Warehouse Management System Functional Requirements

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  1. WMS Consulting: Which Scope of Services Does WMS Consulting Offer? | warehouse logistics
  2. 1. Map out problems you want a new WMS to solve
  3. The 5 Phases of a Warehouse Management System Implementation

Stay ahead of the latest Supply Chain News and Trends. The second phase of the project includes setting up a virtualized environment for cloud deployments or installation of the software on your hardware for on-premise deployments. Major Steps in Phase 2. Procure hardware with approved purchase order.

The third phase includes testing the solution requirements against the system functionality to ensure the WMS will run correctly in your environment. This phase includes lots and lots of testing.

Warehouse Management System

The team will test to make sure location workflows are optimal, Business Rules are correctly configured, processes from receipt to shipping are operating efficiently, and EDI and other system integrations are exchanging data properly. Major Steps in Phase 3.

WMS Consulting: Which Scope of Services Does WMS Consulting Offer? | warehouse logistics

Implement, test implementation of the WMS in the hosted or on-premise environment. Setup and configure the system to best meet requirements and goals — simultaneously providing key user training. The fourth phase includes system training for everyone in the organization from associates and managers in the warehouse to executives in the boardroom. Administrative personnel or the IT department will also receive training on how to setup users and roles, maintain system Business Rules, configure solution dashboards, edit existing or create new reports, and restart the system.

Major Steps in Phase 4. Provide end-user training, including for the Web-based and Mobile components. Assist in facility preparation, e. The result of the questionnaire is a level of detail that defines the individual requirements of the user as well as the functional ability of the WMS solution. The questionnaire is divided into functional areas that correspond to the functional structure of a WMS.

1. Map out problems you want a new WMS to solve

The structure is orientated on the standard VDI Since September , the final version of the standard VDI is available in the Beuth publishing house. The present standard describes task and performance areas that define an IT system as a warehouse management system WMS. The questionnaire also captures other information about the developments, trends, and evaluations of each company in the WMS market.

The questionnaire is modified or expanded each year to accommodate the latest requirements and developments. Project experience and the feedback from the users of the database WMS vendors, WMS users, and consulting companies are used to make these changes. Pursuing new paths in logistics means to define goals and to find the most suitable solution.

The 5 Phases of a Warehouse Management System Implementation

The interdisciplinary Team warehouse logistics — comprising engineers, computer scientists and logisticians — will help you find a suitable Warehouse Management System WMS in a constructive and efficient manner. The specific market know-how on the one hand and the manufacturer-independence and objectivity of Fraunhofer IML on the other hand, enables a requirement fitting, customized consultancy in search of a suitable WMS-vendor. Your profit is a constantly up-to-date market overview and a maximized decision-making reliability.

When implementing a WMS, Team warehouse logistics provides support within the WMS Consulting from process analysis through defining requirements up to tendering and realization of the custom-fit WMS for your field of application.

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The scope of services offered can extend over all project phases or contain only individual phases or steps. The first step of our WMS Consulting involves capturing your processes, Key Performance Indicators, configurations, existing WMS functionality, interfaces, and planning-related restrictions and specifications within the scope of a warehouse inspection. The existing processes are considered along the material flow, beginning with incoming orders through goods receipt up to goods issue, and aligned to future developments.

By asking targeted questions, Team warehouse logistics ensures an efficient recording of all WMS-relevant aspects. The requirements for future WMS are concretised in technical discussions with employees from different specific fields, to bring them together in formal requirement specifications later on. Identified weaknesses and potentials are prepared and documented in a catalogue of weaknesses.