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  2. An Innovative Utilization of Drilling Wastes as Building Materials - OnePetro
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All the raw materials of these recipes come from waste drilling fluids and cuttings in drilling process of three different wells in Taiwan. Considering the properties of waste, technology feasibility and product market, this study have tried to manufacture brick for building; permeable brick and concrete partial substitute from drilling waste and examine their properties with suitable specifications in laboratory. Detailed process for each product is described.

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The drilling wastes should be pretreated to become dry powders under to oC, which are the common raw materials for difference products. Drilling wastes can be successfully converted into permeable bricks in this study, and all the end products meet CNS requirements. But it still needs more assessment to utilize the drilling waste as concrete partial substitute. The innovation is not only a new and cost-effective idea for drilling waste reutilization but also a great reduction of wastes impact during drilling process.

An Innovative Utilization of Drilling Wastes as Building Materials - OnePetro

Introduction In petroleum and natural gas drilling process, the drilling bit cut the rock formation and carry the cutting up to surface with the circulation of drilling mud and separate with mechanical device into mud, cutting solid phase , waste mud liquid phase and waste water liquid phase. In which only mud can be circulated, others become waste after treatment. From the characteristic of source, drilling operation is a short time, small-scope working site. Most of the drilling wastes are geological material, compare to the waste produces from other industries; the drilling waste should belong to a low volume and low toxic business waste.

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However because the oil and gas reserve in Taiwan is getting depleted, the drilling depth was increased gradually, the waste volume also relatively increased. In recent years, the environmental regulations in Taiwan is getting rigorous, the populace ask for environment quality promotion, the request of zero emissions, the pressure grew to ever greater than anytime before.

The conventional processing approach was insufficient for the demand of drilling waste reutilization gradually. Traditional treatment method was not enough to deal with the problem.

Drilling Mud handling

Therefore, it is an urgent topic at present to have a more economical, more effective and also more conforms to the environmental protection regulations treatment method to treat the drilling waste properly. Background Former studies in drilling waste and cutting treatment had focused on the following treatment methods in United States and Indonesia:.

Analysis of drilling wastes disposal methods effectiveness in Russian arctic offshore fields

Log in to your subscription Username. Peer reviewed only Published between: In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation regarding the collection and disposal of drilling wastes, it is necessary to introduce the most environmentally safe methods. Russian law requires removal of all drill cuttings for disposal in an approved method immediately after installation of the conductor casing.

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Moreover, as a precondition to the development of the field the law requires assessment of the impact of the project on the environment and society, and the chosen method of disposal must be approved by local and Federal authorities. A choice of several suitable drilling waste management practices currently exists.

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Operators select the most appropriate waste management option on the basis of regulatory requirements, cost and the concerns of future environmental liability. The objective of the work is to analyse different methods of drilling waste disposal and make an analysis of effectiveness for these methods regarding Russian arctic offshore conditions. Description Master's thesis in Offshore technology: