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But the room was buzzing with possibility.

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Launched in , Hooked forgoes adaptation in favor of commissioning its own made-for-social stories. Husband-and-wife startup duo Parag Chordia and Prerna Gupta went through all kinds of iterations before the launch.

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The couple originally had high hopes for image-driven media, inspired by comic books, and excerpts of bestselling novels. But completion rates among their target audience of to year-olds was low: Gupta says just 35 percent of readers finished the excerpts. Chat fiction, however, thrived. The 1,word story arcs, which involve two or more characters updating each other on plot development in text messages, boasted completion rates in the 80th and 90th percentile.

This week, Hooked released its longest piece of chat fiction yet, on a dedicated Snapchat channel. In the Victorian era, most authors published their stories in bits and pieces in newspapers, with one novella doled out over weeks or months. More recently, the New York Public Library has started turning public domain books into very long Instagram stories. But something else is at work, too. Publishing has never not been in a state of disruption. From monks in scriptoria painting words into books no one could read to the dawn of the printing press to the era of ebooks, how we read is always changing.

Selling someone who loves the crack of a fresh hardcover spine, on a Facebook Messenger-based novel is a challenge.

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So is convincing a Snapchat-loving teenager to read a musty library book. The medium and the message feel increasingly indistinguishable, but the message still matters more. From Patterson to Gupta, the stated goal has always been to get more Americans reading in whatever form they prefer. However this is just the tip of the iceberg of the next movement.

Say Hello to the New Messenger: Introducing Messenger 4 | Facebook Newsroom

The current list includes three plugins: Messenger is, in addition to a messaging network, a link between clients and businesses through personalized attention, virtual assistants and bots. In the messenger roadmap we can observe that the company is directed to provide a uniform channel of hybrid attention and the new updates include the ability of delegating to a human in cases where the bot is not enough confident to answer.

This is called the Handover Protocol and is currently in Beta. However not all web traffic and e-commerce happen within the social network. Most e-commerce sites have their own stores with their purchasing processes and their virtual stained glass windows.


So how does Messenger fit into this scheme? Today during our shopping experience on a website we want to solve our 7x24 concerns without depending on a physical person who answers us.

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Sometimes creating something new involves mixing two preexisting successful ideas. I think the next step will be to go out of the platform again and recapture existing websites. It will be a matter of waiting and updating this note with the official launch when it happens.