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  1. Frankenstein's legacy: 200 years on, is righteousness the new social menace?
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Join our movie c o mmuni t y to f i nd out. I hereby confirm that I have read and understood the forum rules. Life of Pi Blu-ray rating Video 5. Blu-ray user rating Video 5. Lee , Roy William Neill Writers: Boris Karloff , Lon Chaney Jr. Use the thumbs up and thumbs down icons to agree or disagree that the title is similar to. You can also suggest completely new similar titles to in the search box below. The five-disc Blu-ray box set will be available for purchase on September Official Thread Jun 19, The first fruits of this work have just been released in the form of new Blu-ray Disc upgrades of the Frankenstein: Complete Legacy Collection see our review of the latter set here.

Complete Legacy Collection Blu-ray set:.

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Disc One — Frankenstein — This is exactly the same disc that was released in The Gentle Monster SD — Restoring the Classics HD — 9: Mank, Years of Universal: The Lot HD — 9: Unforgettable Characters HD — 8: As you can see, virtually all of the previous DVD and Blu-ray features carry over here, so you lose nothing of note if you upgrade to this set. If you already own the Universal Classic Monsters: The Essential Collection Blu-ray box, there is obviously a bit of duplication in that Frankenstein and The Bride of Frankenstein are included in both sets.

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein has also been released separately on Blu-ray, as noted above. Otherwise, the rest of these films are new to the format in HD. The new transfers are spectacular, especially considering the age of the films in question.

Frankenstein's legacy: 200 years on, is righteousness the new social menace?

And the war in Vietnam was very recent history. Even in primary school we played war games that had us shouting "I'm going to napalm you" across the schoolyard. The horror on the screen or between the pages couldn't compare with the absurd terror of the world we returned to when the lights came up or when we shut the book. The calamitous crimes and abominations of Hitler and Stalin were too unfathomable for me to comprehend as a teenager.

If my father bequeathed me a love for storytelling, my mother gave me a love for cinema. I recall watching Hal Ashby's Shampoo with her when I was much too young but being mesmerised by Lee Grant in that film. I shared my mother's adoration of John Garfield in The Postman Always Rings Twice , and in Body and Soul , one of the great cinematic works of sport and working-class life. I scoured the libraries for books on film and I became increasingly incensed when I read of the Hollywood Blacklist, of how McCarthy and his anti-communist witch-hunt destroyed the lives of the actors, the writers and the craftspeople who created these films.

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My reading about that shameful period in Hollywood and in US culture did not inspire my politics. I owe that to my parents and their peers, to the political education they almost unwillingly bestowed on me by their being working-class migrants in the terrible 20th century.

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  • But McCarthy, and also J. Edgar Hoover, became the personification of evil for me. The former, I was convinced, was responsible for Garfield's untimely death, and Hoover surely culpable in Seberg's suicide, after his relentless hunting of her for her support of the Black Panthers and radical causes.

    Frankenstein & The Wolf Man Universal Monsters Complete Legacy Collection Blu-ray Unboxing

    I would lie on my bed fantasising of what I could have done if I was in Hollywood at the time. I would have spoken up, I would have defied the blacklist, I would not have been cowed. I have been thinking of the Hollywood Blacklist again recently. It would be easy and satisfying to believe that McCarthy and Hoover were indeed monsters, that malevolence and venal opportunity were the real reasons for their fierce opposition to communism.

    But the uncomfortable truth is that they believed in their crusade with a righteous fury and purpose.

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    And there were many communists in Hollywood, particularly among the writers. For Hoover and McCarthy, the Cold War was a battle, not only of hearts and minds, but also to defend the US against treachery and treason. It is such righteousness that made them prepared to suspend elements of the constitution, to subvert judicial due process. They believed, they really believed, that there were reds under the bed. And they believed that the reds were monsters.

    Or if not a paedophile, possibly a white supremacist.

    Frankenstein: Complete Legacy Collection

    In the 21st century these have become our monsters. Of course, our rage and hatred of the child sexual abuser, of the rapist, of the violent racist, all makes sense. I have experienced a glee at watching Harvey Weinstein come undone. I did not know of his sexual crimes but I had hated him for years, because of how he had destroyed careers and reputations in the film industry for decades, and how he had purchased films to never release them so that his own productions would saturate the market and that the labour of love of some poor filmmaker went unseen.

    The revealing of the long history of abuse in the Catholic Church has been one of the momentous political moments of the past 25 years. The exposing of sexual harassment across media, business and politics is long overdue. And the interconnections being acknowledged between policing, incarceration and violence here and in the US is making public something many of us have known all our lives. Monstrous things have been done to people. I subscribe to a few left-wing news sites that come out of the US and straight after the riots in Charlottesville over the removal of a Confederate statue I read with increasing unease the comments pages, where people gleefully boasted of having found the names of racists who marched in support of retaining the statues, revealed them to employers as white racists, got them sacked from their jobs.

    The unease has a history: They placed pressure on government agencies, on Hollywood, and the universities to purge those who were suspected of communist affiliations.