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Their sons, Robert and Adrien have gone into exile to fight against Napoleon. The story starts in when Laurence is taking part in a Royalist conspiracy to overthrow Napoleon who is then First Consul. Her cousins the Simeuse twins, and Robert and Adrien d'Hauteserre, who are all exiled aristocrats, return secretly to France to take part in the plot, and she helps to hide them. Senator Malin, a leading politician who now owns the Simeuse brothers' confiscated He attends a dinner party in Paris. A German guest named Hermann is asked to tell a story.


Hermann's story occurs in in Andernach on the Rhine in Germany. At that time it was occupied by France. Two young French doctors from Beauvais arrive in the town to serve with the French regiment stationed there. They arrange to spend the night at an inn called the Red Inn, because of its colour. A German businessman named Walhenfer also arrives there to spend the night. The inn is full, and the only place for the three new arrivals to spend the night is in the main dining room.

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Over dinner Walhenfer confesses to the two young doctors One night under cover of a local festival, there is an uprising against the French garrison, supported by British naval ships. The uprising is led by the Marquis and his sons. Marchand survives because he is warned by Clara, and as the last French survivor he flees to the nearby French military headquarters.

A few days later, the French retake Menda. The town surrenders without a fight, since the British had only sent ships with artillery, and no ground troops. The French general accepts the surrender, and promises not to loot and pillage the town in exchange for money, and the surrender of the leading citizens. The first of these ideas gave rise to Gambara and the second to Massimilla Doni.

Le Réquisitionnaire - Wikiwand

The novel is based on a short-story by Balzac's sister Laure Surville, which was later published in under the title Le Voyage en coucou The Journey in a Rickety Carriage. Balzac recast the story, transforming it into a profound study of human vanity and its consequences. The novel is dedicated to Laure with the words: Let the brilliant min Writing and Publication Balzac kept a rough draft of the novel for six years before completing it in after being offered 20, Francs by Le Figaro, provided it was ready to appear before December 15 that year.

At the start of the novel, in , he owns Rastignac only realises his mistake four days later, and it is confirmed to him by his friend, Horace Bianchon, who saw him writing the letter when he was visiting him. He is initially told that Madame is not home, but is let in by her husband when he arrives. By this time, she has become convinced that he is genuinely attr In it, Balzac portrays the old nobility in the French provinces, ruined by the French Revolution and forgotten by the restored Bourbons.

The younger generation within this class, represented by the marquis's son, causes his loss, sucked in by the whirlpool of Paris, where he lives merrily and ruins his fortunes. Le Cabinet des Antiques works as a sequel to la Vieille Fille although the names of its main characters and not exactly the same. It is part of his trilogy Histoire des treize: Plot General Armand de Montriveau, a war hero, is enamored of Duchess Antoinette de Langeais, a coquettish, married noblewoman who invites him to a ball but ultimately refuses his sexual advances and then disappears.

Assisted by the powerful group known as The Thirteen, who subscribe to an occult form of freemasonry, General Montriveau finds the duchess in a Spanish monastery of Discalced Carmelites under the name of Sister Theresa. Dedicated to Franz Liszt, this portrait of a vain representative of the noble families of Faubour The Quest of the Absolute French: The astronomer Ernest Laugier helped Balzac in the use of chemical terminology in this novel.

Dedicated to the author's dear niece, Valentine Surville, this vivid and incisive novella is constructed like a classical French play, observing the three unities of time an hour , place a ball and subject the seduction of a young woman. Contrary to what the title might lead one to expect, the work is not concerned with the married life of the French bourgeoisie; it is, rather, a scintillating depiction of high society under the First Empire.

Plot The Comte de Gondreville hosts an ostentatious ball in his stately mansion. Among the guests is an unknown woman in a blue dress.

The Conscript

She is discreet and bashful, and clearly at odds with the arrogance and excitability of the other guests; it is as though she does not b First entitled Gloire et Malheur Glory and Misfortune , this short novel was completed at Maffliers in October and published by Mame-Delaunay in The first edition was followed by four revised editions. The final edition, published by Furne in , appeared under the title of La Maison du chat-qui-pelote and was itself corrected indefinitely. The work is dedicated to Mademoiselle Marie de Montheau. The novel is set around the year Auguste de Maulincour, a young cavalry officer, walking in a Parisian district of ill repute, sees from afar a young married woman, Clemence, with whom he is secretly in love.

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He sees her enter a house of ill repute. The young married woman is widely recognized in Parisian society as a paragon of marital virtue—what is her secret? Auguste decides to spy on the woman to find out. He finds her in the company of a man named Ferragus. In the days that follow, Auguste Retrieved 16 April French short stories Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Novels set in 19th-century France Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Novels first published in serial form Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

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References to this work on external resources. Wikipedia in English None. Amazon Kindle 0 editions. CD Audiobook 0 editions. Project Gutenberg 1 edition. Google Books — Loading Popular covers see all 5 covers. A local aristocrat, Madame de Dey lives at her estate at Carentan to ensure that it is not confiscated by the government. Her son is taking part in a Royalist uprising. She refuses visitors for two days, and buys a hare at the market. This arouses suspicions that she is either sheltering a Royalist priest or hiding a lover. When visited by a local merchant, she admits that she has received a letter from her son.

He has written that he was captured during a failed attack on Granville, but that he will escape, and take shelter with her. He mentions a three-day period during which he should be expected. She holds a social gathering at her home on the third night that her son is expected to arrive. She acts calmly, and all but the local prosecutor leave early.