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Comedian, writer John Mulaney has an interesting bit about the hierarchy of slurs though he left out the c-word. Heck, even the f-word itself, feminism, is still a PR nightmare, which brings me back to why so many people are opposed to the bossy ban.

Women did not start the war on words. Feminism is merely responding, finally, to centuries of verbal diarrhea that has been flung at women. Bruises heal, but words can leave invisible and permanent damage. For all the things that keep women as disadvantaged minorities, language might be the most dangerous because we use it every day, and often too carelessly. By speaking out, Sandberg is merely breaking from normative behavior. When adults become parents, they go to great lengths to change their language to set a positive example for their children. Abandoning their days of talking like sailors is an attempt to raise well-rounded, respectful kids.

This post was written by a Feministing Community user and does not necessarily reflect the views of any Feministing columnist, editor, or executive director. MayBee, in England, that's a putdown from one man to another. They're far too polite to call a woman that. That only happens in America, from one woman to another. This is NOT me. I don't use vulgarity. I do live outside of the USA. I've heard it before. That sort of thing. In the USA, cunt is never used like that. In America it's strictly pornographic. Americans won't hear the same thing, they'll hear the pornographic term.

I am American but I am not resident in America. There are huge cultural differences between the US and Commonwealth Countries. The differences are subtle, so you won't notice at first. I mean, that's apparently the only acceptable use case for the word here in America. In England, guys call other guys cunt, but not in front of women.

Here, famous liberated women call out other women for behaving badly with that word. Those are the rules. I've had it with the bullshit puritanism of present-day American politics. If you can call someone an "asshole," you should be able call them a "cunt," but it's just too easy in social media to latch onto a word, to snatch the "cunt," grab that pussy, and see if you can destroy somebody today.

What took you so long? And are you really fed-up up with the bullshit puritanism and purity purges, or just a select subset? First, consider what you would normalize, tolerate, or reject. This approach expands your world, and will necessarily reduce the clutter. Sometimes, you will need to apply this filter in real time in order to separate the wheat from the chaff. You may also get lucky, and discover people, books, programs, etc. Still, it could happen.

The Internet merely increases your venues and reduces travel time. I appreciate people pointing out the obvious double standard when it comes to liberal and non-liberal "offensive speech. Leftists need to be victims to sell their bullshit. Conservatives need to emphasize their confidence in having clearer ideas based in logic and experience.

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Americans are free to fire Bee. Bee wasn't paying attention to cultural differences. Americans hear it in 1 way - like a horrid pornographic term, not as in "he's acting cunty" or "whatta feckless cunt" or "hello cunts who wants a drink? There's a much larger Scottish influence in Canada. People look more Scottish. Lot more Scottish accents. The Dennis Hopper character in the movie 'The River's Edge' was named Feck; his main companion was a blow-up sex-doll. The movie was a kind of 'pre-Columbine' movie: It was loosely based on a true story; from Wiki: This was also the period of Glover's infamous appearance on the Letterman show.

I think I'm going to have to rewatch it this weekend I'm getting more discerning indeed, and that is a flattering comment inasmuch as I recognize the process you describe. SNL in the 80s was really funny at times. I'm not just yelling at kids to get off my damned lawn. Also, I think you're over-analyzing Bee's use of "feckless". In her context it doesn't make any sense either in its non-slang meaning or as slang for "fuckless".

Occam's razor suggest that she used it because she's dumb and of limited literacy and thought it meant something else. She's Canadian and has been to Scotland. In a jokey way like she's a lad at the pub? If Samantha Bee is a Canadian who so misunderstands American culture, why does she have a political comedy show in the US?

I'm trying to think of any regular comedy shows in London are there any in Canada? Trying to remember if there were any where they used crude Americanisms to do so. For educational purposes only, how to use the f-word and get away with it, Cheap Flights, https: The OED has "Etymology: And it's not unlikely that the 'c' word would have crept into English via the Yiddish, if it's more of an American usage.

As to "feckless," I thought SB used it as "useless," but also just liked the sound of it as similar to "fuckless. Another reason why immigrants should learn our language. If it's OK to call a guy a "dick" then it should be OK to call a woman a "cunt".

Last night, at a Television Awards party that did not allow media, Samantha Bee received an award and said she sometimes did not use filters and explained she was incensed by the treatment of immigrant children by President Trump and previous administrations. Yet she did not call Michelle or Malia Obama this slur. And we all know if she had, today would be the day all Republicans had to answer for it.

Samantha Bee should be furious at the groups that organize these migrant caravans and encourage parents to send their minor children to America.

Over Australian Slang Terms & Phrases | A Guide to Aussie Slang

She should have just said she'd taken Ambien. Now that would have been funny. But Samantha Bee is not funny. And, suddenly, no one is talking about Roseanne. I loathe political correctness and social media in equal measure, but the way they combine to show the utterly lightweight, unserious, thinking of the Left is a delight to behold. The digital age has definitely accelerated the cognitive cycle of the collective hive mind.

That way optimism lay. During the campaign McCain was accused of calling his wife Cindy a cunt. That must be how Obama won. I was told when I was working in Oz that fannie means cunt,with all of the tactile, olfactory, and mythical connotations. A fannie pack is a different thing there, I was told.

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I say we accept both women's explanations at face value and move on, or cancel both their shows, but a pretext to cancel Rosanne was too much to pass up, I guess. I am explaining a linguistic cultural difference. It was on her to discover that in the States "Cunt" is a taboo word never used.

It has 1 meaning -- a pornographic, misogynistic, taboo meaning. It's not like saying "feckless dick" or "ignorant slut" in the USA. The word is so taboo in the US, it's possible she didn't figure it out until she used it on the show. Only difference now is that some non-progs are fighting back and calling the left on their double-standard BS. N's using the N word, e. And rhhardin is onto something too even though he overplays his hand. Blogger Shouting Thomas said Google Rita Ora singing at Mother Theresa's funeral.

However, politically congruent PC is a progressive construct PC. Hillary lost and the leftwing bitches of Hillarywoodland are forever bitter, jealous, and butthurt. I can live with that. It's not clear to me why the S. Bee comment is being referred to as a "joke". The bartender says, 'You're a dickhead.

It's the tone and facial expression and the way you say it. Some people cannot pronounce the N-word in the way that some people use with friends. Some people can't hear the tonal difference or get the different delivery. I'd never suggest that an American should go to Australia or Scotland and start calling people Cunts. He might end up getting punched. You gotta know how to do it according to custom. Likewise, Samantha Bee needs to talk like an American because she has an American show.

The left has been trying to turn the word feckless around since Obama's photo was posted next to it in the dictionary. I've always been fascinated by the strange aspect of feminism that requires directed HATRED at certain women for almost always hazy and confusing reasons. The PowerLine blog has a look back at some really offensive cartoons of Condi Rice from back in the Bush 41 era. She was hated for being Black AND a woman. So anyway, Althouse is ballsy, earthy, chick who doesn't mind profane language. Well, plenty of peeps do.

And that's why there's an asterisk. We don't write out Nigger or Kike either. Because it offends people. Some papers don't write out God Damn or even Son of a Bitch - for the same reason. What could more childish then writing "N-word"? So, lets have one standard. Either we offend most everyone with our plain speaking, or we don't.

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I accuse Samantha Bee who she? I'll guarantee that that social change awards ceremony the other night from which the press was excluded was full of feckless cant. In fact, Samantha Bee, who I believe is Canadian, should whisk her tail back to Canada, where PM Shiny Pony specializes in feckless cant, and spout her feckless cant up there. She can get into a cage match with Jordan Peterson.

Samantha Bee is that a clown name? Its interesting how the Brits love to use the word "Bloody" "Cunt" and "Sod off". Which always struck me as an effeminate way of swearing. In other English speaking places it sounds more like a level 5 or level 3 insult. More along the lines of "feckless dick. Kind of like the SNL, "ignorant slut" sketch. On the Bee thing and Rosanne: Political discourse in the US is entertainment. Politicians are in the fray and it's a big reality TV show.

People get insulted a lot. Lots of talk about insults. Lots of talk about celebrities.

A Beginner’s Guide to Australian Slang

Lots of talk about cultural stuff, particularly sex. Much less focus on policy. In other countries, politics and politicians is a lot more boring with a lot more discussion of policy. TBS needs to fire Samamtha Bee-itch. What is "funny" about that? If you're going to fire Rosanne for an off-work Tweet, fire Bee-itch. There is a strange whiff of Obama revival in and on the air. Perhaps because it bleeds 7 days a month? The tone the expression. It is possible to say it as a extreme insult in a Commonwealth Country. Bee crossed the line just as Barr did in a slightly different way: I had not even thought of this.

Feckin' is how fuckin' sounds in many British accents. And googling, the phrase is used in Scotland. I still think the incest part is the most important, and revealing of Bee's character. And I don't remember anyone being punished for calling Bush that. I have no sympathy for the whines by the people going after Rosanne for calling VJ a monkey. Treating people differently based on their skin color is racism, and I'm opposed to that 2: But if we're going to destroy people's careers for saying racist things, then we should be destroying people's careers for saying sexist things.

And "FC" was a sexist attack on Ivanka. So it's time to nuke Bee's career. Hardin misses the point by a mile. She is comparing to a cunt that is unfucked. It's the difference between being and having. Chuck is a fool, only King Lear has a fool. She was just ritually denouncing the enemies of her tribe.

These things are religio-cultural rituals, in a way substitutes for attendance at churches. They have a less than orderly liturgy and the formulas of denunciation are not yet standardized. Since it is not a conventionally religious society, being as it professes a hatred of religion, the forms are ostensibly not religious - a comedy performance on stage or a late-night tv show may seem odd, but religion expresses itself where it can.

Its a corollary I think to Chestertons observation. If you won't go to church some odd things are going to turn into churches. Since their enemies are human and real and not a supernatural concept the rituals are often inapt. So Samantha actually insulted lesbians and some tranz going after Ivanka? Lolololol I thought she was using the actual definition of feckless. Thank you Professor I think? Would someone please remind me who the Vulgarians are again?

Not because it draws viewers, it does not, really, but because they have an agenda. I agree with this, and wish it were not that way here in the US. It's boring and unhealthy. Obviously, there's no reason to say that about Ivanka. Would it be improper to refer to V. Politics has been entertainment since cave-women gossipped about the tribal headman.

Really, consider the subjects of ancient literature and drama. Aristophanes was not writing romantic comedies or family sitcoms. The only places where this is suppressed are where speech is suppressed; or where there is a democratic deficit, as in Europe, where government is much more bureaucratized and impersonal, and near-impervious to public opinion. Grey people deliberately hiding behind institutions, using process as a smokescreen. The American problem is partly a set of MSM monopolies created by several decades of corporate consolidations as also happened with Internet venues.

A real oldie and reserved for use among mates: You got it arse about you drongo — A stubby holder is to prevent your hands from warming the beer. Mongrel can also refer to an erection. This is something really helpful. A real aussie would know that we laugh at people who wear any kind of footwear on the beach yes this includes thongs. But never got chance to be station in Australia.

I have a lot of mates that thought me a lot about Australia and its culture. Now out of the Military and yrs young, I still speak Aussie than anything. Perhaps due to our shared British heritage and hearing these terms on TV. I bet if we put all these slang words into a sentence, people would think we were talking another language!

Most of the slang is slang but most Aussie slang has 2 translations and only one is given. Also most of the information is wrong. I have to do a project for school about Australia, and this helps a lot! Stories traded over a Furphy water tank and if it sounds outrageous or exaggerated, came to be known as a furphy. Your email address will not be published. Hostels Groups Blog Write for us. Agent login - Media.

Amy Jones - Reading time: Check out this awesome blog have been looking at Facebook Twitter Whatsapp Embed. Copy and paste the following HTML into your website code: What about the word Chockers …full up or the road is completely filled with cars. Bees in My Head pt. VI — Matturday Night Fever.

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Just Moved to Australia? Pissed off can also mean there just really annoyed, not just drunk. You flaming bum nut. Learn the Lingo — What is the Slang? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.