The Person and Work of The Holy Spirit

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  1. The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit
  2. The Person and Work of The Holy Spirit
  3. The Person and Work of The Holy Spirit by R. A. Torrey
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By Exalting Him as Saviour. When Jesus said that the Holy Spirit would glorify him, it is evident that he meant the exaltation of the work of salvation which Jesus accomplished for all of humanity and for the kingdom of God the Father. In his great love for us, God has prepared a plan of salvation which is realized through the suffering and the atoning death of Jesus Christ.

The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit

What is the role of the Spirit in this process? How does he exalt the Son in this work of salvation? I would however emphasize one aspect, which is the episode showing the son in his poverty, suffering, without work, unhappy and miserable. He has no hope to find help from his fellowmen. This is indeed the work of the Holy Spirit bringing conviction to our hearts, and illuminating the truth that we are spiritually lost, far from God, and far from the kingdom. It is only after this salutary experience that the return homeward can begin. Without this conviction of our lost state, we shall not understand our need of Jesus Christ, who gave his life on the cross as a ransom, so we could be redeemed and free.

Only at the cross our soul will find back the once interrupted communion with a holy God.

The Person and Work of The Holy Spirit

The regeneration reminds us of the new birth of a child of God. When we receive Christ as our Saviour and Master, it is the Holy Spirit who changes our state of spiritual death into life. We begin to live a new life in Jesus Christ, in the position of a child of God.

In the Old Testament we read that the Spirit of God came upon certain persons men and women of God , for a particular ministry and time which God had chosen Judges Since Pentecost, the Holy Spirit is living in every person who put his or her faith in the saving work of Jesus Christ. You are not your own. For life and death we belong to the Lord. At the moment we receive the Holy Spirit into our lives, he actually seals us with the seal of Christ.

This is not fiction, but an authentic and eternal reality, of which the seal of the Holy Spirit on our lives is an irrefutable evidence. Because of this seal, we are kept by God from day to day. The Spirit who sealed us in this way is the guarantee of our eternal inheritance. The Lord Jesus is our Sanctifier. The term sanctification calls to mind too ideas: First, the idea of separation: Secondly, there is the idea of union, or communion of the Christian with God. We must understand that real communion with God is impossible without first experiencing real separation from the things of this world.

It is true that through regeneration, the Holy Spirit produces a radical change in our soul, by bringing into it a new principle of life. The Holy Spirit is applying this sanctifying and overcoming grace to us. He does it through the word of God which he illuminates, allowing us to take possession of it for ourselves. Having himself inspired the sacred authors, he is able to magnify the word of God in our hearts and cause our hearts to attach themselves to the word of God, and to love and obey it. For the Spirit produces in us faith in this divine revelation, which is eternal, and will never pass away, even if all other things will disappear.

The sanctification, of which we are speaking here, is not sectoral, touching one part of our being but not another. It is all inclusive. This means that when the Spirit sanctifies us, setting us apart for the glory of God, he is dealing with all of our being.

Our body, heart, and soul are all sanctified and set apart for God. Consequently, we do not belong to ourselves any more, we belong to him who loved us and saved us, and sanctified us. This intimate communion between Christ his Spirit and the believer allows us to bear the fruit which is worthy of him who lives in us.

See a Problem?

It is this sanctifying grace which causes the child of God, not to love sin, but on the contrary, to despise it. The Holy Spirit glorifies Christ in us, by causing us to turn away from such people and their practices, and to manifest another kind of fruit, the fruit of life and justice, which the Spirit produces in us, and which Paul identifies as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me Gal. Let us look at still another way by which the Holy Spirit glorifies Jesus:. We just said that that sanctification touches the whole person. This means that Christ, by His Spirit, sanctifies our spirits, our souls, and also our bodies. Christ has the power to give health and life to our sick or even dead bodies, just as He has given health and life to our souls which were suffering, sick and dead because of our separation from our Creator.

This indicates that the healing which is most important is the healing of our souls and our spirits, as they are reconciled with a Holy God. God does not want us to dishonour our bodies, nor to give them over to sinful desires and sexual impurity Ro. The Spirit of God reassures us, by means of A.

The Spirit teaches us that, since our bodies belong to Christ, their purpose will change also.

We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body 2 Co. Therefore, Christ the Sovereign owner of our whole being, has full right and the power to act with our bodies as seems good to him. He will do what is to the glory of God. It happens by grace, and the Holy Spirit is the divine agent. The Spirit goes even further by giving to certain people [in the church], the gift of healing 1 Co.

Healed or not, living or dead, our bodies belong to the Lord, and the Lord is for our bodies, which are sanctified to give Him glory and honour through the Spirit who lives in us. So shall it be! It is of him that the Holy Spirit is speaking when he exalts his imminent return. Jesus Christ, our King, is indeed coming back soon. He will come to take his church with him. Then, during a period of one thousand years, he will establish his kingdom of peace and justice on this earth Is. After having said all this about the Holy Spirit, we must ask the question, what is our part in this, or what should be our reaction to the person and the work of the Holy Spirit?

Most people understand very little of this walk in the Spirit. It means walking in the fullness of the Holy Spirit, allowing him to have full control of our lives. It means recognizing and experiencing him as the only Master of our lives. Trying to live the Christian life in our own strength and capacities means that we shall experience sure and absolute defeat. Such knowledge will push us to live in the light as he is living in the light, when the Lord, by his Spirit, and by the power of his resurrection, will begin to live his abundant life in us. This does not mean that we shall not meet any more problems.

But the difference will be that from that moment on, Christ by His Spirit will be responsible for our problems, and we shall continue to place our confidence in him, whatever circumstances may arise. The word of God is our guide, our compass, the source of our wisdom, our defensive and offensive weapon. How well we put the word into practice, depends on the measure of our love for God and His anointed One. Once the Spirit of God lives in us, our love will burn all the more, and we shall not be able to live without listening and obeying him.

If we attach ourselves to the Word, our success will become evident and we shall succeed in all our enterprises. What actually is the place of the word of God in our lives and in that of our families? The Spirit himself helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express. Prayer brings us closer to God, and cultivates our intimacy with God. It is the source of all the graces which God has in store for us. Today, our churches do they really know how to pray? Are we allowing the Spirit to teach us how to pray, or are we imitating those who think that they are praying, but in reality are just making noise?

In our Christian walk, one of the biggest obstacles is un-confessed sin. We are grieving the Spirit, when He reveals sin in our lives and we refuse to confess it. Un-confessed sin robs us of the joy of experiencing victory and spiritual growth. If our prayers are not answered, very often the cause is hidden sin in our lives.

The Bible tells us that it is our sins which raise up a wall between God and us. When was the last time we confessed our sins? Are we willing to use this moment to become silent before God, and to ask him to forgive us? Sometimes, God may ask us to restore what we owe. It may mean material or financial restoration, or even the giving up of a position in the church which does not belong to us.

It may also mean the restoration of a ruined reputation. It certainly means returning to God all the glory, which we may have usurped. Another obstacle could be lack of faith, or unbelief. Yet, sometimes we are saying exactly that to God, by our attitudes and acts of disobedience towards His will. Anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God. Or do you think Scripture says without reason that the Spirit he caused to live in us envies intensely?

It seems that there is a tendency to transform our churches into business enterprises with a calling for economic and material development, while we have abandoned the essential. The truth is that in looking mainly for the things of the world, we are also tempted to use worldly methods corruption, fraud, power, the occult. Have I really been Regenerated by the Holy Spirit? Today, if our faith in Christ is only a rational one, then, with the help of the Holy Spirit, we need to seek a personal knowledge of Jesus Christ as our Saviour and Master.

The battle, which we are called to fight, is a real and a hard one. The Bible tells us that our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms Eph. For us Christians, it is so easy to do things which are not glorifying God. This can happen in our relationship with God, with our families, or at work.

The Spirit of God is faithful, and if we listen, we shall hear him telling us exactly what is wrong in our relationships. If we really want to know, we can sense that he is touching that part of our lives which is not glorifying God.

The Person and Work of The Holy Spirit by R. A. Torrey

We would like to use this occasion to express our gratitude to God for our salvation by letting us hear the liberating gospel, through whatever means it was brought to us. However, must we stand still at what has been accomplished and take a self-satisfied rest? Our answer is NO!! Let us open our eyes and look at the world, a world without shepherds, languishing, and wounded. Is it not the European countries, with their important and powerful Christian heritage, who are legalizing the most horrifying and scandalizing acts which are prostitution and homosexuality?

Today, in certain rich countries, pastors dare not speak of the cross of Christ, and even less of sin. This would make people feel guilty, they are told. Everywhere in the world, especially in Africa, a continent which is still very much dominated by colonial powers, the HIV and AIDS plague, crime, violence, and incest are at its highest level ever, ethnic conflicts, religious hatred, rebellion, children carrying murderous weapons, wars and killings, have they not become daily experiences?

All those who were born after , have never known what peace or love are like. Gives gifts to believers. He applies the work of Christ to believers.

The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit {Spiritual Audio book} by Reuben Torrey

He seals and sanctifies believers in Christ. No without the Spirit there is no life and you cannot please God. He produces faith in Christ. The Holy Spirit is also received by faith. No gifts are not primarily for the individual's benefit, but for the benefit of the church community and therefore need to be varied and used for the good of the community. The Holy Spirit gives new life and brings a person to faith in Christ, uniting them to Christ and all his benefits. He makes the believer part of Christ's body.

He indwells and seals the believer. As the Holy Spirit lives in the believer, he produces growth in grace and holiness of life.

Person and Work of the Holy Spirit |

He empowers the Christian for service by giving different gifts. Study 1 - The Bible. Study 2 — The Living God. Study 3 - Jesus Christ. Study 4 — Man, Our True Nature. Study 5 — God's Work in Salvation. Study 6 — Christ's Death and Resurrection. Study 7 — The Holy Spirit: His Person and Work. Study 8 — Saving Faith. Study 9 — Living the Christian Life. Study 10 — Heaven and Hell. Study 11 — The Church. Study 12 — Baptism and the Lord's Supper.