Terry the Tiger Shark goes to Fraser Island to meet the Humpback Whales

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THE special moment a cheeky humpback whale photobombs a Dublin couple's holiday photo in Hervey Bay has been captured on THE first humpback whale pod has been spotted in Hervey Bay, sparking excitement at the upcoming whale season. AS THE Fraser Coast grows and their habitat becomes more scarce, displaced microbats may use homemade boxes to live in.

BILBO is one lonely goat after his four pregnant girlfriends were mauled by roaming dogs. TINY loggerhead turtles are taking their first steps into the world after hatching on the beach at Point Vernon, prompting Flying foxes filled the sky on Thursday evening above the car park at Woolworths in Pialba. THE number of dogs dumped and surrendered to the pounds is increasing at a staggering rate, says Wide Bay Animal Rescue Search by keyword Search by location Search by category Add your business.

Search Results Everything Photo Galleries Stories Videos Find Search across all of our news sites fraser coast regional council dogs maryborough fraser coast animals dog whales fccommunity pets editors picks. Sort by latest Sort by latest Sort by relevance Sort by oldest. Show 50 per page Show 10 per page Show 25 per page Show 50 per page. Family shattered after dog strangled. How budgies are bringing joy to aged care residents.

Unexpected trio in Hervey Bay waters. They may be awe-inspiring creatures but boaties have been reminded to refrain from approaching whales this season fccommunity fcwhales fraser coast hervey bay sunshine coast 11th July Cap Coast moving in on Hervey Bay whale-watching territory hervey bay keppel island tourism travel whales 03rd July 6: Giant hive discovered in backyard.

Two-hour fight to reel in 60kg cobia. Newborn whale euthanised after volunteers battle to save it. Nala's new calf has a Lion King-inspired name. Synchronised whales playing in Bay show the love. Competition winners have whale of a time. Humpback whale spotted off Fraser Is, along with some sharks. Pawfect day for a walk with a cause. Nearly 30 years of whale watching in Hervey Bay: Whales are a big deal on the Fraser Coast - check out these beauties as we celebrate these beauties of the deep blue sea fraser coast hervey bay photos whales 01st Sept.

How many humbacks can we expect? Have you seen Ollie? Dog obedience agility trials. Vet staff to protest Lennon Bros Circus animal acts. Warren tames the lions as the circus rolls into Hervey Bay.

Shark carcass found with jaw cut out on beach. He just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich. Keep pets calm during nasty summer storms. Humpback playfully photobombs pair's holiday picture. The infant died soon after birth. The Captain's lifeboat was becoming more and more unseaworthy and was soon left behind by the other lifeboat which continued on. The sinking boat and its crew was beached on what was then known as the Great Sandy Island.

Whether the survivors died due to disease, hunger, exhaustion or battles with the native population will never be known for sure; most likely a little of all of the above.

Captain Fraser died leaving Eliza living among the local peoples. She was rescued 6 weeks later by a convict, John Graham, [13] who had lived in the bush as an escapee and who spoke the Aboriginal language. He was sent from the settlement at Moreton by the authorities there who had heard about Eliza's plight, and negotiated her return. Within 6 months, Eliza had married another sea captain.

She moved to England and became a sideshow attraction in Hyde Park telling ever more lurid tales about her experiences with white slavery, cannibalism, torture, and murder. As she is known to have told several versions of the story, it is unknown which version is the most accurate. Archaeological research and evidence shows that Aboriginal Australians occupied Fraser Island at least 5, years ago.

There was a permanent population of — that grew to 2,—3, in the winter months due to abundant seafood resources. The arrival of European settlers in the area was an overwhelming disaster for the Butchulla people. European settlement in the s overwhelmed the Aboriginal lifestyle with weapons, disease and lack of food. This essentially enabled the indigenous people to hunt, fish and take water for domestic purposes; and could open the island up to economic opportunities for current and future generations of Butchulla people through ecotourism and related business development.

Initial European contact was limited to explorers and shipwrecks. The first recorded Britisher to sight Fraser Island was James Cook who passed along the coast of the island between 18 and 20 May He named Indian Head after viewing a number of Aboriginal people gathered on the headland. After Cook's passage the Aboriginals composed a song to commemorate the event. This was later recognized as the first preserved oral testimony of indigenous observation of Europeans. His chart is a combination of both voyages, but did not confirm Fraser Island as being separate from the mainland. However, Flinders did suggest the presence of shallow swampy areas at the lower part of the bay.

Flinders was told of an opening at Hook Point, between Fraser Island and the mainland, by two American whalers who were hunting whales in Hervey Bay. British pastoralists started to enter the area in and local Aboriginals initially displayed their resistance by stealing cargoes and small boats from them.

Aboriginals in stolen boats were shot along the way and one boat was seized. Marshall's section shot a number of Badtjala people and captured several others. Bad weather hampered operations and Commandant Walker subsequently allowed his division to track down other groups of Badtjala without him. This group chased the local Aboriginals across to the east coast where they mustered them into the ocean. Despite this large armed incursion, Fraser Island continued to be a safe haven for the Badtjala and reports from British commissioners stationed in Maryborough convey the threat settlers felt.

The close proximity of this force eliminated most Aboriginal resistance by with Bligh conducting bloody forays into Fraser Island, [65] Cooloola and in the town of Maryborough itself. In rumours of two shipwrecked white girls living with the native people on Fraser Island gained some credence when Captain Arnold of the Coquette arrived in Sydney with information seeming to confirm the story. The expedition was carried out with the rushing of an Aboriginal camp near Indian Head and the capture of two girls aged about 12 and 18, the group discharging their firearms when the Aboriginals tried to reacquire the girls.

However, in order to justify the expense, some members of parliament found it necessary to continue with the shipwrecked "white girls" story. They were kept at the Immigration Depot where they were well-fed but pined for their mother and caught influenza. In , as part of the implementation of the Aboriginal Protection Act , the Government of Queensland removed 51 economically unproductive Aboriginals from the Maryborough district to an isolation camp on the west coast of Fraser Island.

At the end of there were Aboriginals present from 25 different locations, including some who had served prison sentences in places like St Helena Island and Townsville Gaol and been refused permission to return to their homelands. Conditions at Bogimbah were poor, with inadequate shelter and rations. Some died through malnutrition and obtaining diseases associated with eating clay in an attempt to supplement their meagre diet.

The logging industry continued until , ceasing following concerns raised by the Commission of Inquiry into the Conservation, Management and Use of Fraser Island and the Great Sandy Region, appointed by the Goss Labor government and chaired by Justice Tony Fitzgerald. The geological wealth of the island lay in its rich deposits of rutile , ilmenite , zircon and monazite.

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Sand mining leases were first granted in , and mining continued until Despite more than 1, submissions that were made to the local mining warden objecting to new leases, the submission was granted. The Whitlam Government established Australia's first environmental impact inquiry which recommended that mining cease.

This represented a significant win for the conservation movement in Australia. A major landmark on Fraser Island is the shipwreck of the S. The Maheno was built in Scotland in as a luxury passenger ship for the trans-Tasman crossing. During the First World War she served as a hospital ship in the English Channel , and was then returned to her owners to resume her usual commercial operation. By the ship had been taken out of service and was sold to a ship-breaker in Japan. On 25 June , while being towed to Osaka to be broken up, she was caught in a strong cyclone about 80 kilometres 50 miles off the coast of Queensland.

The towline parted, and on 9 July the Maheno became beached on the east coast of Fraser Island. The remains of the ship are now severely rusted, with almost three and a half storeys buried under the sand. Because of the danger it poses, climbing on the wreck is not permitted. Thousands of soldiers were trained here because the conditions were similar to those found on Pacific Islands where the Japanese were fought.

Visitors to the site of the Fraser Commando School today can still see various relics of its military past including armour plates used to test armour piercing explosive charges and weapons and a concrete relief map of Singapore Harbour used as an aid in operations planning.

As part of ongoing meetings in the United Nations Trusteeship Council on the Conditions in the Trust Territories , the Republic of Nauru expressed concern that its phosphate mining exportation would be depleted by the end of the century, endangering the future of the island. The timber industry on Fraser Island managed to ensure that resettlement on Fraser Island did not proceed.

Estimates of the number of visitors to the island each year range from , to , Urinating tourists have created environmental problems in Fraser Island lakes and on coastal dunes. The foredunes are used as a toilet by bush campers, who are estimated to number 90, each year.

Whale jumps out of nowhere during sight seeing tour.

Water quality in some lakes is being affected by storm water run-off from dune roads, and by swimmers' use of sunscreen. In April , a vehicle overturned on the beach after being hit by a wave. Two backpackers were killed in the accident. Some of the rarest ferns grow in the rainforest near the location. A four-wheel drive is required for all landings except Kingfisher Bay , and travel on the island except within the Kingfisher Bay Resort. Several firms provide four-wheel drive vehicles for hire. Tailor is one of the more common species sought by anglers on Fraser Island and along the Queensland coast.

Other fish caught on the eastern coast include jewfish , golden trevally and surf bream , while whiting , flathead and surf bream prefer the calmer western waters. Fishing is banned in the island's creeks and lakes. There are many campgrounds on Fraser Island with varying amenities and access. The main camping areas are: Permits are required for camping and also for vehicle access.

There are various possibilities for overnight hiking on the island.

A Tambo girl : Hester Jane's story / by Terry Spring | National Library of Australia

A shorter hike would be for example to start in Kingfisher Bay ferry drop off and head to Lake McKenzie, stay there for one night, and then hike back. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the island in Australia. View north from Indian Head , The beach at Lake McKenzie , Dingo attacks in Australia and Interbreeding of dingoes with other domestic dogs.

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