The Ruby Slippers

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  1. FBI finds stolen ruby slippers from Wizard of Oz after 13 years
  2. Stolen From Minnesota Museum, Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers Recovered in Sting Op
  3. No one's quite sure how many pairs were made
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  5. Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers

Given her recent successful foray into the acting business, it's probably not too surprising that pop singer-turned-thespian Lady Gaga has an affinity for the more precious things from Tinseltown.

FBI finds stolen ruby slippers from Wizard of Oz after 13 years

In , for her 25th birthday, the starlet was gifted a pair of Dorothy's iconic red slippers. She reportedly cherished the present more than most, and not just because of their value to the industry.

Ruby Slippers

She revealed that she'd been bullied in high school by a girl who won the role of Dorothy in the school play above her. In , a thief made off with one of the pairs of Wizard of Oz slippers that were housed in a Minnesota museum, on loan from a collector named Michael Shaw.

Stolen From Minnesota Museum, Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers Recovered in Sting Op

Some speculated that the thief may have thrown the shoes into a local river after the theft out of fear of the consequences of being caught because, after 10 years, they were still never recovered. Shaw said of the theft, "It's the worst nightmare for me. The theft is not only a crime against me, but against children. Those shoes have been used to raise money for AIDS, for helping get kids off the street, reading programs, and for children with Down's syndrome and autism.

No one's quite sure how many pairs were made

Given the breadth of ruby slipper existence in the Merry Old Land of Oz, there is a chance the pair of ruby slippers that are currently the source of such public interest and patronage at their Smithsonian display might not be the real deal slippers worn by Garland on the set of the movie. As detailed by The New York Times , the Smithsonian's pair have two inscriptions which read " 1 Judy Garland" and " 6 Judy Garland" in them, indicating that they were mismatched widths to fit her size five feet. It's probably not too surprising that some of the most rabid collectors of Hollywood's royal memorabilia like this are actors themselves.

Not only did Reynolds purchased the Arabian-style pair , among other MGM classics gear, but in , Leonardo DiCaprio teamed with director Steven Spielberg and other members of Hollywood's elite to purchase another pair which were also originally in Warner's possession for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' collection.

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The next steps for the recovered pair are unknown as of September , but museum staff members are thrilled that the missing shoes have been found. The Ruby Slippers Bright red is how we remember them, but Dorothy's famous shoes were originally silver.

They were originally supposed to be silver

The Secret Behind the Sparkle Take a look behind the scenes to see how the Smithsonian keeps the ruby slippers sparkling in the spotlight. Inside the Conservation Lab: How can we keep them on display for 20 more years?

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Recovered Ruby Slippers visit museum for examination by conservators, curators. You helped us reach our goal to conserve and display the Ruby Slippers!

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The conservator who is saving the Ruby Slippers' sparkle October 19, There was more than one pair of Ruby Slippers in Dorothy's closet? Sign up for the museum's monthly newsletter to learn more about beloved objects such as Dorothy's Ruby Slippers. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Was this article valuable?

Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers

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