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Liam O'Flaherty 1 Story. James O'Keefe 1 Story.

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George Orwell 2 Stories. Thomas Nelson Page 1 Story. Dorothy Parker 1 Story. Edgar Allan Poe 14 Stories. George Saunders 1 Story. Irwin Shaw 1 Story. Carl Stephenson 1 Story. Robert Louis Stevenson 1 Story. Frank Stockton 2 Stories. Jesse Stuart 1 Story. Dylan Thomas 1 Story.

Henry Van Dyke 1 Story. Patrick Waddington 1 Story. Leemann had a similar experience: The outcome has been positive so far, says Dr. We are now able to cite this project properly in our presentations and publications, where we presented the idea of the app and first data. Many of our colleagues have asked for copies. Chen has received positive feedback too: PD Dr Adrian Leemann. The international, peer-reviewed journal offers a highly—visible, open access home for authors.

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List of short-story authors

Track Your Paper Check submitted paper Due to migration of article submission systems, please check the status of your submitted manuscript in the relevant system below: Username Password I forgot my password. Photographs by Paolo Pellegrin. Introduction by John Ashbery. Translated by John Ashbery and Mark Polizzotti, et al. The artist Giorgio de Chirico's novel, Hebdomeros is a dream-like book of situations and landscapes reminiscent of his paintings.

Foreword by William Burroughs. Lament in the Night collects two remarkable novellas by the author Shosun Nagahara, translated from the Japanese for the first time. Translated by William Carlos Williams. Introduction and translation by Darren Jackson. Illustrated by Marc-Camille Chaimowicz. Translation by Eleanor Marx-Aveling. Translation and introduction by Chris Clarke. Illustrations by Gus Bofa.

About The Author Stories Podcast

Foreword by Edith Sitwell. Introduction and translation by Louise Rogers Lalaurie. In the last days of the Venetian Republic, the successive wives of Count Alvise Lanzi suffer mysterious, agonizing deaths. Translated by Janos Solomon.

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This series of 23 satirically scabrous short texts introduces the reader to an imaginary French suburb via the strange, grotesque small-town occupations that defined a once reliable, now presumably vanished way of life. It's s New York, and though the coke flows freely, money and glamour are the more powerful intoxicants. Translated and with an introduction by Simon Watson Taylor. Paris Peasant is one of the central works of Surrealism, yet Exact Change's edition is the first U.

Introduction and translation by W. Two novellas from the inventor of perpetual motion and godfather of German science fiction. Introduction by Marc Lapprand. Translation by Paul Knobloch.

Roughhouse gives a harrowingly deadpan account of the tedium, casual violence and deviant sex that connect a surreal, semi-rural childhood with adult urban neurosis. Introduction and translation by John Walker. Illustrations by Rosa Rosa.

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Introduction by Philippe Soller. Translation by John Harman. Edited by Raphael Gygax. Illustrated by Andro Wekua, Rita Ackermann.

Famous Authors List - Books, Poems, Stories, Essays - Read Print

Writer Sibylle Berg has the eye of an entomologist: This is the first paperback edition in English of one of the most important and entertaining works of Surrealist fiction. Edited by Daniele Riviere. Text by Dominique Lestel, Alain Richert. The first installment in Dis Voir's new "illustrated fairy tales for adults," The Adventures of Percival is based on the classic probability proposition that a chimpanzee randomly typing will eventually type a Shakespeare sonnet.

What could a Moor and a Christian living in the seventeenth century possibly have to write to each other about? Translated and with an Introduction by Alfred Mac Adam. The eternal mystique of Portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa stems largely from his practice of writing under "heteronyms. Introduction and translation by Edward Gauvin.

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Illustrations by Bette Burgoyne. First published in French in , The Cathedral of Mist is a collection of stories from the last of the great Francophone Belgian fantasists: Translation by Edward Gauvin. Foreword and translation by Peter Wortsman. Afterword by Detlef Thiel.

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Translated by Paul Knobloch. Translated by Richard Zenith. Afterword by Antonio Tabucchi. Foreword by Floyd Cheung. Originally self-published in , H. Introduction by Helen Byatt. Translated by Henry Vale. Illustrations by Patrice Killoffer. Afterword by Francois Taddei. Is death necessarily inevitable? Illustrations by Rick Buckley.