Endings and Beginnings

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  2. How to Simply Embrace Beginnings and Endings - Be More with Less
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No one really knows. The important thing is that you know who you are right now. Be you from the inside out and everything will be better than you imagined. Courtney, I am noticing my life is more about small shifts right now. I made so many big shifts a few years ago that nothing seems particularly earth-shattering, and I am happy with that. Of course, things will happen as they do, but I am in a much better place to deal with them.

What a wonderful role model to have as she embarks on this new and exciting time!

How to Simply Embrace Beginnings and Endings

Many of my hellos and goodbyes do have to do with my daughter. We moved her into the dorm today and even though she is close, it was a very hard goodbye mixed in with lots of joyful tears. I was supposed to leave in September, but it was pushed back to March. However, my mind is still in that mode.

It is so true that so much is out of our hands. Letting go of the need for control eliminates so much suffering in our life. Four years ago my husband died. I have been making deliberate changes in me,my house,and God.

How to Simply Embrace Beginnings and Endings - Be More with Less

This is a lovely post. Because of our intentionally minimizing every aspect of our life, we are moving to a new home that is the right size and all the right features that fit our needs. I know in my heart we are on the right track. Yet days like today I am weepy and not sure why. I think letting go and moving forward in a positive way is stirring up grieving for past mistakes.

Thanks for always sharing your heart with us. This is such a timely post for me. I have recently found myself regretting the fact that I have grown apart from so many of my college friends. There are good reasons for this, as I have changed a great deal as a person over the past 6 years. So, rather than dwelling on the regret that I have been unable to effectively maintain those friendships, I am trying to focus more on the pride I have in my personal growth and the new friendships that I have found as a result of that.

I also take comfort in the fact that I have a group of core friends and, of course, family that will always be in my life. Tammy is so perceptive! Hope your daughter has a marvy first semester.

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I am in a pretty stable pattern right now with a lot of tweaking. But I feel big changes in the winds. Or that could have been a city bus passing by. I feel as though our blog is still new.

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That meant a lot more work and a bit less practice time on the guitar. It also meant Tammy and discovering more about one another at an accelerated rate since we write together. Emotionally and mentally, your thoughts here, together with the two Joshuas have been preparing me all week. I have many endings in my life, many of them very painful and many not of my choosing. I love the idea of a pause. Will you send me some info?

This article came at the perfect time for me. This was a great reminder to let go of the desire to control everything and allow things unfold. We are ending two years of homeschooling with our oldest children and they are starting in a traditional school. I am starting NEW work nervous and sending our smallest child to daycare for the first time very nervous! I appreciate what you wrote about accepting and acknowledging ALL of our feelings that come with change- that it is okay to grieve what I will be losing but to remember to embrace all of the new things these changes will bring into our lives as well.

It might be by taking a picture, writing about it on a blog or diary , or even celebrating it in a bigger way! This ensures that it is remembered and remembered in a positive way! This requires a lot of organization and includes a lot of stress, so while I organize and plan this sometimes I lack the time in appreciating this ending and beginning more.

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Thank you for reminding me to embrace beginnings and endings more. Once again, you are reading my brain!!!!

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As is so often the case, the girls would be shunned and shamed for the rape, but the men would frequently though not always get away with only a slight rebuke. It is in this context that Mabegzo, feared by the worst criminals around, approaches young Momo one day and, with only minimal introduction, takes her schoolbags and walks her home.

She is shocked to learn that this legendary character, whose name she knows but has never seen, is a clean-scrubbed, seemingly kind and very handsome young man. Yet she is terrified that he will rape her when they get to her house. Instead, they become friends. Her quest takes her through a multigenerational tale that moves between the more traditional life of Lesotho and the urban environment of Johannesburg. The tale unfolds as a grim and heart-breaking story of how violent sexual crimes affect families.

Along the way, the reader comes to understand not only how a gangster is created by the unraveling of the social fabric, but how difficult it is for subsequent generations to break the cycle of cruelty. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.