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Based on that title you might expect that the chapter would explain what a real visionary is, or what the term funnel vision means, and how the two go together. It does spend a lot of time talking about funnels, but within the chapter the term "funnel vision" is used just once. And the term visionary or visionaries is never mentioned even once outside of the chapter title the word vision is mentioned on other time, outside "funnel vision".

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This may seem nit-picky, but I think it's a concrete way of illustrating an objection that might otherwise be hard to quantify. I'm sure Brant Cooper and Patrick Vlaskovits are killer consultants. They're brimming with experience and ideas, and great, real world, actionable advice. All of this, I can't help but feel, would blow your socks off in a dynamic consultative environment. But as a book, it needed some serious organization help and a lot of editing.

So would I buy it? If you can't afford to just hire Cooper and Vlaskovits and you are totally committed to a lean methodology, and you're in the middle of it and want some practical exercises to help focus your thinking? Otherwise, unless you've already read everything else, I would pass. The Lean Startup movement is new and there aren't a ton of books published. It's been a oligopoly of Ries and Blank and Dorf!

Cooper and Vlaskovits make an original contribution to the ongoing discussion. The paradox of the lean startup movement is that it's customer-driven in its ideology, but tech-driven in practice. In fact, the "customer discovery" ideology is a geek antidote developed by geeks for geeks.

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In their discussion of entrepreneurial vision, Cooper and Vlaskovits provide a broader perspective through a sort of taxonomy of visions which shows,in my opinion--I'm about to commit the ultimate heresy--that the importance of the customer varies depending on the nature of the entrepreneur's vision.

The rest of the book is all about the customer which is certainly what I need to hear. The chapter on customer segmentation is thought-provoking and their plain manner of speaking on the subject is effective. Highlights here are abuse of demographics, effectiveness of personas, and the concept of anti-segments--people who are like your customer, but aren't!

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What a useful thought! The chapter on experimentation is solid. Good coverage of experiment types and interesting points. For example, they present a case study where a landing page with an excruciatingly long survey effectively weeds out non-customers. Great illustrations by Fake Grimlock. I've heard it all before. And I don't like these rectangular book layouts that require you to reserve two passenger seats on a plane so you can open the book up without knocking the passenger into the aisle.

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I am days away from pitching my business idea to a major client. My CTO suggested this book and it has been a great help. The Lean Entrepreneur did that! Now I have a better understanding of my vision from a customer and investor's point of view. Now it's time to redo my proposal and fix my business plan. I recommend this book for those, like myself, that have an idea and struggle to find a way to make it into a successful manifestation. Awful and useless, really did not connect with this being useful in any way. Similar work is covered already by good existing classics.

The rest is basically like layering a lot of BS over the original Lean Startup book. One person found this helpful. Written in a clear, easy-to-understand language that I could get my head around. Brant however, covers all that but words it in a way to include more of the When and Why which I found really helpful. If you read Eric's book and your head is spinning a bit because you may not be a Silicon Valley person, Brant's book will make the concepts much easier to understand. But each tidbit of information whether its a review of someone using Lean techniques to create a minimum viable product MVP or the author themselves expelling actions, all of it is valuable advice.

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And this book is beautifully illustrated. Good buy, and definitely get the book, as I can't see this having the same impact on my Kindle. Marketing is what runs business now, and we all need to find the best way to attract those people who need our services. We have to lure them away from the damage being done to them with the insane pharmaceutical assault that is destroying the health of millions of Americans.

In working with them to promote your social channels. I wanted to ask you a few more questions about your personal business habits. What marketing technologies do you recommend companies adopt? You talked about measurement, you mentioned Google Analytics, is there a technology stack that you recommend each company has? I think it really depends on the client in question and what their goals are. Always start with your goals. Now, if you have a great list in order to do email marketing, now you need to segment to go to the next level then great, one of those tools makes sense.

What are some of your business and personal habits that contribute to your success? Do you have anything that is unique to you or certain habits that you think are helping you be so productive and successful? I believe in making hay when the sun shines. Right now my energy needs to go somewhere else.

Interview 3: Mark Milstein, Photographer & Visionary -

I have this great idea. I just want to sit and write. So you conduct a lot of presentations and you speak so naturally on stage. Do you have any recommendations for people who are new to public speaking or those that maybe have a conference that is coming up for them and they have to do a presentation and they feel scared or not comfortable?

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Any recommendations for people who aspire to improve their public speaking? So you have to start with the level that you feel comfortable with and find low-stake groups that you can speak at to get comfortable. Toastmasters is a great example because everyone there is helping each other. The idea is to get better at public speaking. Some try to turn off their phones or to not communicate via Social Media channels. Do you have something like this? I do unplug at times, from Social Media overall, where I feel like I need a break…kind of a reset. What do you see as next for you?

Obviously, your new book is coming out. Can you give us a preview of other exciting ventures that you are working on or planning to work on? Such people are the best of class.

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Some are visionaries, others are great team leaders and salesmen--it depends on the job. For instance, an A player controller has a different skills set than a VP of marketing. All have rock-solid integrity. To learn more about CIDS visit www. Therefore, chances are not great that you will experience a CIDS interview, but, if you prepare for the worst you will shine in a traditional interview venue as well!

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