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  1. 1. The Checkerboard Illusion
  2. Five Cool Ways To Trick Your Brain | IFLScience
  3. Can You Survive These Mind Tricks And Riddles?

Scientists have participated in many studies and experiments some of them noted below with the specific aim for demonstrating the power of the mind. And some of the results were mind-blowing. Well, this brain trick is technically called the Ganzfeld effect , and it works by playing a trick on the mind through reducing sensory input.

Some people have reported hearing the voice of a deceased relative or seeing dancing horses. Here are the instructions required items: According to a study published in the Creativity Research Journal , simply raising our eyebrows can induce creativity. This brain trick is achieved through the activation of our two types of attention — perceptual and conceptual. Perceptual attention is the type that is responsible for our physical experiences, while conceptual attention relates to our mental processes.

Since these two attention faculties are linked, they can be manipulated to produce some interesting effects.

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When the eyebrows are raised, this results in the stimulation of our perceptual attention. By default, this brain trick also stimulates our conceptual attention, which can result in creative connections that were not present before. The fact that music reduces cortisol levels in the brain may not be too surprising. Our bodies are inseparably linked to the chemical makeup of our brain. By reducing our stress levels, we effectually produce more antibodies to fight off disease and other ailments.

1. The Checkerboard Illusion

Ever wonder why Steve Jobs created this hallmark of a symbol to represent his brand? Duke University published this fascinating study that was published in the Journal of Consumer Research. Other published studies have surfaced demonstrating that these non-optimal times are better for creativity and group-related work.

Studying music is widely known for priming the creative juices, but communication skills? More specifically, the practice of studying music strengthens the ability perceive the emotions of others. Musicians are also better at tuning out distractions such as background noise, making them ideal listeners as well. A study at Wheeling Jesuit University reveals that the smell of mint has some powerful mental benefits; among them are improved reasoning, judgment, attention span, memory and conceptualization.

Someone told us at one time or another that logical people predominantly use their left hemisphere while the creative folks use their right. Well, this theory been pretty much debunked. Except for how we interpret sound, that is. Our right ear is actually better at processing speech, while the left ear is more attuned to music and tone.

Maybe when the boss is chewing us out or some dreadful music comes on the radio. We know we've been fooled but rather than think critically about it and try to work out the logic behind how it was achieved, we are entertained and amused by it and we allow ourselves to be fooled by it for the sake of entertainment. Mentalists, hypnotists and psychological illusionists take things a step further and trick the mind by using a combination of psychology, physiology, suggestion and logic. By utilizing these principles, there are a small variety of "mind tricks" which can be carried out very easily on your family and friends which can be a lot of fun to play with for all those involved.

Here are some of the easier mind tricks to carry out.

  1. See how many fool you before pulling one over on your pals..
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  4. Some you can carry out alone, others require at least one other person. These tricks can be good fun to test with your family and friends. This one can be done alone, or with another person. First, you need to clasp your hands together. Not together as though you are praying but interlock your fingers and bend them, as though you would if you were holding someone's hand. You then put your two index fingers forefingers out straight, leaving a small gap between them so they are not touching whilst keeping your hands clasped together and the rest of your fingers interlocked.

    Usually, what you'll find after just a few seconds is that your index fingers will slowly start closing in on each other until eventually they touch. This is an automatic response and can only be avoided by purposely making the effort which is actually more difficult than you would expect.

    Here are 10 tricks that literally give your brain super powers:

    When asking another person to do this , you can pretend to tie an invisible piece of string around their index fingers thereby giving them the illusion that you are doing it. The principle behind how this trick works is ideomotor movement or ideomotion. Another simple mind trick based on ideomotion is the pendulum.

    You can make a pendulum by tying a coin or a key to a piece of string. One common myth is that the gender of an unborn child can be predicted by swinging a pendulum above a pregnant mother's womb. Obviously, such a technique would be useless in recent times even if it did work due to the fact that we can now do this with ultrasound anyway.

    Another popular trick with the pendulum is to assign "yes" to clockwise and "no" to anti-clockwise and then ask the pendulum questions. Of course, all the movements are a result of ideomotion and are carried out subconsciously but this very same principle could in fact be used to turn the pendulum into a lie detector! Simply ask your friend or family member to hold the pendulum and ask them a question but to only answer in their mind. If they hold that answer in their mind, the pendulum will usually begin to rotate either clockwise or anti-clockwise based on their answer.

    They are actually moving the pendulum themselves, they just don't consciously realize it. Real lie detectors polygraph machines work in a similar way. This one's a pretty cool optical illusion that you can try alone and then try with all your friends. It's also one well worth experiencing.

    To see this optical illusion, you need the image to the right. Notice that there is a line of dots near the middle of the image.

    Five Cool Ways To Trick Your Brain | IFLScience

    What you need to do is focus on and stare at those three dots for between thirty to sixty seconds non-stop. Once you're done staring at the dots, close your eyes and put your head back making sure to keep your eyes firmly shut but don't strain them tight. Within a few seconds, Jesus will miraculously appear right in front of you!

    The longer you keep your eyes shut, the more pronounced and detailed the image should become until it eventually begins to fade away. Get your friend to lie face down on the floor with their arms stretched out in front of them. They should remain completely relaxed. You then lift their forearms up to about your waist level and hold them there for between thirty to sixty seconds. After that, you slowly begin to lower their arms towards the floor which then makes them feel like they are literally free-falling straight through the floor.

    The other person will usually call out just before they think they're going to hit the floor! The "carrot" trick is quite a popular and effective one but don't question why or how it works. Write down the word "carrot" on a piece of paper. Give it to your friend but tell them not to look at it Let them hold on to it so they know there's no cheating going on. After they answer, ask them to name a vegetable. This is quite a popular one.


    Get someone to think of a number between one and ten. Once they've selected, tell them to multiply that number by nine. If they are then thinking of a number with two digits, tell them to add those two digits together. Then tell them to subtract five. Tell them to think of a country beginning with that letter, then to think of an animal using the second letter of the country they are thinking of. Then tell them to think of the color of that animal.

    Can You Survive These Mind Tricks And Riddles?

    You then tell them that they're thinking of a grey elephant from Denmark which is usually the case, although smarter people can come up with answers which are a little more imaginative on the rare occasion. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I did this one on my own, first writing down number 7. I did the calculations exactly as described, writing everything down first.

    I got number 63, then 9, then 4 following your directions. I then wrote down the letter D. I had exactly what you predicted, a Grey Elephant from Denmark! I must try this out on someone! You mean, where am I? Or, were you asking someone else? Sorry I am late answering this. My email for this account was down, so I didn't know. The last one has never worked on me because in school they made us memorize all the countries of Africa and I have Dijibouti permanently stuck in my mind. Green iguanas are not the same as grey elephants!

    I wish I was better at playing tricks, but it's just one reason why I cannot play Poker Where in the world are you? I'm wondering if location makes a difference. Clever tricks that sound like fun!