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Her carefully constructed life in the big city has fallen apart, but a second chance awaits in the quiet town of Chestnut Springs. Sweet Love at Bayside Sweet with Heat: Bayside Summers Book 1. Passion ignites as Desiree and Rick spend long summer nights sharing heartfelt confessions and steamy kisses but can it last forever? Share your thoughts with other customers.

Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention willy vlautin allison johnson paul newman abusive boyfriend motel life bad decisions las vegas conversations with paul beautifully written read willy vlautin crafts his prose novel northline books to read girl gritty lives reno spare call heart. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Allison Johnson exists in a tenuous world where some days can be summed up as three steps forward, two steps back. She took the cigarette from the ashtray, took pulls from it until it was red hot, then lifted the sleeve on her shirt and on her bicep, next to the other scars, she put the cigarette out.

Johnson, we are afforded glimpses of daily life within the white underclass.

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Allison Johnson might like Don Williams. She only has two tapes, Patti Page and Brenda Lee, and would probably like a little variety. There are dozens of Allison Johnsons in every western US town large enough to maintain a public transit system, a network of social service agencies and a supply of minimum wage jobs. Later in the day, she will ride a cross-town bus to work several hours in a phone room or tavern.

Red took a long drink from his beer then set it on the coffee table, moved closer to the girl, and kissed her on the neck. He put his right hand on her leg and slowly went up it. He waited for her refusal but there was none. It is a bit of a stretch to call Vlautin an emerging star novelist or even an important new voice.

But Northline is a worthwhile read, if only to serve as a reminder that the telemarketers who call us at 6: She decides to leave Vegas and takes off for Reno hoping the move will not only turn her life around for the better, but also get her away from her loser boyfriend Jimmy. Along the way Allison keeps making bad decisions that hurt her and keeps running into the bottom of the barrel and low-life people of the world.

She tries hard to make a new life, but her biggest problem is herself and her lack of confidence. Slowly but surely, Allison pulls herself up and along the way meets strangers who are capable of showing kindness to Allison and showing her that there are good folks in this world. Join her as she struggles to make a new life, along with the help of her imaginary conversations with Paul Newman! Vlautin is one of my favorite authors of all time. He has the talent to make his characters jump right out of the pages and into your heart. The characters are SO very real, the situations are complex and genuine, and the plots wonderful and wild.

Unfortunately, I am now out of Vlautin books to read! If you haven't enjoyed any of his books, you are in for a treat. Check them out; they are all fantastic. Vlautin has won awards for his work and once you have read his books, you will certainly understand why. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Please forgive me if I just don't get it.

This is a slice of life, not a story.

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It gives the voyeuristic reader a way to stare at the poor, the addicted, the abusive, and the abused without being seen or asked for help. She's been traumatized by her mother's neglect, sexual assaults, and verbal and physical abuse by her boyfriend. She drinks until she passes out and can't stop drinking.

She burns and cuts herself when she starts to panic. She's pregnant with the abusive boyfriend's baby and has regrets after she gives it up for adoption. She's scared to death the abusive ex-boyfriend is going to follow her to Reno. None of these problems are solved even when she makes several friends who try to help her.

The only thing I came away from this book with was a reminder of how much difference a little kindness can make in another person's life even if it doesn't solve all their problems.

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For anyone who just likes gritty realism with no concern about a plot, this is the book. Like his Motel Life novel, Northline describes those living life on the fringes. Not without hope and trying to improve their lives but never ever making the best decisions, relying on the wrong people, and stuck in the loop of failure imprinted on them at birth and reinforced by their broken families daily. Northline is the sad story of Allison who flees from her hometown of Las Vegas to end her relationship with an abusive boyfriend that had impregnated her.

She wants to get her life together but her weakness for alcohol and lack of resources dooms her to repeat a cycle of trying hard to make a life for herself only to slip into a drunken stupor and to start all over again. It does end on a somewhat optimistic note when she enters into a relationship with another broken physically and emotionally young man she meets at the restaurants she works at. This will not end well as she grasps at another dead end.

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Set up a giveaway. Receiver Very rude and unprofessional. Their service is shocking. I complained to the Cairns Branch manager Steve M and coped an earful of abuse. Apparently their inability to perform is my fault.

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What a horrible and aggressive person. How did he ever get the GM job? Receiver Destroyed a set of alloy wheels. A set of alloy wheels was sent through this company, one was dropped and had been so badly handled it had broken out of the box and was severely damaged then placed back in the broken box and taped up poorly. Another had been sliding around the back of the truck so much that it actually rubbed through the box and flat spotted the rim and had damage in the face.

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The third had not been tied down properly and something probably the 4th mag bounced around on it that much that it pitted the face through the packaging. Dropped it off at my house to my wife and left without a word. Quick to take your money and quicker to leave your wrecked items behind. Contacting the ombudsman next. Receiver Poor Customer Experience. Wanted goods from Darwin to Brisbane - North Line chosen because of 5 day transit time.

When goods didn't arrive i phoned only to be told that 5 days does NOT include the day you contact the company to arrange pick up which is done the next day , does NOT include the day goods are collected and does NOT include weekends do all their trucks park up on weekends. Despite their "on hold" phone message claiming state of the art tracking, they couldn't tell me where my goods were. Finally arrived at Brisbane depot on Friday morning - they acknowledged the goods were late - but then couldn't possibly get them to me until Monday Arghh!!

Was told I would be contacted to arrange a suitable time for drop off I requested between 12 and No contact until driver phoned around 7am stating he was at my door - we were out, and he had no record of timing request midday 3pm And no one really cares Never use them again.

Sender Great service, very reilable. We are based in Perth and freight all over Australia. Northline have been nothing other than a great firm to deal with. Price is very competitive and schedules are prompt. Would be happy to refer people on. Sender Unbelievably bad service. I could not imagine a worse service.

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  • On 8 January I paid to consign a trunk, weight about 55 kg from Canberra to an address in Townsville. Northline verbally provided an estimate, but when the invoice came it was for less than the estimate This appeared to be a review in our favour. The pickup was not on the nominated day, in a truck too big to fit in our driveway without damaging some trees, contrary to our advice. After about a two week wait for delivery, the item was located by the addressee in Northline's warehouse in Sydney, where it had remained while in transit from Canberra, because the amount paid ie the invoiced amount was not what the original verbal estimate was.

    No notification to the sender or addressee had been made. The difference was paid, and the item was forwarded to the Northline warehouse in Townsville, where it again remained without notification until the addressee located it. The Northline representative in Townsville advised that Northline did not deliver to private addresses despite this being part of the original discussion.

    Eventually the trunk was delivered but without notification, at a time when the addressee was not home, despite a delivery instruction to call before delivery so that it could be received. After further discussion, the addressee was advised that she could pick it up with her car, or it could be delivered but would be left on the kerb, because it was too heavy to take inside and they did not have a trolley. Another delivery was attempted, again without notification, and the item would have been left on the kerb except that one of the children of the house refused to accept it as his mother was at work, and anyway she was a small woman and would have been incapable of handling it.

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    This situation remains unresolved. The invoice from Northline was dated 8 January and payment was authorised on the same day. As at 25 February, the item remains in the Northline warehouse in Townsville. There has been no further contact from Northline, despite Northline's advice that they would discus the matter further.

    In summary, I paid on 8 January to send a package. The package was not picked up on time and has still not been delivered. No tracking information has been provided. Sender Sent Expensive crated goods to a buyer but Northline damaged them in transit. Sent a large crated load of equipment from the Gold Coast to SA. Northline dropped the crate off the truck as the machine was damaged. The real kicker is that Northline would not offer free shipping on the replacement machine that I had to send out again which cost me a further 2.

    Contacting Northline was problematic as they failed to answer emails or return phone-calls. Do Not Use Warning! Receiver Incompetent, disgraceful and unwilling to help. They are an inconsiderate, incompetent and amateurish organisation. My items were stolen from the Perth Depot. Northline has a People First mission statement, what a joke. I suggest everyone look for an alternative option other than engaging this utterly useless excuse for a freighting company. This saga has been going on for over a year. Northline management still refuse to assist.

    I did never receive my item nor did Northlines insurance payout on my claim for the stolen property. Receiver Lost order, wrong information, still not received delivery. The seller of a chair I purchased used Northline Couriers to deliver to me in Canberra.