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Jordan B Peterson, 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos. I began by asking myself what qualities I admire in a human being?

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This outlined an ideal to aspire toward and a counter-ideal to steer clear of. Dr Jordan B Peterson proposed an idea that I prioritized as of utmost importance. I d ecided who it is that I want to be and then aimed, single mindedly at that ideal. This was done on my own terms, I was sure to chose an ideal that fulfills the role of what an ideal looks like to me.

I thought in terms of: In seriously contemplating the answers to these questions, I continually created a new ideal to aspire toward.

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And once the ideal slowly began to crystallize, it was time for me to burn off the deadwood. Burn off the deadwood: Again, this step is characteristically nested within an additional set of questions. Burning dead wood necessitated asking myself: What is no longer aligned with the pursuits that I find valuable? I remained cognizant of the fact that the more dead wood I burned off, voluntarily, the less it gathered around me, the easier it was to move forward in time.

Improve the quality of your actions.


You are my brother, but I am not your | Get the answer | irogyrikewyx.tk

This is no trivial matter. My aim was to develop great habits through small tiny actions micro-routines. In doing so, I hoped to maximize the quality of my life in such a way that would be of benefit to myself, my friends, family and the community. I asked myself, if I could set my life up in a manner that would make me pleased to exist then what would this look like? I then documented this by designing a week worth of days that I would really like to have.

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This involved ruthlessly scouring every aspect of my life: I would NOT include an experience, unless I found it to bring productivity, joy and meaning to my life. That which I most need is always to be found where I least wish to look. Absolutely everything I need to find is embedded in everything that I am afraid of. This step was about uncovering that which I feared in order to recover and re-integrate these repressed elements of the self into the remainder of my personality.

This involved a conscious effort not to divert my path out of fear. I devised a strategy of approach and hopefully one day in the future, mastery. I examined my fears, deeply and deliberately.

Who Am I? : How to Find Myself

Because we are made in the image of God, God is the fixed reference point on which our design, purpose, and value are established. If we want to know who we are, we must start by looking up at Him , not around at others or within at ourselves. The Spiritual Element Who am I? For those who reject or forget God, like atheists, humans are just here. What makes humans valuable?

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We look around for the best, the brightest, or the coolest. Of course, those who are weak, disabled, or otherwise misfit are left out. History, as well as the daily news, tells of the horrible consequences of this way of thinking. Pantheists, on the other hand, say that god is an abstract principle in all of us. Therefore we need only look within for our value. Of course, some find in themselves a desire to help others, while others find in themselves a desire to hurt others.