G. F. Unger Sonder-Edition - Folge 012: Einsam in der Hölle (German Edition)

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Fairy Tales, Family, Adventure min. Ts emerge, guns blazing. MotoTerminators patrol post-Apocalyptic L. Hunter Killers rain death. Machinima delivers action and style in a big way. Reboot the future with Terminator Salvation: Family, Fantasy, Animated Animals min. Meet Scruff, a puppy with endless curiosity and energy to spare. Comedy, Drama, Art House, Romance 95min. Now, on the occasion of the centenary of his birth, the Criterion Collection is proud to present this deluxe set celebrating his astonishing career.

Featuring twenty-five of the films he made over the course of his fifty years in movies - from samurai epics to postwar noirs to Shakespeare adaptations - AK is the most complete set of his works ever released in this country, and includes four rare films that have never been available for home video. The Bad Sleep Well. I Live in Fear. No Regrets for Our Youth. Sanshiro Sugata, Part II. North American Motion Pictures When the death of his estranged wife forces the Harris family together under the same roof, tensions boil, fears are realized and severe choices are made.

A lifetime of passive-agressive mind-games and manipulation reaches its flashpoint during the wake and funeral. The aftermath could tear the family apart once and for all. Four days can feel like a lifetime. Four days with family can feel even longer. Comedy, Family Relationships 79min. Celebrity Video Distribution Sexy Comedies, College Life, Comedy 80min. Tse is Tong, a take-no-prisoner police sergeant who accidentally killed a girl during his relentless pursuit of armed robber Cheung Ho-man Keung.

With spectacular action and car chases choreographed by legendary Hong Kong stuntman Bruce Law, Beast Stalker is one gritty, tension-filled cop-and-robber thriller that will have you riveted from beginning to end. When the governments of all nations announce that a giant meteorite will collide with Earth in 72 hours, humanity erupts in chaos and despair. But in the small Spanish village of Laguna, slacker handyman Alejandro Victor Clavijo now faces an even more immediate horror: There are only three days left until Armageddon. How do you protect the people you love from the inevitable end of the world?

Before The Fall is nothing short of a masterpiece. The rock group Gutter Filth is moving quickly up the charts and receiving ever-more-frequent national exposure.

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Thus sets in motion a rollicking tale of survival and sexual conquest as the group - sex addict G. Featuring 8 original songs by Moscow Schoolboy from a song-laden soundtrack, The Band is the most daring, pan-sexually erotic punk rock film ever made in Australia - or anywhere else Music, Australian, Comedy, Drama, Erotica, Foreign 91min. Breaking Glass Pictures Battlestar Galactica is a complete re-imagining of the s series upping the ante on the action, adventure, and drama that made the original so popular.

Echo Bridge Home Entertainment In London, a musician finds himself assailed by visions of fire and destruction and is unable to finish an important concert. Later, he is contacted by a beautiful and mysterious woman who tells him that his problems are in some way connected with unusual solar activity and volcanic eruptions in a remote part of Turkey. He visits the area and finds himself in the center of a terifying battle between the forces of light and darkness. At stake is the very survival of the planet. Everyone has something to hide in the biggest, boldest season yet of this provocative hit series!

HBO Home Video Shortly after discovering that her dream of joining the Los Angeles Ballet has come true, 17year-old Sherri Christina DeMarco receives a devastating report from her doctor: Falling back on their faith, Sherri and her father, Vince Greg Robbins , begin to pray. One night, following an extensive prayer session, a miracle occurs. Unrequited childhood loves and blinding grudges, brutal outbursts and sudden slapstick, music, movies, and poetry, A Christmas Tale ties it all together in a marvelously messy package.

He must now unravel the lies from his past.

Sam discovers that his ex-Father-in-Law has set him up to take a fall. Can one man, divided by two women, set up from the beginning, get ahead of the curve, and fight his way out? Action, Adventure, Drama 82min. Featuring the original Baker kids, including Hilary Duff, Tom Welling and Piper Perabo, this supersized comedy is fun for the whole family! Take a step back in time with joyful and wonderful Christmas cheer. In this one-hour DVD you will experience a dramatic presentation of Christmas that time has forgotten along with the breath-taking re-enactment of the gospels.

You will visit old-fashioned Christmases with stories, activities and ideas of how your family can celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. The important truth in all of Christianity is stated right here: Also included in this wonderful docudrama for your family is 12 days of Christmas fun and you will uncover the true meaning behind the 12 days of Christmas. With those words, Charles Dickens laid pen to paper to create one of the most cherished holiday tales ever told. A Christmas Carol is a Victorian morality tale of an old and bitter miser, Ebenezer Scrooge, who undergoes a profound experience of redemption over the course of one evening.

He holds anything other than wealth in contempt including friendship, love and the Christmas season. All told through ghostly visits, charitable characters in the likes of employee Bob Cratchit and his family including youngest disabled son, Tiny Tim. When his boys have plans of their own and the heist goes horribly wrong, gang warfare erupts. British, Caper, Crime min. The Story of a Murderer wakes up with a hangover Lying beside him, fatally stabbed, is the naked body of the woman. Can Ben survive life in jail long enough to last through a trial he has little hope of winning?

Mystery, Thrillers, Crime, Drama min. Has Deborah accidentally discovered an alternate reality that unleashes a homicidal evil, or is she trapped within the terrifying recesses of the female mind? Could Clinton be leading another life secret even to himself? Well Go USA In the middle of a regular show, full of nutty interviews and wise-ass monologues, calls start flooding in. No, an attack of some sort What unfolds in minute-by-minute suspense for Logan and his radio team is all of our worst fears combined: A terrorist attack, a biological contanimant This madness turns father on son, mother on children, friend against friend.

Dead Air is a chillingly modern twist on the classic zombie movie—now seen through the terrifying prism on international terrorism. Whilst wagging school, two teenagers stumble across a strange hybrid creature, a beast that is half man, half alien and ALL zombie, which has managed to make its way unseen across desolate countryside to the town of Pleasance. Now with a conscience and accompanied by a small group of eccentric locals, Orion is back to help battle the second legion of zombies. However, he is soon to discover a startling revelation that will alter the very fabric of his existence!

One of the all-time highlights in kung fu movie history, this action spectacle made a star of leading man Alexander Fu Sheng The Eight Diagram Pole Fighter, Heroes Shed No Tears and remains a stunning high point in modern action cinema. Action, Chinese, Foreign, Martial Arts min. BBC Home Video Brain Damage Films During the top secret exercise the infected citizens begin to convert each resident into a sort of living zombie until the remaining town residents, six total strangers, are trapped inside a movie complex.

Zombies Ltbx S 85min. Is there any truth to the prophecy that the world will end on that specific date? And why do so many oracles throughout history seem to point to that same dreaded doomsday? This fascinating special cuts through the myths and offers a factbased examination of the Doomsday prophecy. Apocalyptic Future, Documentary, History Channel min. After encountering a neurotic, drug abusing clown she finds herself sliding down a dark spiral.

Soon, her road trip starts to devolve into a living nightmare. Trapped and desperate, she fights to regain her identity while navigating through a host of locals: Thrillers, Devils And Demons, Horror 93min. Collection Robert Downey Jr. When the facility is locked down for the weekend and the drugs take effect, the human guinea pigs experience sinister hallucinations pointing to a horrific double murder. Unsure of where reality stops, the apparitions become more and more threatening until the only way to leave the facility alive is to solve the haunting secret.

Mystery, Thrillers, Horror 96min. Horror, Mystery, Thrillers 96min. Season two features thirteen episodes. Boxed Sets, Drama, Family min. He is not quite sure what this speed dating thing is all about, as he sets up the tables. Ten people come together looking to connect. Ten single people that are lost, lonely, and looking for romance?

Do the lonely hearts find what they are looking for or are they setting themselves up for a fall? The story becomes an event mired in inadequacy, misfortune and drama. Each of the guests has a hidden past, hidden desires, fears, insecurities, and often devious secrets and agendas. And so, they undertake their Drama, Foreign, Mexican 86min. This sudden death also spoiled the fragile relationship she already had with her teenager daughter Lory Elisabetta Virgili. Thrillers, Erotica, Foreign, Italian 75min. The Complete Series Funny People: Follow John Crichton and the crew of Moya on a journey to places they never dreamed possible.

Sizzling with brilliant characters, breathtaking effects, highstakes action, and irreverent humor, Farscape is like no science fiction before! It is a story of good versus evil, obsession, friendship, and even love. The unpredictable twists and turns of this international TV hit will keep you riveted and cheering for more.

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Adventure, Drama, Science Fiction, Space min. Romance, Thrillers, British, Fantasy, Foreign 98min. What follows is a classic battle between good and evil as the three kids struggle to overcome a nightmarish hell that is literally taking over the Earth. Thrillers, Devils And Demons, Horror 85min.

Just as the G-Force - an elite team of highly trained guinea pigs is about to save the world, the F. Armed with the latest in high-tech spy equipment, and with the F. From the producer of the Pirates Of The Caribbean trilogy and National Treasure, and filled with high-octane action, daredevil stunts, cutting edge special effects and outrageous comedy, G-Force is fantastic fun for the whole family. Action, Adventure, Drama, Western min. Through imaginative powers, they escape their confining home-life, save their self-destructive mother, and finally, reinvent their world in a mind-bending conclusion.

Wolfe Video tba BestellNr.: As Dutch schoolgirl Hanna D, Ann-Gisel Glass delivers an eyepopping performance that takes her from coy teenage tease to depraved junkie whore, complete with a parade of perversion that includes voyeurism, mutilation, sleazy pimps, drunk nude mothers and more. Thrillers, Action, Foreign, Japanese min. The legendary queen of television comedy, Lucille Ball, is joined by her real-life children in her third long-running sitcom success. A couple of singers and their friends are working late at their studio when a masked serial killer shows up and ruins all the fun.

Who could this mysterious killer be and why does he want to kill the singers? As the night progresses, this label is loosing more and more of its clients. Serial Killers, Horror 90min. Sub Rosa Studios Like many before him, he plans to pursue his secret dream to become a movie star - and, of course, to find love along with fame and fortune! Completely naive about what he is getting into, Jerome nonetheless hooks up with some colorful locals, and stumbles headlong into an acting role.

Eric Debets shines as Jerome; his classic look and an amusing ease with his own awkwardness are evocative of Buster Keaton and Marcel Marceau. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Our House. Ghost Stories Science Fiction, Thrillers min. When he is sent to assassinate the members of a rival gang, childhood memories lead him to permit one of the men to live. Rather than being grateful, the survivor of the killings plots his revenge despite the fact that the two gangs are now merging into one operation.

Meanwhile, Shuji has run across his childhood sweetheart, and the two of them realize that they share a similar view that their childhood was a special, golden time to be cherished. In a role traditionally played by men, award-winning actress Haruka Ayase is both tender and brutal. Beautiful Ichi wanders blindly from village to village, searching for the sightless swordsman who long ago taught her to kill.

Her technique is exquisite and explosive, her defenses as impenetrable as the darkness in which she moves. Many along her solitary path are touched - some by the sound of her delicate music, others by the edge of her lethal blade. Hassled by thugs, their boss flees to the nearest card game in an attempt to reclaim his gambling debts before his legs are broken, or worse.

As the diverse group awaits their paychecks on this busy last night, they each struggle with their own religious pride, misunderstanding and differences. Secrets are exposed, friendships formed and broken, but the spirit of ever-present Christmas remains alive. Christmas, Comedy, Family, Holidays 88min.

When a highly competitive money mogul Eddie Murphy finds his financial kingdom slipping, he turns to his 7-year-old daughter Yara Shahidi and her fantasy world of imaginary princesses for help. Comedy, Family, Fantasy min. Comedy, Drama min. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment The Complete First Season Chinese min.

Vivendi Visual Entertainment But when the new Israeli Defense Minister and his wife move next door, the government demands that the trees be uprooted. Can two women from opposite sides of the fence find justice in a country and culture divided by intolerance? Moriarty half a million. Harry gives Eddy a week to come up with the money before he starts taking fingers as collateral. So, while Harry sends a couple of petty crooks to steal a pair of antique shotguns to add to his collection, Eddy and his mates plan a caper that will enable them to pay off Harry and make out like bandits!

Sam Lau , a billionaire tycoon, falls in love with a casino nightclub cabaret singer, Milan Shu , but can their Cinderella romance last amid the reality of their social and class differences? Some will seek forgiveness, others escape. Some will mend frayed bonds, others will be exposed.

New Line Home Entertainment After twenty years, the legendary Zorro Hopkins escapes from prison to avenge the murder of his wife and kidnapping of his daughter Elena Zeta Jones at the hand of his enemy, Don Raphael Montero, but first he must transform a cocky young thief Banderas into the fearless hero and champion of the people he once was. Swashbucklers, Thieves, Adventure min.

The original caped crusader is back! Having spent the last ten years fighting injustice and cruelty, Alejandro de la Vega Banderas is now facing his greatest challenge: Is There Life Out There? Watson James Mason to investigate. Now the brilliant pair must follow a terrifying trail of clues that includes a frightened psychic Donald Sutherland , a suspicious Inspector David Hemmings , an institutionalized woman Genevieve Bujold and the Prime Minister of England Sir John Gielgud. Find out in this masterful suspense thriller directed by Bob Clark A Christmas Story that both fans and critics have called the most exciting and original Sherlock Holmes movie ever made.

Belvedere, the sardonic and sophisticated housekeeper of the Owens household in one of the most adored, if not referenced, sitcoms of all time. Season three hosts a plentiful palette of predicaments when Marsha Ilene Graff , now a lawyer, must represent son Kevin Rob Stone in court, Heather Tracey Wells dates a thief and Wesley tries to get Belvedere deported.

Christmas Food Court Flash Mob, Hallelujah Chorus - Must See!

Despite his impending deportation, Belvedere must prove there is never a mess too big for his mop. ABC, Comedy, Family min. He has a job, an apartment in the warehouse, and five cats. But Frank is lonely.

He needs a woman. One of his co-worker places a Personals ad for Frank in a local paper. The ad draws a series of obnoxious, bitchy, demanding women - and one good one who will become The Bride of Frank. When his dates make unfair judgments about his age or his appearance, Frank loses his temper and kills them. Kills them in spectacular ways. Moral of the story: Armed with nothing but eternal optimism and his trusty rock, the immortal Throg must now confront his density. Of course, no pain, no gain. Friends who grew up in working-class Boston, they drift apart after a terrible tragedy. Years later, brutal events reconnect them.

Dave is a suspect. And Sean, now a cop, scrambles to solve the crime before volatile Jimmy takes the law into his own hands. The river has many depths. Let it wash over you. Comedy, Documentary min. Eagle Vision USA Box Set 2 Comedy, Documentary min. Troma Team Video But as his assignments grow more dangerous, he learns the true meaning of loyalty when he gets some help from a very unlikely source. Kat Jennifer Welsh believes her parents will reconcile and the situation a secret.

Her brother Jack Greg Lyons is forced to mediate between parents and shoulder the finances. Praised by critics and winner of 8 awards, The New Year Parade mixes actors and non-actors, documentary footage and fiction, to closely examine how divorce can effect young people. Art House, Drama 85min. The residents seem like nice people, but employees are disappearing and the whole place seems a bit odd. The boarders are vegetarian, the house director plays the same creepy tune on the piano over and over again, and one man, in particular, seems overly violent and aggressive.

In this modern adaptation of the classic Edgar Rice Burroughs novel, US soldier John Carter finds himself inexplicably transported to Mars in the middle of a war between two alien races. Asylum Home Entertainment As his humanity drowns in the blood of others, he may discover that the hunter of lost souls runs the risk of losing his own.

Thrillers, Action, Adventure, Double Features min. Unbeknownst to the group, they have become the target of an unrivaled evil housed within these walls. Now, trapped in the prison, they start disappearing one by one. Desperate for an escape route, they are about to find Death is the only way out. Gradually, the pair gravitate toward each other. The crew devises a business plan to open a bar, which turns into a lucrative venture, but also a temptation to Tommy, who continues to struggle with sobriety.

Sean faces a health issue with no easy solution, while Needles struggles to garner respect and maintain control of the firehouse. Meanwhile, Sheila attempts to purge herself of Tommy and allows Damian to pursue a future as a firefighter. Under the shadow of a haunting past, the crew continues to look to the future and realize that salvation often lies where you least expect it.

Season Three - Volume One the scene of a vicious murder. Nick Hamilton, a professional gangster has made the last deal of his life. Flash back 24 hrs. He was feared and envied by many and lived a life seduced by crime, money, and beautiful women. The story becomes an erotic tangle of passion, desire, and whodunit, as potential murder suspects fulfill their own provocative sexual fantasies. Who is the real killer? What is the real story?

Adventure, Road Trips min. A special liason officer investigates the murder of a call girl in the boardroom of a Japenese corporation. Cloud Ten Pictures Season 1 Remastered The first 13 episodes of this award-winning series are now available digitally re-mastered in widescreen format. Season 1 of this beloved family classic, features special guest appearances by Colleen Dewhurst, Canadian literary legend W. Drama, Family, Romance min.

Season 2 Remastered All 13 Season 2 episodes of this award-winning series are now available for the very first time digitally re-mastered in widescreen format. Season 2 of this beloved family classic, features special guest appearances by Peter Coyote, Michael York, Michael Mahonen, Madeline Kahn, and many others including several of the original Anne of Green Gables cast.

Rachel loves her dolls dearly and seeks their advice; they plant the seed of death early and suggest that the only way out is to kill her mother Even as she grows, the violence continues. Peter gets more than he bargained for when he discovers that Ethan is dying and his chance to bring him to justice is slipping away. Until one night when their sanctuary is invaded by a trio of treacherous art thieves and the Arkoffs must fight for their lives, aided only by the ancient protectors of the castle Crime, Dark Comedy, Thrillers min.

When a handsome composer enters her life and promises fame and success, Maryann learns that her true love has been beside her all along.

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Led by Michael J. Shahab Hosseini offers an award-winning performance as movie star Kurosh Zand, who is an egotistical, spoiled celebrity. When little Raha comes forward and claims to be his long-lost daughter from a brief affair, Zand allows her to live with him until the results of the paternity test are known. Raha soon brings out the best in Zand, and his meaningless lifestyle begins to change for the better.

Newcomer Fataneh Malek-Mohammadi costars as the young girl who needs a father in her life. Drama, Family, Foreign S min. Drama, Family, Foreign min. Monarch Home Video But for these lovestruck sisters, the lonely millionaires of the fiction world are miles away from the commitment-phobic boyfriends that live in their reality. Romance, Comedy, Foreign, French 90min.

Eleven people, all with criminal backgrounds and different talents, awake in a deserted warehouse. They are forced to play a game with a reward of million yen and a chance to start a new life. Only one will survive. Action, Dark Comedy, Foreign, Japanese 70min. As their worlds and hearts collide, Edward must battle the bloodlust raging inside him as well as a coterie of undead that would make Bella their prey.

Based on the 1 New York Times bestselling sensation by Stephanie Meyer, Twilight adds a dangerous twist to the classic story of star-crossed lovers. Thrillers, Drama min. Fiction, Superheroes min. But after months spent working as a day laborer and living in a homeless shelter, Frank finally receives good news on Christmas Eve: As the rest of the city prepares for their holiday, Frank and his year-old stepson a breakthrough performance by young David Castro hit the cold streets in a desperate search to find a job and some hope by Christmas morning.

Tearjerkers, Christmas, Drama, Holidays min. Back in , Shinichi was obsessed with a short-lived TV superhero show called Zebraman, set in the year To escape this not-so-wonderful life, he makes himself a Zebraman costume and begins to prowl around the city at night. But what begins as escapism soon becomes a bizarre reality as a monster from the original show actually appears. And by dressing up as Zebraman, he elects himself as the fulfillment of that prophecy. Now he has no choice but to take seriously the role of Zebraman and protect the world from an alien invasion.

Action, Foreign, Japanese min. Classical Music, Documentary, Music min. The chemistry between them is electric, unrivaled in the theatre today. Russian soprano Anna Netrebko is not only beautiful but has a marvelous voice and technique; on the other hand Mexican tenor Rolando Villazon, has a wonderful voice and an incredible charisma. International Grizzly Hang out and chill with one of the original ballers of hip hop, Damon Dash.

Damon and his crew get their party on all over the world. Documentary, Music, Rap min. Taken from Greek mythology, it tells the story of Sylvia, loved by Aminta, abducted by Orion and eventually rescued by Eros. Ashton was inspired by the music of Leo Delibes to create such great choreographic sequences as the famous Act 3 pas de deux and the mischievous role of Eros, one of the delightful, darkly comic characterizations for which Ashton became known and loved.

Sylvia is a wonderful showcase for virtuosity, invention and classical beauty, the epitome of Ashton style in stage setting of great detail and painterly perfection. Performing Arts, Ballet min. From his childhood in Brooklyn to the Grammy clash and prison, discover his true legacy, told by his family, his friends and himself, through exclusive footage images. Biography, Music, Rap 86min.

Abandoning its theatrical roots, the opera was broadcast live by satellite around the world. And dispensing with theatrical sets, it was performed in the very Roman locations - and at the very same times of day - as Puccini had written into his score: But unlike the original, the back-drops were the real thing, not sets.

The story and characters of Tosca are largely fictional, but the trappings of satellite technology endowed this production with the same sense of partial reality as a TV news clip. The sharp focus of modern technology actually blurred the l Bela Fleck: El Sistema Foreign, Israeli, Music min. Tracing fado from its African and Brazilian origins to the new wave of contemporary fadistas, Saura expands its traditional singerand-guitar form with infusions of hip hop, flamenco, tango, ballet and reggae - both in sound and movement.

He also ingeniously deploys mirrors, back projections, archival footage, expressionistic lighting and lush colors to frame a collection of performances that survey a rich history of this art form. Featuring international superstars such as Caetano Veloso, Lila Downs and Mariza, plus rare footage of the legendary Amalia Rodrigues, Fados is a celebration of world music in the fullest sense of the term, and one of the finest musical documentaries to date. Live In Brazil was filmed during the first concert of the tour and captures the magic of the evening and the diverse music that is drawn from the extensive Gong catalogue.

Concerts, Music 65min. Special guests include Bridget Wishart and Steve Barnard. Universal - Music Live In Phoenix Blu-ray Haydn: It also focuses on the massive impact Michael Jackson had on people all over the globe. It is packed with rare footage and interviews as Michael tours the world working against racism, war and oppression.

The book features the complete life and work of Michael Jackson is reviewed and assessed in this full length book packed with great insights and rare photographs from his Jackson 5 days right through to his sad demise. As ever they delivered a blistering live performance crammed full of hit singles and classic album tracks including Cosmic Girl, Canned Heat, Little L, Love Foolosophy, Alright and many more.

AS a bonus there is the extended version of Space Cowboy from their first appearance at the festival in Use The Force 2. Blow Your Mind 6. Travelling Without Moving 8. Shoot The Moon Just Another Story Art Blakey Concerts, Jazz, Music min. Art Farmer Concerts, Jazz, Music min. Coleman Hawkins Concerts, Jazz, Music min. Erroll Garner Concerts, Music min. Jimmy Smith Concerts, Jazz, Music min. Woody Herman Concerts, Jazz, Music min.

En Concert Biography, Documentary, Music 75min. En Concert Bluray Nirvana: Adult Contemporary, Blues, Concerts, Music 75min. Also featured are fan interviews, promo clips and additional live footage making this an essential purchase for any Otep fan. Concerts, Music min. This DVD includes archive footage of the group, contributions from those who have known them best, exclusive interviews, location shoots, news reports and a host of other features which all together make for the finest document on Placebo in existence.

Live In Korea Concerts, Music 84min. For quality this DVD is the closest to it you can get. You will hear these songs from the Stones: Start Me Up 3. Sad Sad Sad 4. Rock And A Hard Place 7. Honky Tonk Woman 8. Paint It Black Sympathy For The Devil Street Fighting Man Recorded live, 30 November and 4 December Music, Opera, Performing Arts min. For the first time on DVD, four great Ben Webester programs including the legendary documentary Big Ben as well as 3 concerts from the archives of Danish television.

Swan Lake Blu-ray Music min. The young - and very youngest - positions in Austrian video art have been brought together here in an exemplary summation of the work now being done in the field. The exhibition provides insights into the mechanisms of image perception today against the backdrop of film. The separate positions here exhibited speak for themselves by each posing their own detailed questions.

They are inseparable from the developments of technological progress and are closely linked to the development of social power structures. This has found clear expression in very recent times through various strategies for dealing with the visual. Andy Warhol Biography, Documentary min. Coco Chanel Biography, Documentary min. Frida Kahlo Biography, Documentary min. Jackson Pollock Biography, Documentary min. The Art Guys in Concert. Strap in for Mach 25, and float in zero gravity on the space trip of a lifetime. Technology, Documentary, Science, Space 39min.

His goals include knocking the laughter snot out of you while also loving you! You will bask in the sun at Bondi Beach, and swim with sharks at Oceanworld Manly. Queensland has it all! From the awe-inspiring Great Barrier Reef to the ancient Daintree Rainforest, a trip to Queensland is a once in a lifetime chance to explore a natural world virtually unchanged for millenia. South Island is a mecca for extreme sports and outdo Documentary min.

Discover a country that is a captivating mix of desolation and riches, from the harsh life of the outback to the welcomin Charles Dickens, Christmas, Documentary, Holidays 90min. Our civilization could crumble, leaving only traces of modern human existence behind. It seems outlandish, extreme, even impossible. But according to cutting edge scientific research, its a real possibility — unless we make drastic changes now. Now you can see a cavalcade of the most famous tractors ever on parade.

Tractors of every shape and size are here for you to see and presenter Gerry Burr gives us a fascinating look into this working tool that has a huge following of fans all over the world! Burn fat and tone muscle as they lead you through five minute workouts that cover every inch of your body. Last Chance Workout This heart-pounding, fat-burning workout consists of one intense minute interval routine and two minute programs that work your upper and lower body.

These workouts can be alternated daily or combined to get a more extensive routine. Fitness, Health, Instrumental 55min. It pays particular attention to the small book that came out at the end of and to the moment in time that Charles Dickens became involved in the progression of the mid-winter festivity and changed its course forever. For over 15 years Paula Begoun has spent her career challenging the cosmetics industry on the authenticity and reliability of label claims and ingredients used in their skin and hair-care products.

Complete Collection Discover the global event that promises to inspire viewers through captivating photography, the highest quality production values, the latest in high-definition technology and compelling stories that epitomize the heart of a country and its people. Join rice farmers tilling the land their ancestors have worked for 18 centuries and explore the countryside where monks teach their year-old discipline.

Witness six stories that weave the land of love, lineage, style and passion in the heart of Italy. Discover a country that is a captivating mix of desolation and riches, from the harsh life of the outback to the welcomin World, Discovery Channel, Documentary min. Complete Collection Blu-ray Discover the global event that promises to inspire viewers through captivating photography, the highest quality production values, the latest in high-definition technology and compelling stories that epitomize the heart of a country and its people.

But according to cutting edge scientific research, its a real possibility - unless we make drastic changes now. Documentary, Science, ABC 84min. See where Zac grew up, attended school and fell in love with theatre.

Hear from entertainment reporters, friends and fans. Unauthorized Biographies, Biography, Documentary 80min. Magical impressions of the cold season - with spectacular footage of snow, ice, and water. Become one with the elements and find instant relaxation. Calm, soothing pictures of peaceful winter landscapes, accompanied by beautiful relaxation music.

Atmosphere DVDs 60min. Volume 8 Breathtaking Horizons Relaxation guaranteed! Magical impressions of the horizon with spectacular footage of sunsets, water, and sky. Calm, soothing pictures of peaceful landscapes, accompanied by beautiful relaxation music. Volume 9 Taking Flight Relaxation guaranteed!

Wizarding World Girls Gone Wild: Penn State won , to win the national championship, and finish number 1 in the polls. In the first quarter, Penn State running back Curt Warner scored on a 2 yard touchdown run, for Penn State to take a lead. He would finish the game with yards rushing. Georgia would get on the board in the first quarter following a 27 yard field goal from Kevin Butlerto make it In the second quarter, Nick Gancitano kicked a 38 yard field goal to put the Nittany Lions atop Curt Warner added a 9 yard touchdown run, and Gancitanoa 45 yard field goal for Penn State to take a commanding lead.

Before halftime, quarterback John Lastinger threw a 10 yard touchdown pass to Herman Archieto cut the margin to In the third quarter, Herschel Walker scored on a 1 yard touchdown run, cutting the margin to Both beginner and intermediate consumers will love the energizing workouts that provide maximum results in minimal time! In Parents, a parish youth group in a lower-middle-class Chicago neighborhood discusses parental authority, coming of age, and the struggle to communicate with parents.

Thumbs Down is the name of a teenage youth group that decides to bring the real meaning of Christ to their neighborhood by holding an antiwar Mass in their conservative parish. Probe ancient tombs to uncover these carefully hidden phenomena, and experience the dramatic adventure of their excavations. Follow top scientists as they embark on a modern-day forensic investigation of the mummies, extracting clues from our past that could have an enormous impact on medical science in our future.

Created in , this historic race lasts 24 hours, during which drivers travel over km, at speeds of over kph. After dominating the 24 Heures du Mans since , Audi faces the most serious challenge to its crown yet. The race was enjoyed at the famous Le Mans Circuit by an enthusiastic crowd of over , fans, and was broadcast to many more in countries around the globe. But everything is going wrong. The subject of his documentary, the western Guns on the Clackamas is plagued with problems.

The lead actress has a severe stutter. Unsuccessful in turning the movie into a yodeling extravaganza, they decide to fire the actress. The beginning of the end is marked by cast members dropping like flies due to any number of reasons. A camera dolly runs over a crew member, severing some key limb or another. Then since no cast member has survived, and the performances that launched the careers of Rowan Atkinson, Drew Carey, Jon Stewart, and Flight of the Conchords.

After Mark and Olly persuade the locals to let them stay, these intrepid travelers face unbelievable challenges to gain acceptance from the tribe - eating live cicada and singed monkey hair, competing in a dance-off with the chief and endangering their lives by consuming the strongest hallucinogenic drug known to man. Fit For Pregnancy Tracey Mallett If you want to stay toned, fit and healthy during pregnancy, and help prepare your body for childbirth, Fit Pregnancy is for you. Fitness, Health 60min. Get Your Body Back Tracey Mallett Finally, you can blast the baby fat for good with specially designed cardio interval exercises that tone and tighten the whole body fast!

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