Candle in the Window: Castles #1 (Medieval)

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They came together in a blaze of passion—the raven-hared maiden and the golden warrior who laid siege to her heart. Saura and William soon found themselves fighting for their lives…even as they surrendered to an all-consuming love. And I love the story myself. A mighty warrior, Sir William, was blinded in battle, and his father, Lord Peter, found him someone who could force him out of his depression and teach him how to function in the world. That Woman moved with speed and confidence, William thought sourly as he poured water over his chest.

A contingent of female vassals had escorted him to the solar and stripped him while the men wrestled the huge tub in front of the fire. Buckets of water had been set to heat and kettles of water hung over the fire to boil. In no time he had dipped his big toe in and then settled with a sigh. He waved everyone away with his enormous hand and let the warmth seep into his bones and move his blood. He had endured the cold for too long: Lady Saura and her handmaid were in consultation over his clothing trunk, and the murmur of their voices washed over him.

The other serving women worked quietly under Saura's direction or settled with their sewing. Their hushed chatter reminded him of a spring bath four years ago, and in his mind's eye he saw the large chamber as it looked then. Built off the great hall, it was dominated by the polished wooden master's bed, raised on a dais, fit with a canopy and hung with curtains to keep out the winter winds.

The clothing trunks sat against the opposite wall, close enough to the hearth to keep the contents dry but not to catch a stray spark. Blessed with more light than any other room in the castle, the solar contained clusters of stools and benches in the window seat where the women worked.

Secrets of the Castle: Inside The Castle - Episode 3 (Medieval Documentary) - Timeline

Windows gazed down into the fenced garden of the bailey. The iron grille protecting them cast square shadows into the room and the wooden shutters were finished with elaborate carvings. William chuckled as he remembered how his wife had insisted on first the windows, then the carvings, then His father had shouted she would beggar them with these ridiculous feminine ideas, and Anne had shouted back, telling him to fix his own dinner and mend his own clothes and bear his own grandchildren. It had been quite a violent altercation, and in the end Peter had cheerfully placed the glass in the windows and Anne had continued to bear him grandchildren.

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William had laid her to rest, and now waited for the familiar rush of grief, but there lingered only a sweet melancholy. But he no longer mourned her, and if this monstrous handicap had not visited him he would have cast his eye around for a woman to marry. He sighed and dug the rag out of the bottom of the tub. A rustle of material caught his ear, and one of the maids stepped up to test the water.

William perceived the swirl of her finger by his thigh and smelled the spicy scent of carnation, and grinned. Catching her hand in his, he rubbed the soft skin beneath his thumb and rumbled, "Wench! Is my leg so interesting you yearn to touch it? Emboldened by her laughter—she was obviously not afraid of him or his blindness—he tugged back. Water rose in a great splash and they were instantly wet from head to toe.

The girl gasped and struggled in an inept, careless manner, as if she weren't accustomed to having a man hold her. The quick skim of his hand down her soaking body assured him this couldn't be the case.

CANDLE IN THE WINDOW: Castle Series #1

Mar 30, Kristine rated it really liked it Shelves: Christina Dodd is one of my go-to authors. I love her writing, although I admit that her older stuff is not usually what I read. During battle William is injured, losing his sight. William's father comes to Saura asking her to come help William.

Blinded since birth, Saura understands William's unwillingness to accept his new blindness and agrees to help. When she arrives William is beyond surley. He's unkept and unkind. He barks at Christina Dodd is one of my go-to authors. He barks at anyone and everyone who comes near him. Saura tames this wild beast, teaches him how he can "see" the world again. And loses her heart to him in the process. I wouldn't say that Candle in the Window is a quick read. In fact it's a rather long one, but definitely worth the time.

The intimate scenes are much, much tamer than what Ms. Dodd writes these days. I guess that could be a good or a bad thing depending on who you are. From here on out, I will be on the lookout for older novels by Christina Dodd Jan 24, Susan Ross rated it liked it Shelves: I would have given this book 4 or 5 stars if the story hadn't seemed to drag towards the end.

It's about pages longer than The Runaway Princess which I also just read and I don't think it needed to be. The plot is wonderful with the exception of the nepharious plan to destroy the hero, which I think took too many pages to resolve. I realize the author wanted twists and turns in the story but to me it was like a car chase in a movie that lasts too long. The relationship between the two lead ch I would have given this book 4 or 5 stars if the story hadn't seemed to drag towards the end. The relationship between the two lead characters was funny, touching and romantic. I loved them both.

This is the second time I've read the book but I remembered very little of it from the last reading horrid memory not a reflection on the book. I'm not sure if I'll read it again. The main story is wonderful but the subplot was annoying and unnecessary to my mind. I don't think two villains were needed.

The heroine's stepfather was evil enough.

Candle in the Window

I would have just concentrated on him. Jul 20, ARomanceLover rated it really liked it. When William is blinded in battle his father brings home a self-sufficient young woman who been abused by her stepfather for her blindness and lusted after for her beauty. She brings William out of his sulks but soon there are devious plots afoot that put them both in danger. I enjoyed the book very much but if was pretty lengthy. I loved all the historical detail and the warmth and humor in many parts. It almost made me tear up in parts but not quite so I couldn't give it 5 stars.

Overall, I lo When William is blinded in battle his father brings home a self-sufficient young woman who been abused by her stepfather for her blindness and lusted after for her beauty. Overall, I look forward to reading more of Christina Dodd's medieval novels! Jul 03, Miranda Davis rated it it was amazing. Fresh perspective and characters with unique challenges. I was glad I delved into a romance set in a much earlier time. Gracefully done a pleasure to read.

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Mar 06, Zoe rated it it was ok. I read this when I was young and thought I liked it. I have been trying to re-read it. Y con el protagonista masculino pasa algo parecido. Lo tercero que recuerdo: Y no es que sea vidente, es que era muy obvio. Por ello y porque creo que la idea general del libro con un buen desarrollo hubiese estado muy bien, le doy dos estrellas. Jul 06, Brianna rated it liked it. This wasn't bad, but the characters really got on my nerves, the heroine in particular. Saura was really stubborn, and seemed to change her mind about things really quickly.

Plus, I hated how worthless she felt. I get insecurities, but that was just ridiculous. I liked how she stood up for herself though, and she knew how to do things on her own. The hero, William, was interesting.

I was intrigued by the premise of having two blind main characters, and I found his journey a bit unsatisfying, but This wasn't bad, but the characters really got on my nerves, the heroine in particular. I was intrigued by the premise of having two blind main characters, and I found his journey a bit unsatisfying, but he was overall an honorable knight of a hero. I guessed the villain really early on, but I liked the history that surrounded the plot.

Overall, this wasn't bad, but it took way longer to read than it should have, and the characters could be quite annoying. If you like medieval romance, you should check it out, but for me, it was not on the level of a Julie Garwood or Maya Banks. So far, those are the only two authors who write what I want out of this genre, character-wise. May 16, Genieve Ong added it Shelves: I can't finish it really I liked the first half if it but as I was in the middle I started to get boring for me.

Although this was not the most exciting and emotionally touching medieval romance, Candle In The Window , was a very enjoyable read that never let the reader's interest waver. Sir William of Miraval: Even though Dodd failed to give William a multitude of layers to his personality, loved that Overall Rating: Even though Dodd failed to give William a multitude of layers to his personality, loved that this big, loud, handsome, very alpha champion of tournaments displayed his sense of honor, his authority and a soft side.

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His simplistic, 'I'm just a good old country boy' ways were appealing. Lady Saura of Roget: At first Dodd really inspired a fascination with Saura because she was not hampered by her blindness. Saura's mother taught Saura to be self-sufficient and to dispense authority and kindness equally. It was difficult to understand and sympathize with Saura when she switched gears in the second half of the book and no longer felt herself worthy to marry William and would not open her heart to him.

Very intriguing story line. When a warrior is blinded during a skirmish, his father enlists the aid of a noblewoman who efficiently served as chatelaine for her stepfather in spite of being born blind.

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An attraction builds between the hero and heroine and in the background, a friend looks on with envy and decides to destroy his friend and take his woman. Being in the mood for an exciting, action-packed 'knight in shining armor' kind of story, was a bit disappointed that action and adventure scenes were not featured abundantly. Dodd failed to inspire a deep-seeded emotional connection between the reader and William and Saura. However, the connection was strong enough to keep one reading to see how Dodd was going to get Saura past her insecurities. The attraction between William and Saura was immediate and enduring.

William was a one-woman man and after kissing Saura, he wanted no other. Saura was immediately attracted to William because she had never been able to dream of having a relationship with a man before and that kiss wetted her appetite. Dodd kept the reader on pins and needles as she introduced the villain hiding in the shadows watching William and Saura.

Not only did one wonder which of William's friends had betrayed him, but also wondered how Dodd was going to break down the barrier around Saura's heart.

Candle in the Window (Medieval, #1) by Christina Dodd

This book was written in when purple prose was the rule when writing lovemaking scenes, and Dodd followed that pattern so there was no sizzle or spice to be found in this story. Dodd was incredible when she wrote secondary characters that came to life and inspired great interest. But somehow in this particular story, they made sense. So, while that is one of my least favorite tropes, in this case it worked for the story.

And overall, it was a sweet love story, with a man who legitimately appreciates woman, not just for being soft and sweet, hearth and home, but for their unique intelligence, and skills. Burns Through Her Bookshelf. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.

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