Bedtime for Bonsai

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  2. Bedtime for Bonsai
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Bedtime for Bonsai — All About Romance

The reason I rated the book as just "OK" has solely to do with personal preference and quir Bedtime for Bonsai was well written and well edited with a reasonably plausible story line. The reason I rated the book as just "OK" has solely to do with personal preference and quirks I did not like the heroine The story opens with the heroine Penelope trying to rekindle a romance with her ex. THIS is the man who's bushes she is skulking around in because she wants him back. Only 4 words come to mind However before Penelope can once again land the catch that is Glenn, she is distracted by the new guy in town.

Dylan Mersey, pottery artist and ex.

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At first Penelope isn't sure about Dylan because of his sordid past and the fact that they obviously don't run in the same social circles Dylan is a really decent guy which sadly in the land of romance fiction He's sweet, although harboring some self esteem issues. He had a tough childhood and he did get involved with fencing stolen merchandise; but really he went to jail taking the rap to save his flighty, flower child, head in the clouds mom from drug charges. Penelope and Dylan are brought together by the plot device which is Penelope's new puppy named Mr.

Darcy or Bonsai depending upon who you talk to.

Bedtime for Bonsai

As a head over heels dog lover, I should have appreciated this little tidbit She was an irresponsible dog owner with no clue about training and I wouldn't trust her with my pet hamster. There is obviously a HEA; and in all fairness Pen does show some emotional growth by the story's end. Sep 26, Jane Stewart rated it liked it Shelves: Nice, pleasant story about a woman lonely for love and an ex-con wanting a fresh start.

Her puppy keeps bringing them together. Penelope is divorced and has a store selling expensive pens. He married someone else and got divorced again. Penelope asks Glenn if they can start seeing each other. Meanwhile Dylan has just moved to town. Penelope and Dylan are drawn to each other, b Nice, pleasant story about a woman lonely for love and an ex-con wanting a fresh start. Penelope and Dylan are drawn to each other, but Dylan is resisting the attraction.

Pinky claims Dylan owes him a favor and wants Dylan to hold and deliver some stolen property.

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He wanted a fresh start in life, and this could send him back to jail. When I finished the book I thought that was nice, it was pleasant. Think of it as a typical contemporary romance novel. At the end of the book, we learn something unexpected about what Pinky was doing with Dylan. Pinky was keeping a secret which could have put Dylan in jail again. The secret was not necessary. Pinky and Dylan could have done something needed without the risk of jail. I think the author was trying to create interesting conflict, but I wish she would have used something different. Number of sex scenes: Total number of sex scene pages: Feb 28, mandyfujita rated it really liked it.

When I started reading this book, the characters sounded familiar. It was a continuation of one of the earlier books by Elaine Fox called, "Guys and Dogs". It was how Penelope Porter met Dylan. He was a recipient of a grant from the Sutter Foley Foundation. It allowed an ex-convict to start his own business in the small town.

I actually liked this book more because it was a complex issue of someone in the upper middle class falling for someone from the wrong side of the tracks. The story had a When I started reading this book, the characters sounded familiar. The story had a lot of moral issues that people have to deal with. Who can resist reading about an adorable puppy, Mr. Darcy or aka Bonsai was a big part of the story. Easy read and also Penelope's three best friends which she met at the dark part are also a large part of the story, Lily, Megan and Georgia.

Aug 19, Just - The romance reader rated it really liked it Shelves: I'm a sucker for a good romance that involves a dog, so this book was right up my alley. Darcy depending on which character is referring to him is all throughout this story. Penelope is the sweet, somewhat innocent girl done wrong.

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She's recently divorced and desperate for a baby, but with no way to get one she goes for the next best thing, a cute little dog. Darcy, or as Dylan calls him, Bonsai. He's the mysterious new guy in town. He uninten I'm a sucker for a good romance that involves a dog, so this book was right up my alley. He unintentionally terrifies Penelope at first, but Bonsai can't seem to stay away from him. Pretty soon he can't stay away from Penelope and she can't stay away from him either. Jan 19, Carrie rated it really liked it Shelves: Fox did a wonderful job with the character of Dylan, making his emotions very real as he tried to come to grips with his past life intruding on his future.

Penelope was never my favorite character in this series of books because I always thought she was somewhat shallow, uptight, and status conscious. But through the course of this book Penelope grew and developed and I enjoyed the chang I've enjoyed all of the books I've read by Elaine Fox, and Bedtime for Bonsai was no exception. My husband said it really gave him the creeps.

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At the same time, a new man appears on the scene. Dylan Mersey is opening a pottery store across the street. Their relationship gets off to a rocky start when he locks himself out at night. He approaches Penelope, hoping to use her phone, and she gets scared and calls the police. In fact, he is starting the store because he received a grant specifically geared toward ex-cons. Dylan and Penelope keep crossing paths, mostly because of her determined, match-making Havanese puppy whom she has named Mr. Early in the game, Penelope and Dylan share a kiss — and then share much more than that.

But there are significant obstacles to their relationship. They are from completely different worlds.

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  • While the chemistry between them may be heating up, neither has any illusions about the other: But the heart does not always play fair, and as much as Penelope convinces herself that Dylan is not her type, nothing can shake the vision of him playing with her good friend Megan's daughter. This is a man she could love. Together they stake out the dog, discovering that not only has he found a path between their two shops but he's forged an unbreakable connection between them.

    Hello Dylan, Penelope, Bonsai