Up and Down Like a Dog at a Fair

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Kerri O'Keefe-Haupt says that there have been similar incidents of hawks attacking dogs. But she says that the birds of prey typically do not go after larger dogs like Phoebe, who is 25 pounds. Veterinarians recommend keeping pets on a leash or in a fenced area.

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Owners are also advised to keep a close eye on their pets while they are outside. A 6-year-old boy received the surprise of his life Monday when his father returned from deployment. Police in New Jersey are mourning the death of a search bloodhound that helped find missing people.

What are the chances of having a white Christmas in New Jersey this year?

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Unfortunately not very good. Do you think you have a great holiday lights display? Check out all of the photos this holiday season!

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Send us yours using NJHolidays on social media. Looking to check out brewery this summer? There are many breweries across the state for beer-lovers to visit. Check out our list for breweries in your area. Craving something savory or sweet?

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It doesn't really matter when it comes to food trucks, where you can have it all -- you just have to know where to find them! Here is a list of food trucks and where you could find them in New Jersey. Hawk snatches dog from Fair Haven driveway Posted: Thursday, February 8, 9: Friday, February 9, Gooch says that he hopes other pet owners learn from his mistake.

Monday, December 17 5: Army dad surprises 6-year-old son at school with emotional return. News 12 Weather Forecast. Monday, December 17 4: Monday, December 17 3: Nearly K still missing after armored truck spills cash on Route 3.

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Dog mess collects beneath the cages. Paws become torn and bloody as they struggle for firm footing on the hard wire they are supposed to stand on. Some of them collapse and die. The rest are sent to markets in even more cramped crates. Then they are killed. Frightened animals being caged, killed and turned into food. If you are a meat eater who is shocked by how dogs are treated in South Korea , maybe you should look at all meat production with fresh eyes.

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But 9 billion chickens are slaughtered for their meat each year in the US. Most of them are intensively farmed. Yes, dogs are smart and friendly — but so are pigs.

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Researchers from Cambridge University found pigs are as smart as three-year-old humans. They can play computer games and recognise people they met several years ago.

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They develop trust and empathy like we, and dogs, do. Just as westerners get angry about people in Asia eating dogs and cats, many Indians get outraged by westerners eating cows.

Up and Down Like a Dog at a Fair by Helen Crawford

People shake their heads in disbelief at guinea pigs and alpacas being served up in South America. Once you stop trying to convince yourself of that, a huge weight is lifted from your shoulders. Topics The meat industry Opinion.