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With a neat fact about this classic dino, this dot to dot is not only fun, it's educational, too.

Connect the dots - Wikipedia

Rhamphorhynchus For dino lovers, this dot to dot featuring the winged Rhamphorhynchus is sure to be a hit. Megalosaurus Megalosaurus was a giant carnivore similar to Tyrannosaurus Rex. Learn about this classic dino with a dot to dot coloring page. Struthiomimus Brighten your dino lover's day with this fun fact dot to dot all about Struthiomimus, the "ostrich mimic". The set is continued below. Dimetrodon If your child is into dinosaurs, this dot to dot featuring the dino Dimetrodon is sure to make his day. Barosaurus This dot to dot page features giant Barosaurus, a dinosaur with a very, very long neck.

Ichthyosaurus Learn about Ichthyosaurus, a reptile that lived in the ocean, with this cool dinosaur dot to dot activity. Tyrannosaurus If you've got a dinosaur enthusiast at home, he'll surely love this dot to dot worksheet that includes a quick fact about fearsome Tyrannosaurus.

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Supersaurus Learn about Supersaurus, one of the largest dinosaurs ever recorded, with this fun fact dot to dot printable. Stegosaurus Spark your child's interest in dinosaurs with this prehistoric dot to dot featuring plant-eating Stegosaurus. Tsintaosaurus Was Tsintaosaurus a prehistoric unicorn?

Learn about this dino with a fun dot to dot. Styracosaurus Connect the dots from 1 to 30 to reveal Styracosaurus's mighty horns. Gallimimus Learn more about Gallimimus, one of the fastest dinosaurs, with this cool dino dot to dot. Camarasaurus Camarasaurus had nostrils on top of his head! Celebrate this nose-y dinosaur with this fun dot to dot page. Hylaeosaurus For dinosaur lovers, this dot to dot featuring armor-plated Hylaeosaurus is sure to please. Carcharodontosaurus Huge Carcharodontosaurus has a name to match his massive size!

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Delight your little dino lover with this fun dinosaur dot to dot. Ankylosaurus Get to know the fearsome Ankylosaurus with this cool printable that doubles as a dot to dot activity and coloring page. Tyrannosaurus Rex If your kid is into dinosaurs, this dot to dot featuring mighty T. Rex is sure to please. Want to download this whole set as a single PDF? Subscribe to download all in one click. Learn More No, thanks. But first, we have to verify your age! You have to be 13 or over to proceed. Please verify your age No, I am not 13 Yes, I am 13 or over.

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He has been interested in dot-to-dot books for a year now and he is a little advanced and always needs a challenge. He also loves to color I will definitely order more. Plus it is made in the USA, and for me it is made very close to home. Thank you for making things less complicated for little minds. Connect the Dots Book for Kids: Challenging and Fun Dot to Dot Puzzles. Great for my daughter that is too old for the baby dot-to-dots and too young for the adult ones. This is an excellent book for kindergarteners!! It is a big book with lots of pages. The colors are bright and the numbers and letters are easy to read.

We have three young six year olds and they all love the books. Bought this for my Stepson, he's 18, autistic and functions at a 3rd grade level; 5th grade math. I bought him the more difficult dot to dot numbers and he was able to do it but would become frustrated because it took him a good 30 minutes to sit there trying to find the numbers. It took US literally 10 minutes to find number 1. The pictures are extremely detailed. The hardest picture goes up to about It's not overwhleming with numbers everywhere because there is no background filler; for example, there's just a squirrel as opposed to the squirrel sitting in a tree eating an acorn.

But it's also not too babyish. Perfect way to keep an autistic or any child entertained. When my 13 year old daughter saw it she wanted one too.

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I also recommend the Suduko books. Dot-to-Dot Count to I bought this for my grandson who has really been into dot-to-dots lately. He is nearly 7, and it offered enough of a challenge to keep him engaged, and because the numbers went so much higher than he was used to, it gave him a sense of accomplishment.

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I looked at a lot of the dot-to-dot books before selecting this one, and I am glad I went with this one. Plus the price was definitely right especially with Prime's free shipping , as several of the other books I saw cost a few dollars more. It also arrived very quickly. Fun is as easy as with these cool and crazy follow-the-numbers puzzles. This year, for Christmas, I purchased gifts for my grand children that did not require any screen, to include TV's, computers, tablets, etc.

I purchased gifts that were some sort of activity.

Dot to Dot For Kids

The kids loved them. These are fairly complicated dot to dot's but I think if the kids take their time, they can do it. I found connecting the dots artistic and fun.

I am glad the answers were in the back to help if you are not sure if you did it correctly. Would be good for artistic kids who know their numbers up to the 's.