A Diamond for Jasmine

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  1. Diamond Jasmine Ring

Diamond Jasmine Ring

Do not settle down in the dark valley, do not be mistaken; this is not your home and it is not your permanent residence. You are just passing though this on your own highest spiritual evolution. I have been through this dark time myself and I know how confusing, lonely and hard it is for anybody who has to go through this and therefore I extend my heart to all of you who might be experiencing this right now. I am sending rays of deep love to you.


Remember, you are on the right path, even if it might feel like the opposite. You are important and you are growing very fast to be going through this sacred process. Find solitude in you heart and in the Cosmic Embrace. Much like diamonds, fine ceramic made from zirconia is exceptionally durable.

Kwiat fine ceramic is the highest quality available and achieves a superior luster that never fades.

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Smooth, sensual and exquisite — this material is as pleasing to the hand as it is to the eye. Superior luster that never fades Durable and scratch-resistant, ensuring it stands the test of time A lasting trend that is both of the moment and timeless Easy to clean with an ultrasonic cleaner, steam or soap and water.

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Complimentary shipping on all orders. We have a full collection of engagement rings. Create the perfect ring by matching a white gold, yellow gold or platinum engagement ring setting of your choice to any of our thousands of diamonds.

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