He did not wish the man to leave his domain and serve another, greater dragonlord. You win a victory over Ojutai by keeping this man alive in your tribe when Ojutai wants him dead.

Atarka's cruel laughter washed over them like an icy bath. Tell a story while I feast. As the great dragon began ripping into the smaller dragon's cooling flesh, Tae Jin began to speak. A very, very long time ago, there ruled a king of great beneficence, greater than any other king in all the land. This king was a dragon of particular wisdom and strength. Once called the least of his siblings, Nicol had traveled the continent of his birth with his brother Ugin to discover the truth of the world.

But alas, the truth was harsh. The world was harsh. Violence and murder erupted even in the most orderly of humanoid realms, even when there was plenty of space for all where vegetation grew lushly and beasts roamed in abundance. Troubled and distraught by this revelation, the young dragon journeyed to the mountain of his birth with his brother. He wasn't sure what he sought but hoped to discover enlightenment. A far more terrible prospect greeted him when at last he reached the ancient peak.

The humans who lived below the bright radiance of the birth mountain had elevated a killer as their chief, and his heirs were also killers. Atarka raised her head, sinew and flesh dripping from her jaws, and fixed a hot, golden gaze upon Tae Jin. The air snapped with anticipation. He had her attention now, and that was not a good thing.

He rubbed at his eyes, shook his head as if to clear it, and muttered, "That isn't the story I meant to tell. Let me try again. With vile sorcery the chief and his heirs preyed upon dragons, caring nothing for the noble superiority of the magnificent ones. These feeble humans fed on the blood and bone of those greater than themselves, hoping to steal that strength. With spear and sorcery, the chief crushed his subjects under his heel. Those who pleased and flattered him prospered, and those who were caught whispering treason under their breath died. Those who could not fight labored hungrily in the fields to feed him.

The healthy and strong were given spears and whips with which to thrash the rebellious and the stranger into submission. As the years passed, the chief came to rule more people and extend his sway over more of the land. The greedy prospered, and the weak groaned under the burden of their endless toil.

But dragons do not suffer such indignities for long. Such an affront must be answered. When the young dragon arrived at the birth mountain and saw the injustice and abuse being meted out to the vulnerable, he knew he must act. It is true his brother was not as bold; he caviled; he hesitated. But to do nothing to avenge the death of one's kin is the same as killing them yourself. Outnumbered and unable to match the cruel sorcery of the humans, the young dragon outwitted the humans instead.

With matchless cunning, he set the heirs against each other so that they fought one against the next until all lost the war for succession. In the course of the war, his brother was swept away into nothingness by a blast of human sorcery, their own claw of revenge. But the dragon triumphed. Dragons always triumph for that is their nature, to rise above all. In place of the brutal chief, the young dragon was acclaimed as savior of the realm and offered the throne. Those who had once worshiped the drinker of dragon's blood now bowed before the dragon.

He ruled according to the precepts he had discussed at length with his brother, for they were ever eager to understand the world's scope and heart. He knew that he could best honor the memory of his beloved brother by acting as he would have done, as he would have urged his brother to do. So it was that he reigned justly and fairly, with order and peace, for many generations. Where is the blood and the shattered bone? Tae Jin pressed his hands together and tilted his head forward to show respect. His mouth shaped words but no sound came out.

Again, he pressed fingers to his eyes as if his vision was failing him. After a moment of struggle his lips opened as if of their own accord, and he went on. So it was that the young dragon who became known as the second sun. He reigned justly and fairly, with order and peace. The tale of the fall of the dragon killer's dishonorable rulership was handed down from elder to child, generation to generation, and celebrated with a yearly festival over which the benevolent dragon king presided.

But envy breeds dragons, and thus dragons multiplied in the lands beyond the harmonious kingdom. The king was but one dragon, his kingdom modest. He held his border strong and safe for his subjects for as long as he could. One day, a rampage of dragons raided through the peaceful settlements along the river that separated the harmonious kingdom from the plains territories and badlands where Palladia-Mors had long hunted.

At once, he hurried to meet this threat, flying over a line of burned villages and frantic refugees fleeing the carnage. He found seven large, loud dragons munching noisily through a stockyard of terrified, stampeding beasts. The marauders merely glanced at him circling above before going back to their feast.

Such insolence would be rewarded as it deserved! He blasted flame in a ring around them, not to trap them—since they could easily fly out—but to get their attention. Now we will drive you off and take your rich lands and docile meat for ourselves. Like their progenitors, they were belligerent and small-minded. Yet even a dragon as magnificent as himself could not defeat them alone. But he was not alone. He had subjects who sang his praises with poems that asked for no higher honor than a chance to prove themselves worthy of his regal generosity and noble perspicacity.

He had armies of eager warriors and an academy packed with clever sorcerers he had taught, all seeking to challenge their skills against the mightiest of foes. He possessed the weapons of the long-dead dragon killers. An irritating flash of thought crackled in his mind with the timbre of Ugin's voice scolding him: If it is wrong to kill dragons when the humanoids do it, then it is wrong for us to kill our kinfolk. Or did Merrevia Sal die for nothing, Nicol? Was it never about her at all but only about the humiliation you felt at not saving her? Their sister's death and the vengeance he'd taken had been different, not that Ugin had the wit or discernment to acknowledge this truth.

And anyway, Ugin was wrong. Vaevictis was a bully, and his descendants were bullies who would rip apart the harmonious kingdom for the sport of it. Even Ugin would have had to acknowledge they were useless marauders. Furthermore, Ugin wasn't here. It was time to put his powerful weapons to use. With plangent bells and bellowing horn calls the army assembled, hauling ballistae and their venom-laced bolts.

Sorcerers draped in gold and black robes strode in disciplined columns, singing as they marched. At the river's edge they met the seven young dragons, and the proud armies poured venom and sorcery onto the enemy in a relentless hail. How intoxicating it was to see the venom-laced bolts fly true, piercing scaled underbellies softened by cunning sorcery! Viscera spilled onto the ground, burning those caught beneath. The gloating shouts of the victors blended with the agonized screams of the dying dragons. How satisfying it was to watch the loud-mouthed braggarts tumble to earth on paralyzed wings, breathing their last as their hearts and lungs failed and their eyes dimmed.

Triumph was sweet, and sweeter still because he had dared attack dragons, the most dangerous and mighty of all creatures. But one of the dragons survived, flying away at a speed the young dragon king could not match since he was not yet full grown. At last he could avenge the insult. Emboldened, the great army rumbled into motion, marching, riding, rolling beyond the stoutly guarded border. They pursued the trail of the dragon across the great plains where Palladia-Mors had once hunted, taking supplies from towns and villages they passed. The land grew drier, and soon they reached what appeared from the distance as a wall but which was a stark barrier of rugged hills, twisted gullies, and spectacular pinnacles.

Beyond, to the north, rose the grand mountain range where Vaevictis and his brothers laired. Some among the troops grumbled, for supplies were growing scarce and water scarcer. After the young king ate the dissenters—cowards invariably taste sour—the rest dauntlessly marched north over the flat prairie with the badlands at their back.

The sun was rising when he spotted four dragons flying toward them. Seen from a distance they did not appear particularly formidable, but as they came closer, their massive size and fierce demeanor became evident. The three brothers, Lividus, Ravus, and Rubra, bellowed insults as they approached, calling him "runt" and "least born. The largest was Vaevictis himself, flying out in front because of his superior strength.

In his foreclaws he held the limp body of the dragon that had fled the lost battle. With a roar that shook the ground, Vaevictis flew right over the army and released the dragon. The body plummeted to earth as soldiers shoved and shouted, trying to get out of the way. The corpse hit hard, instantly crushing an entire company of slingers.

Blood soaked the dusty ground, and fires broke out where the final sparks of the dragon's breath kindled in dry grass. The injured screamed, clutching at bones broken through skin, while healers tried to haul comrades out from beneath the dead weight of the dragon. With a laugh, Vaevictis cried, "Run, little Nicol. Run, and I'll spare you. Earlier in his life, anger might have gotten the better of the young dragon king as he writhed and fumed over such mockery. He assuaged his anger by decapitating several of the generals.

But his underlings' shortcomings weren't the important thing now. The days of letting Vaevictis bully him were over. He whipped the panicked army into new ranks, promoting officers who hadn't lost their heads. Vaevictis's rash challenge offered him an unexpected advantage. Vaevictis might be big and mean, but he wasn't as smart as he thought he was. The young dragon king ordered the ballistae to draw up, using the long stretch of the dead dragon's broken neck and twisted tail as a fortification. As Vaevictis circled back to join up with his approaching brothers, the artillery began to launch their venom-tipped bolts.

They were skilled; they had to be, since those who did not make muster were demoted to slavery. So their bolts struck true, time and again. Rubra took a bolt to the eye. Though the shot did not kill him outright, the numbing venom seeped into his brain. He struggled away toward the barrier wall, perhaps hoping to take refuge on one of the pinnacles, but lost consciousness and fell to earth just beyond the baggage train.

The rear guard raced with swords and spears to wreak havoc upon his sluggish body, shouting and dancing with glee. The young dragon king was too busy dodging the fire-breath of his cousins to reprimand his soldiers when they triumphantly bathed themselves in the dead behemoth's hot blood. The rest of the army was not faring so well.

Vaevictis himself took five direct hits, but iron could not pierce his thick hide. He roared fire across the artillery lines, sending ballistae up in gouts of flame. Lividus and Ravus swooped down to snap up soldiers and fling them through the air to their deaths. Mounts panicked, throwing their riders as they fled.

The wagons in the baggage train began to burn together with the hapless drivers and grooms.

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Smoke billowed upward, throwing ashy patches across the ground. With much of the army dead or in shambles, the threat wasn't an empty one. Brute strength would not serve him now; only his superior wits could save the day. The young king had long since gained control of his sorcerers through his supple mind touch.

At his command, they wove a great spell of concealment, blanketing the battlefield in a sooty haze. Under its cover, he slipped away with the remnants of the army toward the rugged hills and twisted gullies. Two ballistae had survived, hauled by soldiers given strength by desperation. The rear guard, still damp with blood, fell in; they had survived because, their captain called up to him, the holy dragon's blood protected them from dragon's fire.

A point to consider, once he could catch his breath. He drove his exhausted, stumbling army like a wounded leviathan into a deep gully hemmed in by cliffs on either side. Sometimes you had to delay punishing an offender in order to move fast to save yourself. Beyond a sharp curve in the canyon he allowed them to halt. Perhaps a third of his army had stayed with him, along with seven bolts for the two ballistae.

Though the bolts had pierced the scales of the lesser dragons, these elder dragons were tougher. But the eye was vulnerable. And he had his sorcerers as well, of whom one squadron remained. At odd moments, when he visited the birth mountain or when he was flying above water, he thought of Ugin. In his hearts, he felt obliged to believe an invisible wind roused by sorcery had ripped Ugin away, because if it hadn't been sorcery, then Ugin was nothing more than a coward who had abandoned his brother just when Nicol needed him most.

He could not bear to believe Ugin was so weak and dishonorable. For generations he had toiled in concert with his academy of sorcerers to recover or devise a magic that could replicate Ugin's disappearance. No one had managed it yet, but the sorcerers were able to disintegrate large rocks. They had a chance, if everyone managed their task at the right moment. A bellow echoed down the canyon walls. The heavy thuds of a massive body approaching shook the ground. The ballistae released with a thud, sending bolts straight into the huge dragon.

The first glanced harmlessly off his shoulder while the second caught between scales in his foreleg and dangled there until he shook it off. And laughed, looking up. A shadow darkened the canyon as Ravus dropped down from the sky. Working in concert, the sorcerers flung the disintegration spell at the dragon overhead. It hit like an invisible wave pouring through him. Ravus splintered like rock heated until it explodes.

Scales hailed down in deadly discs upon his troops. Half the sorcerers were killed outright, punctured by sharp bone fragments or smashed by slabs of raining flesh. The force of his blast sent the bolts skittering against the canyon walls, leaving the young king vulnerable with the charred ballistae, the last sorcerers, and the blood-soaked rearguard as his sole companions.

The touch did not work on dragons. So Nicol had believed at the time. But maybe it just hadn't worked on Ugin. Staring up at Lividus, he knew he had one bolt left to shoot, a rash and dangerous chance to take. He sunk a shadow claw of doubt into the other dragon's hearts, seeking to excavate his grievances.

He knew the risk, and exposed you and Ravus instead of himself. Doesn't he always do that? The big dragon's hesitation, a shiver of suppressed resentment, spurred him on. Don't you tire of his rule? His hectoring, domineering ways? It's his fault Ravus and Rubra are dead. Didn't the three of you conspire once to supplant him, but he beat you into submission? Now what will you do when he has only you to bully?

He's always been afraid of you, since you're the only one as big as he is. That's why he keeps you down. I can help, but we have to work together. He pressed the venom-tipped spear of his sharp mind deep into Lividus's simmering rancor. It was so easy, after all, just as easy as it had always been with humanoids. His cousin was strong in body but weak in mind.

If you attack him, I'll whip my sorcerers after him. We'll be rid of him forever more. Lividus rose to meet him with a roar. Of course, Vaevictis did not suspect an attack, so the first swipe took him off guard, drawing blood from his right shoulder. His rage exploded as he swatted back, a blow that would have sent the young king tumbling tail over horns.

But Lividus was as big as Vaevictis. While the blow staggered him, he recovered quickly, and with a blast of fire and the hammer of his tail, struck back. Again, they threw the disintegrating spell against the great dragons, but either because it had to spread between two giant bodies or because six was too few working in concert, the magic did nothing but stagger the dragons momentarily. Yet each howled in pain and anger, thinking the other had hit first. Their battle renewed with a ferocity whose impact and clamor thundered through the rugged hills and echoed down the deep canyons.

But the winner would still be bigger than he was. The young king retreated. The blood-soaked rearguard, of course, had to all be killed lest they pass on the knowledge of how the blood of an elder dragon protected weak humanoid flesh. The sorcerers he allowed to live for long enough to create a smoky mist of concealment that would carry him some ways onto the plains, but he killed them after so there would be no one to talk of how there were bigger, stronger dragons in the world whom his subjects might choose to worship instead of him. As he flew away in haste, he contemplated what he had learned.

Greed and envy are goads that never cease clawing at even the dullest of hearts. Dragons will succumb as easily as others, if you can just find the kernel to ignite them. Vaevictis would come after him, he was sure of it. So he had to find a way to keep his cousin busy. Instead of returning to his harmonious kingdom, he traveled up into the craggy mountains, seeking out the descendants of Lividus, Ravus, and Rudra. What terrible news he had to bring them! Vaevictis had turned on his own brothers. Most likely the big dragon meant to eradicate his brothers' descendants as well so no trace of perfidy could possibly survive.

The ease with which the gullible could be turned to his purpose was surprisingly pleasurable. Returning to his kingdom seemed unadventurous and bland. Instead he journeyed on to a new lair of dragons, a new territory to enflame. He sought out Palladia-Mors. She remembered him with a dismissive clout to his head, but she listened avidly to his tale of how vulnerable Vaevictis now was. It gave me moments were I found myself jumping round like a child who actually did get a pony for christmas, moments when I bawled like a baby and finally, moments when I was yelling my head off, threatening to never read another page and swearing like a banshee.

This series needs to form part of everyone's life - it is so unpredictable and e My favourite book of the series so far! This series needs to form part of everyone's life - it is so unpredictable and engrossing that it has to be up there with the greats. Feb 20, Amy shoutame rated it it was amazing Shelves: I have slowly been making my way through the Song of Ice and Fire series and this has been my favourite of what I have read so far.

All of my favourites characters I have slowly been making my way through the Song of Ice and Fire series and this has been my favourite of what I have read so far. All of my favourites characters were doing awesome things in this book and I simply loved it! Apr 18, Kirstine rated it it was amazing Shelves: Allow me to finally applaud you, George R. Martin without apprehension or dissatisfaction, without a hint of weariness or disappointment.

Allow me to finally pass beyond the " I want to love it, but I don't " into " I was swept away by fire and ice and I ascend now as a different woman ". My favourite things about this book: I have absolutely no clue why I have found the past three books so tedious to get through while this one passed by as easy as breathing. That most of the current plot lines culminated, crashed and made way for new ones was definitely a major influence. A Game of Thrones would have been brilliant if I hadn't watched the show first, but it suffered a bit from too many character introductions and too little happening.

A Clash of Kings was chaos and confusion and a shitload of pain. A Storm of Swords pt. This , however, this is the book I've been waiting for. This is the reason I persisted and struggled through the others. This is where I finally come face to face with the greatness that you've all been babbling about, but that I had yet to see. This is in many ways the conclusion to the events that followed the execution of Ned Stark, which makes it a more pleasant read, because instead of throwing us more plotlines again and again and again, it actually explains some of it.

It doesn't whirl the characters about, and throws them into rocks with sand in their eyes, it manages to ground them a bit instead. When I say "pleasant" I, of course, don't mean to imply it will not cause you emotional pain and take a few stabs at your soul. Still, those who have to die, die and there aren't exactly few , those who don't, grieve and survive. And through it they all seem to find their feet a little better in this new world, even with the scales shifting and the balance thrown. They've gone from being lost creatures to having some resemblance of purpose - and just like the characters, the story has also grown and matured.

I still don't give much of a damn about Dany - and a few of the other characters, shh -, she's a great character and all, but until I am told what purpose she serves for the story, I'm gonna continue not giving a damn. I can't help it, she's over there, everyone else is over here and I won't care until her dragons are huge and can carry her across the sea.

Let's see if this experience will repeat itself with the next books or if I have to wait three books again. Oh well, if I have to, I will. View all 13 comments.

New info on Fire and Blood, George RR Martin's book of Targaryen history

I think part 2 is a lot better than part 1. I absolutely love this book. There is an enormous twist in this book. This book is one of my favourite. Long yes, but for those of you who have watched or heard about the series this book describes the events we have watched both in season 3 and 4! Well I can't say anymore without spoiling something.. But the epilogue left me speechless! I couldn't find the full edition of the 3rd book so I bought part 1 and part 2. Due to their length it felt like reading 2 books so it was pretty obvious to me that the first part abt pages was not so action-packed as I expected, so I gave it 4 stars.

But boy, the second part was like 10 stars! Like I said there are a lot of weddings described in this book and I personally hate weddings but these were really something! Master Martin makes sure you will cry, laugh, even bite your nails while reading this book. I think I have said that before, but I really love the fact that each chapter is told through a different character each time so we get a deeper insight into our beloved heroes while viewing the events from their perspective!

Jaime appears to be a major character now, there's a lot being narrated from his point of view, but if I am not mistaken this is Arya's book! Her journey becomes even more treacherous and difficult and strangely enough it seems that most of the events revolve around her. I best liked Tyrion, Bran and Jaime-Brienne chapters! I really don't know what else to say!!! I can't wait to get my hands on the next book! Jun 24, Zoe Targaryen rated it really liked it. Nothing is predictable, no main character is safe. Winter is coming for everyone. View all 3 comments. Dieser Teil hat mir bisher bei weitem am besten gefallen!

Es ist so unfassbar viel passiert und ich bin aus dem Staunen gar nicht rausgekommen. May 26, Lisa rated it it was amazing Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Possibly the most devastating, awesome, exciting and surprising instalment yet, and I'm starting to get a sneaking suspicion that the real story is only just starting If you'd told me during the first book that by this point I would be pinning all of my hopes on The Hound and Jaime freaking Lannister, of all people, I'd have thought you were certifiable.

But that would appear to be where we are at the moment, with Jaime in particular evolving into being one of the more interesting characters. C Possibly the most devastating, awesome, exciting and surprising instalment yet, and I'm starting to get a sneaking suspicion that the real story is only just starting Containing a ton of gruesome deaths it's now quite clear that absolutely no character is safe in this story, and I'm really enjoying being taken along on the remaining characters stories.

I can only begin to imagine what may happen now with Arya possibly on her way to a reunion with Jaqen, Jon commanding the Wall and Tyrion having, awesomely, killed Tywin Lannister. Can't wait to find out Nefret edin veya sevin. Even though I knew what was going to happen, I was SO not prepared for any of this.

Game of Thrones: Good news for Song of Ice and Fire fans - NEW BOOK cover revealed

This installment is by far my favourite so far! View all 8 comments. If they are never certain who you are or what you want, they cannot know what you are like to do next. It made me wince in pain when a few of my favourite characters were murdered. It made me dizzy with joy when my most despised and hated character was murdered. And it made me feel all the little things in between during the whole span of A Storm of Swords. Blood and Gold surprised me. I never expected people to die in the manner they did.

I love the fact that even though so many people die it still hurts. Martin makes me feel too many feels while reading. One moment I think the characters are safe and the tone is light and happy, and the next moment: All men must die. One thing that I absolutely loved about this book was the character development!

I learned a lot about the characters' backstories, intentions and true feelings. I started liking Jaime more and more as I continued reading. And Sandor Clegane as well. The reader is shown the intricate and delicate ways people can play the Game of Thrones. In A Storm of Swords I got a better insight on the way people try to manipulate and control each other to win the Game of Thrones. King's Landing, in short. If you have a good nose you can smell the treachery too. A Game of Thrones: A Clash of Kings: A Feast for Crows: This book is phenomenal. Full of stabbing, gutting, betrayal and a lot.

There is bloody battle everywhere. What would happen if there is a war? Now I know why George R. R Martin is well known for the characters death. I was disappointed with its first part, but man this book surpassed all my expectations and raised my hope for the next book, the size of the wall. Every page will suck you right into it. The secrets revealed, the broken trust and backstabbing, you will feel everything in your gut.

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When you thought that something bad is going to happen, the worst will happen. There was not a single soul in this book considered to be happy. They were tested, tortured and were broken brutally. But still, they stood. I will not entrust myself to live in the Westeros. This is what I want from a book.

Everything was planned brilliantly, we should definitely appreciate the mastermind behind the masterpiece. I want one thing. Just a single damn thing. Is it so wrong to ask? I just want the reunion of Starks. But I know how honorable he was as his father. He is naturally a King. And I really want to admit this: I see Ned through him. I always get irritated at her from the start. But this book made me pity her. I feel so sorry for her. I hope she will do something at least for her family name.

Not so much happened with him. He is a poor child, but trying to be brave for the prince sake. He is trying so hard. I was disappointed with him. Because he had Ygritte. I thought at least he has the honor when he said his vows. I can understand why he did that. It has to be done. What if he was a bastard? Was every bastard treacherous? She was captured by someone every single time. Fear cuts deeper than the sword. And I love every time when she said names before sleeping. My hatred feelings towards him completely took a degree turn. He hated the wench and yet respected her courage and stood with her.

I was amused by his wits. How he hate her sweet sister! For that alone, I love him more. Everyone thinks so low of him. I wonder what he would do if he came face to face with the one who framed him. Last but not least. She is fierce but easily broken.

A Storm of Swords: Blood and Gold

She was gathering her own bloody army with her three dragons. It would be stunning. I was scoffing when some people believed that a single dragon could win the bloody war. Dude, wait and watch. She will win the throne. At this rate I might even be caught up before George releases the next book! Jun 06, Eslem Ouederni rated it it was amazing.

Review to be updated. Thousands of stars for this book I can say that A Storm of Swords is the best book in the series so far! I loved the second part way more because of the things that happened in it, a lot of deaths and actions that I can't lie but love and get angry.

What happened in this book is actually two seasons from the TV show. This was a brilliant read, I'm so happy about this book like ; I get so happy when I read a masterpiece just like this one. I can't wait to finish the books Review to be updated. Even if you watched the TV show just like me, you should give it a try. Sep 23, Veronica Morfi rated it it was amazing. Granted it's the second part of book 3 so it was expected to have more action and shocking moments than the first part.

So many deaths, so many twists and turns, so many freaky and unexpected things. I've also watched the third season along side reading this. This one moves the story even further ahead, I am guessing midway through the 4th season for some characters. I really want to see what will happen next, but I don't know when I'll Rating: I really want to see what will happen next, but I don't know when I'll pick up the next. It takes forever to read this series. Martin was born September 20, , in Bayonne, New Jersey.

He began writing very young, selling monster stories to other neighborhood children for pennies, George R.