Walking Man: A Modern Missions Experience in Latin America

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  2. C. René Padilla and the Origins of Integral Mission in Post-War Latin America
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We found some at home, but we need to follow up with the rest this weekend. We had a discipleship meeting yesterday at 5: Her kidney is shutting down and she is swollen and having trouble breathing. Right now she is in the hospital in Lima.

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She has been a very brave, valuable and wise woman in raising our children in the ways of the Lord; competent in the work of planting churches; loving in seeking the salvation of souls. Her vision is poor and she trips and falls a lot. Please, I ask for your prayers.

The historiographical landscape

If God wants to take her, may it be without the pain of dialysis. If God wants to give her more life, may He give it to her. And when He does take her, let it be without further pain. I miss my wife, a valiant woman who has helped me so much with her words of encouragement. Uncategorized Deja un comentario. We just finished our workshops for children ministry workers. We had 20 participants over two days. A brother from the Proevangelization of the Child Alliance presented the workshop and had assistance from some ladies to do practical exercises. We hope to have some new works with children soon.

People of all ages came who want to work with children. Most were from Cajamarca and within an hour and a half into the mountains. Three came from Bambamarca, two of whom already work with children under the direction of Pastor Segundo Goicochea.

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The other from Bambamarca comes from the countryside around Bambamarca and she vowed to work with children, even if she can only find two! Additionally three attended from Chota and three from Lajas. Cajamarca, Bambamarca, and a new church we are planting in Luya. Merry Christmas from us all and please keep these children and the growth of the Body of Christ in Peru in your prayers for the new year.

I recently returned from a church-planting trip to a small town of Luya, that on a good day, is about 15 hours by bus from my home in Cajamarca. Padilla posited an understanding of Christian mission that dissolved the barrier between social action and evangelism. In doing so, he connected mission to the content of the Gospel message. His article was prescient in the context of wider Protestant Evangelical dialogue on social ethics and theology.

This group met again in the December of the following year in Bolivia, in the bucolic town of Carachipampa, just outside Cochabamba although in later press releases, Cochabamba was cited for clarity. Throughout the next four decades, FTL consultations and members became key interlocutors for the development of themes of integral mission.

Although the Gospel has to do with the personal relation of man with God, it is not simply a formula of individual salvation, but also a proclamation that … God acted in Jesus Christ to create a new humanity. It is the good news … of the Kingdom of God in the person of Jesus Christ. And in this event, the most important of all time, Christian ethics as well as theology encounters its beginning and its end. Later in the same decade, Padilla continued this conversation in English.

C. René Padilla and the Origins of Integral Mission in Post-War Latin America

The most important questions that should be asked with regard to the life and mission of the Church today are not related to the relevance but to the content of the gospel. To be sure, there is a place for the consideration of ways in which the gospel meets man's needs in the modern world. Far more basic however is the consideration of the nature of the gospel that could meet man's needs. The what of the gospel determines the how of its effects in practical life. From onward, Padilla would explore the content of the Gospel, work which eventually led to the formulation of a fully worked-out understanding of integral mission.

Within the socio-political tumult of post-war Latin America, the Latin American university campus and the local church continued to be a laboratory for theological and social experimentation.

Our Ministry Partners

Padilla's proximity to the revolutionary Latin American university scene, in particular, gave rise to both unique theological questions and discontent with pre-packaged answers, making the university a metaphorical classroom within which contextual responses were formed. Padilla and Escobar were developing integral mission en embryo contiguously with liberation theology and broad reforms within the Roman Catholic Church. The global student movement, and in particular the organisational structure of IFES under the leadership of the Australian C.

Stacey Woods, was far-sighted in developing both national leadership and providing the freedom to explore contextual theological methodology. The raw ingredients of integral mission sprang from the expanding post-war Latin American universities, in which Marxist ideas of revolutionary change presented a growing appeal to students. The surge in student enrolment was preceded by waves of rural-urban migration, leaving in its wake urban poverty and creating a context which was ripe for radical student idealism.

Historians and teachers of late modern Christianity should use the language of integral mission to underscore both Padilla's influence and the unique developments that took place in post-war Latin American Protestant Evangelicalism. Stott papers, Lambeth Palace Library, London. The best definition of Protestant Evangelicalism remains David Bebbington's quadrilateral: Evangelicalism in modern Britain: The definitive scholarly biography of Stott is Alister Chapman, Godly ambition: John Stott and the Evangelical movement, Oxford Yates, Christian mission in the twentieth century, Cambridge Stott, Making Christ known: The mission of God: The politics of Evangelical growth, Berkeley , —2.

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Heaney, Contextual theology for Latin America: None the less it is a valuable attempt at a systematisation of Latin American Protestant Evangelical theology. Latin American Evangelical theology , The latter article can also be found in the C. These figures appear to be inflated and are difficult to verify.

Risto Lehtonen, Story of a storm: Norman, Christianity and the world order, Oxford , For more on the rise of third world theologies, and their impact on the missionary movement see Stanley, Global diffusion, This article also appears in Darren C. See also Kirkpatrick-Padilla interview, 13 Sept.

Walking Man ■ The Book | A Modern Missions Experience in Latin America | Página 2

Greenman and Gene L. Green eds , Global theology in Evangelical perspective: Stacey Woods, The growth of a work of God: Kirkpatrick Skype interview with Pedro Arana, 11 Mar. See also Lowman, The day of his power, —2 n.

Padilla to Kirkpatrick, 8 Oct. Voelkel to Ruben Lores, 19 Mar. For Ladd see further John A. D'Elia, A place at the table: Lewis, Guerrillas and generals: For discussion of The Church for others see Mark T. One evening as L. But if I were to print it up, hundreds could hear it. Janes purchased his first hand-cranked press and began printing and distributing tracts in Latin America. In , they relocated to Corpus Christi,Texas, and established Christian Triumph Company Church, a church with a printing ministry, which is even now fulfilling the mission of distributing Christian literature and Bibles to not only Spanish-speaking, but also Portuguese and English speakers in all of Latin America, in Africa and in India.

Janes passed away at the grand old age of The leadership of Christian Triumph partners with many long-time supporters of the work to send the Gospel of Christ to any who will receive it. The Hernandez family has been a part of the Christian Triumph family for more than 30 years and their dedication and humility in this work is a true blessing.