Siya Seth Decides to Die

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  1. Siya Seth Decides To Die
  2. Book Review: ‘Siya Seth decides to die’ by Sneha Mehta
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Siya Seth Decides To Die

The character of Reva, best friend of Siya, is the one that keeps the storyline alive with her absolute dedication to stay by the side of her childhood friend through the tough time the latter seemingly was going through. Irony was, Siya could not even disclose to Reva the truth, and that caused loads of misunderstandings within them both.

Her character Siya Seth lives upto the expectations of the readers to the full extent. The author on Facebook: Sneha Mehta The novel on Facebook: Siya Seth has committed suicide.

Book Review: ‘Siya Seth decides to die’ by Sneha Mehta

It is then, after death that she decides to 'Tell-it-all. A victim of parental incest since the age of eight, she tries to do everything that has the propensity to give her some peace and anything to divert her attention. She dates a hunk, Randeep Sissodia cabin crew at Kingfisher much to the irritation of her best friend Reva Dayal. She bribes a policeman at Marine lines after bunking school. She bluffs her always-on-guard mummy. Paperback , pages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Siya Seth Decides to Die , please sign up.

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May 21, Smita Beohar rated it liked it Shelves: The book begins with these ominous lines I, Siya Seth, committed suicide. The line kind of sets the tone of the book. Siya in her early teens speaks to us after her death and unravels the mystery surrounding her. She is guarding a dirty secret. The secret compels her to be the way she is, a loner. She makes an effort to live a lifelike other girls of her age and ends up dating a much older guy; a recipe to disaster.

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Scared that she will lose her mother she never tells her about the sexual abuse she has to bear through the hands of the beast i. A life which she decides to end. What she knows is whatever is happening to her is not right. The abuse portions are written well and will give you goose bumps. You simply have to suck the lollipop…. And the facade continues, the girl kept saying she is ready to bear all consequences but the father makes her do what he intends to.

Your heart will go out for the innocent little girl and you would want to kill the father who otherwise is one of the most celebrated lawyers in the city. I always feel that anything that is being published on such a large scale should have some class but sadly the book lacks that. What goes right for the book is that it has its heart at right place and the debutant author tells us the story which many of us have went through as was proven in the CSAAM initiative. If nothing else the book creates awareness about the issue and captures the psyche of the victim quite well.

Disturbed with the thoughts that how can a father something like this and still live a peaceful life. Read the book to know that not all CSA victims do not scrape through.

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I just wish that the publishing house pays more attention to the quality of stuff being published. There is no point printing books in ten to dozens if you can not maintain quality. Jun 16, Amit Gupta rated it liked it. It is then, after death that she decides to 'tell-it-all. She tries to do everything that has the propensity to give her some peace and anything to divert her attention. She dates a hunk Randeep much to the irritation of her best friend Reva.

She bribes a policeman at Marine Lines after bunking school. She visits Hasina Syed, a past life therapist, w Siya Seth has committed suicide. She visits Hasina Syed, a past life therapist, who claims to heal her soul of only Rs Or are some things too sleazy to be discussed, when alive? There is more than one way of interpreting this book but the way i see it, it essentially explores the failure of the main protagonist to cope up with the misfortune she has been subjected to.

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The action here is dark and gritty and the story initially unfolds in such a manner that it is difficult to keep up with. The disgust over the incest actions looms largely over the book, yet the author keeps the mounting tension layered with a dose of humour.

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It takes its own sweet time to arrive at the central conflict and could have got away with a few lesser self-indulges, but in the end it portrays a throbbing portrait of incest relationship between the father and her daughter. Siya Seth is essentially a flawed character. She is brazen and outspoken, blatantly utter cuss words, dismissive of anything 'normal' around her and absolutely arrogant to everyone including her mother. The author employs non-linear narrative to take us through her life, from the first time she is raped to her suicide. In between these two plot points, her failed attempts to find herself are explored where she dates a hunk, gets involved in a bribing incident with the Mumbai Police and attends a quack session of spiritual healing.

All these incidents ultimately take her back to the molestation sessions with the father and thus, further explores her inner frustration and dilemma. At these situations, Siya's internal pangs, betrayal of trust innuendos and the existence of an isolated life are well captured. There are few chapters interspersed in the narrative where the point of view of every other character on Siya is provided. These chapters even though well written stand out like sore thumbs. Almost all of them have clunky transitions with respect to the previous plot points and sudden change of tone in the narrative provides hindrance in maintaining a smooth flow of ideas.

I have always been fan of non-linear screenplays. However, it doesn't quite work in this case mainly because the reader does not get an idea about the exact time when particular incidents of rape happens in her life. It is a dark, disturbing story told with lot of panache and craft.

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  • Siya Seth Decides To Die: Book Review.

It has some clunky transitions and does meanders in between with self indulgences but makes up for it with hard-hitting notes. In these days when the market is inundated with books about love, life and all that jazzz oops! Do give it a chance, A worthy weekend read.