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Or perhaps in response to an effective youth-oriented tobacco control policy, tobacco companies develop new and effective tobacco marketing campaigns aimed at to year-olds. The basic point is that if delayed initiation were its real impact, then an apparently large public health success could actually be dramatically less than assumed. Because the main harms from smoking generally come much later in life, merely delaying when one begins to smoke is probably much less beneficial from the public health perspective than is delaying many other dangerous activities.

Tobacco control

For example, if teens did not drink or did not have children, specific dangers associated with youths engaging in such conduct would be avoided. Moreover, when these youths later take up those very same behaviors as adults, the negative consequences to others could well be much reduced.

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With smoking, by contrast, the benefits of merely delaying initiation may not be the same. To be sure, if delayed initiation into smoking also meant that one were more likely to quit later on, or more likely not to relapse after quitting later on, it might be almost as beneficial as is assumed today, even if the benefit arises in a somewhat different form. In addition, if most long-term smokers started at age 25 instead of age 15, their encounters with tobacco-related diseases would probably, on average, come later in life and at a somewhat reduced incidence.

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I believe, however, that it is uncertain whether this is so. Simplifying a lot, we are talking about a pattern roughly as follows. Suppose that in a cohort of youths, 25 year-olds smoked before the intervention and 25 were smokers at age 30 although this would include some new starters who had replaced some quitters. Now suppose a tax increase reduces the number of year-old smokers to 20 of which would be initially viewed as a substantial public health gain but that at age 30, 25 are smokers. Such a result, other things being equal, suggests that the tax merely put off initiation.

But, of course, other things are by no means equal.

It must also be emphasized that tobacco tax increases are very different, for example, from public policies that impose high automobile insurance rates on teen drivers. The latter, which are meant to delay initiation into driving by some teens, are a highly targeted form of intervention.

Tobacco taxes are not, and realistically cannot be, restricted to youths.

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Indeed, a huge share of tobacco taxes is borne by adults. Although adult demand for cigarettes may not be as price sensitive as is that of teens, the weight of scholarly opinion is that tobacco tax increases have an immediate impact on adults as well—giving some just the right financial nudge to quit or not to relapse, as well as discouraging others who would otherwise begin to smoke. Nor does Glied suggest the contrary. Of course, tobacco tax increases may lose their potency over time simply because they are no longer the tax they once were.

Tobacco Control Policy Simulator

The law repealed the previous omnibus legislation, Federal Law No. Tobacco advertising and promotion are also regulated by Federal Law No.

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The pictorial health warnings required by the Technical Regulations must appear on all tobacco product packages for retail sale by November 15, Several pieces of legislation supplement the smoke free provisions in Law No. First, the Labour Code, Law No.

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Finally, Ministry of Health Decree No. View All Policy Fact Sheets. Add to My Bibliography. Generate a file for use with external citation management software. Ann Am Thorac Soc. Abstract The Surgeon General's report on smoking and health concluded that "Cigarette smoking is a health hazard of sufficient importance in the United States to warrant appropriate remedial action.