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How can you leverage Yahoo Answers for your own business? How can you use Yahoo Answers to get traffic to your website? Shannon Moore, General Manager of Trademark Express is currently 2 on the Business and Finance category and has been an active user of the site for more than a year. Yahoo Answers can offer a number of benefits for your business.

Here are the strategies you can use to leverage Yahoo Answers for your business:.

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Build your reputation and your business. Yahoo Answers is a great platform to demonstrate your expertise in your field. By answering questions in your field, you show other users that you are very knowledgeable about the topic. It is best used to build your reputation as an expert in your field, based on the quality and accurateness of your responses.

The key is to respond to the questions as best as you can. A solid reputation helps build the confidence of people to do business with you. It helps build their trust in you — that you know the topic and that your knowledge is exactly what they need. The quality of your answers can help influence whether or not other users will check out your business, or even buy your products or services.

What is internet marketing?

This is where putting a link to your website in your profile is critical, as users will most likely check out your site and learn more about you. Users who reads your answers can click on the link to your site, whether in your profile or in your answers.

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The more questions you answer, the more exposure you will get in Yahoo Answers — and that means more traffic to your website. One word of caution: There is a fine line that separates when dropping your website address is allowed and when it is considered spam and advertisement.

The key is relevance of the URL to the question. When a person is asking for tips on how to improve Google Adsense income and you drop your affiliate link to survey sites such as Cashcrate — which has absolutely nothing to do with Google Adsense — then that could be deemed as a violation and you lose 10 points.

However, if you answer the question by giving tips on increasing Adsense revenues citing an article you wrote in your website as the source, then that is acceptable as the link is relevant to the question. Helps you understand your customers and target market. A daycare provider can go to the Pregnancy and Parenting category to learn what parents are looking for in a daycare.

A search engine specialist can see the common questions asked about optimizing websites for the search engines. Shannon clearly sees this benefit of Yahoo Answers. Talking to thousands of people via Yahoo! Answers has really opened my eyes as to how we can better serve our clients.

While that is a let-down for any Internet marketer, questions on Yahoo Answers have been showing up high up in the search engines rankings for various keywords. There has been an increasing emphasis on Internet sales over the last few years.

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It is common knowledge that the Internet has several significant advantages as a sales channel. It allows buyers to conveniently review and compare the competing offerings. It also assures that both the parties have a common and current record of the transaction as well as the information they exchange. A well-made and well-maintained website lets common questions to be answered quickly and accurately.

Yahoo Answers for SEO | Warrior Forum - The #1 Digital Marketing Forum & Marketplace

And, most importantly, the Internet is an amazing multimedia sales platform that sellers can use to persuade visitors to become buyers. No one directly answered your question. Internet Marketing is doing Marketing functions on the internet such as email marketing, search marketing, banner ads, and more. Pay per click is what Google and Yahoo does best.

You set up key words that a user might put in the search box to look up information that pertains to you. If the user clicks your ad, then Google charges you for that.

Marketing Your Site on Yahoo Answers

You don't pay for the impressions, only the click. The strategies that I have used for my own business are all included there http: Advertising products on the internet may or may not lead to an eCommerce site selling that item online, the amount of TV , Radio and phone Yellow page advertising has been decreasing as internet advertising has increased, more and more products bought at retail stores are being promoted on the internet.

There is a place for individuals to work in internet marketing, small web site operators can participate in affiliate marketing in which they provide links to product sales pages and receive a commission for any sales that result, one can also receive a commission for generating a sales "lead", some customer contact that may not result in an immediate sale, but is the first step in a longer sales process, there are countless sneaky survey and free gift offers devised just to get your information to marketers.

Here's a good answer that I searched via google http: I would be interested in knowing more on this too. Related Questions Internet marketing pay per click?