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To keep from departing or getting away: Hold the dog until I find the leash. To keep in custody: To retain one's attention or interest: Televised sports can't hold my interest. To avoid letting out or expelling: The swimmer held her breath while underwater. To be filled by; contain: This drawer holds socks. To be capable of holding: See Synonyms at contain. To have as a chief characteristic or quality: The film holds many surprises. To have in store: Let's see what the future holds.

To have and maintain in one's possession: To have as a responsible position or a privilege: To have in recognition of achievement or superiority: To maintain control over: Thieves held the stolen painting for ransom. To maintain occupation of by force or coercion: Protesters held the embassy for a week. To withstand the efforts or advance of an opposing team, for example.

To maintain in a given condition, situation, or action: The storyteller held the crowd spellbound. To impose control or restraint on; curb: She held her temper. To stop the movement or progress of: To reserve or keep back from use: Please hold two tickets for us. Hold the relish on that hamburger.

Keep Holding On

To defer the immediate handling of: The receptionist held all calls during the meeting. To be in possession of, whether legally entitled or not: To adjudge or decree: The court held that the defendant was at fault. To make accountable; obligate: He held me to my promise. To keep in the mind or convey as a judgment, conviction, or point of view: To assert or affirm, especially formally: This doctrine holds that people are inherently good.

To regard in a certain way: I hold you in high esteem. To cause to take place; carry on: To assemble for and conduct the activity of; convene: To carry or support the body or a bodily part in a certain position: Can the baby hold herself up yet? Hold up your leg. To cover the ears or the nose, for example especially for protection: To maintain a grasp or grip on something.

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To stay securely fastened: To maintain a desired or accustomed position or condition: To withstand stress, pressure, or opposition: We held firm on the negotiations. To continue in the same direction: The ship held to an easterly course. To be valid, applicable, or true: The observation still holds in cases like this.

Slang To have in one's possession illicit or illegally obtained material or goods, especially narcotics: The suspect was holding. The act or a means of grasping. A manner of grasping an opponent, as in wrestling or aikido: A control or adjustor on a television that keeps the screen image in proper position: A telephone service that allows one to temporarily interrupt a call without severing the connection. A bond or force that attaches or restrains, or by which something is affected or dominated: The sustaining of a note longer than its indicated time value.

A direction or indication that something is to be reserved or deferred. To retain in one's possession or control: Tell us what happened.

Holding On - definition of Holding On by The Free Dictionary

Please hold the noise down. To fulfill the duties of a job: To keep at a distance; resist: To stop or delay doing something: Let's hold off until we have more data. To maintain one's grip; cling. To endure or continue to do something despite difficulty: They held on until fresh supplies arrived. To present or offer: She held out the possibility that she might run for office. To continue to be in supply or service; last: How long can our food hold out?

To continue to resist: The defending garrison held out for a month. To refuse to reach an agreement or insist on certain demands: The union held out for a better raise. To prolong the engagement of: The film was held over for weeks. She held to her resolutions.

To offer or present as an example: To continue to function without losing force or effectiveness; cope: I don't hold with your theories. To come into possession of; find: Where can I get hold of a copy? To communicate with, as by telephone: To gain control of. You must get hold of yourself! This film doesn't hold a candle to his previous ones.

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Don't hold out on me; start telling the truth. To be left with empty hands. To be forced to assume total responsibility when it ought to have been shared. To assume responsibility, especially in another's absence. Often used in the imperative: Let's end this argument. Your explanation doesn't hold water.

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Into a state of temporary interruption without severing a telephone connection: Informal Into a state of delay or indeterminate suspension: The lower interior part of a ship or airplane where cargo is stored. I hold him very dear. Classical Music sometimes foll by on music to sustain the sound of a note throughout its specified duration: Computer Science tr computing to retain data in a storage device after copying onto another storage device or onto another location in the same device.

Wrestling wrestling a way of seizing one's opponent: Nautical Terms the space in a ship or aircraft for storing cargo. The preacher held them spellbound. The police held her for questioning. Fear held me from acting. This bottle holds a quart. We will hold you to your word. Enemy forces held the hill. He held a gun on the prisoner. Proving popular with both critics and viewers alike, the series won a Royal Television Society award for Best Drama Serial in The series boasted a stellar cast, including David Morrissey , Lesley Manville and Ellen Thomas , as well as Ace Bhatti and Diane Parish , who were both relatively unknown at the time of the series' broadcast.

The series was billed as Marchant's "first significant project for television", [3] and its main themes as "exploring in complex detail the personal responsibility [of every individual], and how it becomes threatened in a society which has been told by Margaret Thatcher [that] it no longer exists. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved from " https: Use dmy dates from November Pages using infobox television with editor parameter TV.

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A bulimic restaurant critic struggles with her job, Marcus sets up Massive FM, and a young woman is murdered in a telephone kiosk. The telephone kiosk murder has far-reaching effects on the lives of others, while it seems tax investigator Shaun may have something to hide.