The Ladies Who Sing With the Band (Studies in Jazz)

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  1. At the Jazz Band Ball by Nat Hentoff - Paperback - University of California Press
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VA is out there in a way that makes me want to join her. Many singers have covered her songs, but Aminata Moseka really digs deep. Thank you for that, Virginia Schenck. The songs are all covers but Schenck makes them her own with unique arrangements. Kino Boto Ayah d, perc and Kevin Spears Kalimba, bkrd vocals, perc impart more of the African beats that further enhance the character of the set. The band cooks and the vocals are spot on.

Just sit back and enjoy the scintillating performance. The group behind her is awesome! Kevin Bales on piano is exceptional. Her chemistry with Alex on stage is worth seeing. Her voice fits into the rock and folk worlds beautifully, and I hope that as the Magnetic Zeros stay in operation that she will have more time to shine out with her incredible pipes. She's a rare gem, with a vibrant voice that mimics other instruments well. She's a deep soul who contributes to one of the greatest bands we have today.

At the Jazz Band Ball by Nat Hentoff - Paperback - University of California Press

Why she doesn't lead out more, is a mystery to me, but she has an absolutely natural set of vocal chords. In going back to when I saw her live, what fascinated me about her is that she didn't really care to be in the spotlight. She was incredibly humble, and allowed mistakes to be a part of her performances. She focused on her own personal internal world as she sang, and really came to life with the encouragement of the band, and dancing with Alex.

I loved seeing this more introverted and introspective aspects during a musical performance that often are only seen during the creation process, not the performance process. She was being herself and didn't even try to be anything other then that. She will express her voice in whatever way she possibly can with a richness that reminds me of a clarinet. She definitely understands voice and showcases a pretty high level of degree in the musicality department.

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I enjoy her strength in creating rich narratives with her lyrics and her definitely signature voice. I honestly feel that any kind of style could be thrown to this woman and somehow with her incredible brains she would figure it out, undeniably. She often uses scat or syllables rather than words in her songs. She does well to build off a simple motif and repeat it into a large storm of sound and meaning. She was also exposed to rock-and-roll bands such as The Beatles , Queen , and The Moody Blues by her father, who obtained such recordings in Eastern Europe and traded cassettes with friends in the Soviet Union.

If there were no instruments but just Regina's voice, I think she could still fill up a room whether with looping her voice or just a cappella. I think this shows a lot of her cleverness in music and her ability to listen and mimic not only the voices of other singers but also of instruments and ambience. This shows that she is an attentive listener and constantly applying her ear to various parts of the music world. The blues, jazz, folk-pop artist that I often wonder if she's from another time period whether the past She's from Georgia, Soviet Union and moved to England becoming one of the predominate female vocal artists.

Her voice is as clear as a bell. It has a warmth and richness to it that could potentially be bubbly, but instead comes off sultry. She's a lovely sense of feminine, I wish many of her songs would play in coffee shops or that coffee shop singers would take a note from her book. She's not one of the more provocative artists, instead relies on her natural good looking face and fairy-like voice.

Her desire if she were to go to college would be to take English literature, history, or physics. I love when celebrities want to go to school to study out a passion of theirs. Bravo to her for wanting to study literature! If anything could enlighten music as well as literature, I would like to know what that would be.

The lovely lady is an adrenaline junkie enjoying sky diving, roller coasters, and the like. She entered the Guinness Book of Records for having the deepest underwater concert at metres below sea level on the Norwegian Statoil's Troll A platform in the North Sea. Melua later described achieving the record as "the most surreal gig I have ever done. The wondrous rich diva voice who came to fame in England on X Factor and has had her voice contributed to the Final Fantasy anthology.

Basically, if you're voice is selected by Final Fantasy you're an automatically beautiful sounding voice. Leona Lewis with a four octave range practices opera, she's technically a mezzo-soprano. Though she has the diva kind of voice, she doesn't seem to have the diva attitude that many of her influences have had before her. As far as we know from the media, she's a genuinely nice person and easy to work with. She initially trained in opera, but then later moved to jazz and blues and ultimately None of Lewis's demos brought her significant attention, however, and she considered taking a hiatus from her music career to attend university.

This would be a strong example of what the reality television shows can actually do, and may be the best results of any of them from Star Search to The Voice. Leona's influences stretch from Mariah Carey to Eva Cassidy. Many of the women on this list have stated that at some point in their career that Portishead was one of their influences. The band has been around for more than 20 years, but I think for many people they still ignorantly don't know the name. Trip hop in large part has much to owe to Beth Gibbons, even my favorite band Zero 7. It's music that marks the 90s and into today as its gotten more popular.

It combines the dark with eloquence, a myriad of instruments, smoothness, and real, open raw emotion. I feel like Portishead is what you find in your adulthood, not likely as a child. Beth Gibbons voice gives the band it's signature, as she gives this unreal quality to it that's both haunting and jazz like.

It's definitely heavier than most music in tone, and is probably too compelling for radio play, but fits at a low key setting, whether a party or in a dark room late at night. Beth Gibbons voice conveys the emotions of being fragile yet strong, dark yet self-reflective, sultry yet somehow Beth's voice offers so much in being able to pull of so many shades of emotion from disturbing to romantic. I think the charm of Portishead is how it can play off so much range from making it feel as though it beats to the s, the 90s, and now.

It is not the sounds of my parents' generation by any means. This Alaska native is one of the first women I tried to replicate with my voice as a young girl. I was flattered by her lyrics, the way she'd belt with that loud folk vibrato, and the depth of her low notes to high notes. She's versatile, humble, and has one of the sweetest and yet most powerful voices. She dominated the 90s in my opinion, and I'm glad she was a role model to me over other pop sensations. She's sung love ballads, pop songs, country, and folk.

The messages of her songs dig deep on both romantic and spiritual sides. She's never needed a great deal of fashion or merchandise because her voice speaks for itself. I have a lot to thank for Jewel because still in my mind I refer back to her and enjoy thinking of the stories I knew about her from road trips across the country to living in a van. Her music was noticeably refreshing even in my young musical years. Outstanding woman of achievement who has been blasting tunes since the late 70s. Her looks and voice have kept up as she approaches her fifties, and she holds her guard with deep, dark piano arrangement, and her mezzo voice that suddenly thrusts it's creative impact in these bell like, clear like higher notes that she can sustain.

She's one of the few elite women who have secured five albums in the top 10 Billboard on debut. Surprisingly, the woman is unable to sightread music but rather prefers to pick up music by ear. There's very few women who can articulate darkness while still remaining pure in tone.

She has a unique, powerful voice that has stayed incredibly well over time. I love that her rock, indie-folk type music is daringly complicated. I think that because of her complexity in music she's actually appreciated in a wide amount of circles from the more classically trained to rock-punk bands. Many of her lyrics are stepped in legend, myth, and folktale giving her the advantage of having songs based on narrative. She almost looks like the mother of Florence Welch, and if we were draw similarities between these two artists, I think we would find many striking similarities from the type of music that they share to the types of themes and storyworlds addressed in their songs.

She is quite the impressive lady. The singing voice of both Princess Jasmine and Mulan, the original Miss Saigon, one of the absolute most wonderful voices to ever bless the planet and quite possibly the best Eponine to ever grace the planet. The texture of this voice is of princess quality, she's an incredibly fast learner, but more awesomely She has an incredible way of seeming light in her voice and then creating this intense amount of energy. It's no wonder why she was given the absolutely huge roles of Jasmine and Mulan among others.

How to Sing Jazz

She's lovely in every way, and is a voice that if any woman is trying to study, is worth listening to on repeat and trying to mimic. I as a child would sing "A Whole New World" from Aladdin as much as I possibly could finding that her inflectional instincts made singing seem easy and wondrous.

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I think she has one of the kindest demeanors, but yet has one of the biggest voices. She began her musical debut at the age of seven in a rendition of the "King and I" by Repertory Philippines. Her big debut clearly was that of "Miss Saigon" where the British producers looked throughout various countries for an appropriate Asian singer She is also an avid video game enthusiast! Oklahoma raised Kristen Chenowith is a sparkle of fresh air with an incredible set of operatic trained pipes that can also easily slide into musical theater or country music.

Her performances on Glee are There's no one really quite like Kristen who is a wondrously enjoyable soul both for her sense of humor and her jaw dropping good vocals. She is someone that sings who looks like they are having a complete utter blast. What's impressive is she doesn't take herself so staunchly serious; she can be down to earth, laugh at herself, and open to conversation. For someone to successfully go through an opera training program, Broadway, and television it obviously shows that someone has an incredibly endearing personality.

There's few people in this world who can be as entertaining as Kristen. She doesn't just sing, she applies a large dosage of character. She is a great example of how training at the collegiate level can lead to success, and also that by being open to possibilities one's voice can take on a whole pantheon of adventure. Though her opera instructor was not thrilled that she picked musical theater over opera, it is more evident than anything that Kristen cannot be tied down to one medium -- she's too freakishly talented and infectious.

She's like a beautiful fairy that somehow grew up with us bodily functioning messed up humans. Mathangai is a British born, rap master, lyrical genius, rhythm powerhouse, and all around badass -- she is one of the most awesome, fresh personalities in music period. Clearly by being so original she is able to bring awareness to some of the most complicated issues in the world particularly of the middle east , and she is down right crazy, not because of her fashion wardrobe as many mediocre singers have made their claim, but because this woman dares to do unthinkable actions that in the providence of liberation could get her killed, like in her Bad Girls music video that focalizes on the oppression of women in Saudi Arabia, a place where a woman can be killed for driving a car, Mathangi plays off the idea in one of the most impressive stunt videos ever, where she literally lays on her side on a car traveling with two wheels up in the air.

She's a bona fide musician who continually pumps out some of the best hooks, like in "Paper Planes. She is a linguistic master. Her tongue-tying songs find their root in catchy yet complex sequences. Her music always stands out because she's attempting to arrive at her sound in ways most women would find unappealing or not prim enough.

Her femininity doesn't reflect masculinity taking over like in so many other projections of the self -- she's just badass feminine. Holy mother she is good and is freshly into her career at Kimbra is one of the most inventive musicians on the market with a dynamic voice range and capacity to jump across various styles.

Americans started knowing her when she was featured on the infamous Goyte song "Somebody I Used to Know", but those in New Zealand and Australia already had a taste of her insanely impressive looping, jazz, syncopation, and powerful sense of performance. She puts her whole self into what she sings, and she enters a special internal world to bring back the emotions for her songs. Her live performances found on youtube are absolutely amazing to watch, and often are flawless.

Her music director Guy Franklin is definitely assisting in helping the name of Kimbra come alive as he creates the stunningly beautiful and often times classy videos. It's truly amazing that a pop artist can actually be classy, so I hope she keeps this edge about her. Besides Goyte, she's also collaborated with "Foster the People" and "Miami Horror", two wonderfully technologic, grooving bands. When I watch her perform, I feel like she's attempting to bare her soul the best way possible and it seems that she finds this space internally making her performances all the more rich, especially when she already has a voice that invites you to listen.

Her innovation to music is heralding a new sense of sound for our coming decade. Both an accomplished pianist and vocalist, Angela is a garden of pure, touching music.

The Top 49 Modern Female Vocalists You Should Know

She is quite possibly endowed with one of the purest, most crystal clear, resonant voices in the world. She is one of the rare performers that can strip away all the theatrics and simply be cut down to the vocal self. She speaks with a maternal innocence that not only sends shivers down my spine, but she has flawless control as she sings from her low registers to her upper registers.

She has the voice of a songbird and sounds lovely in Japanese or English. I have never found a live performance of hers that didn't have beauty written into every measure. She can spring with a sudden intense amount of emotion that rises into the spiritual. I'm not sure what thoughts she communicates in with her mind as she sings, but I find it awe inspiring. I love the intonation she brings to her words, and find it exciting how she can build off her voice to transcend more and more. She comes to the piano as herself, in glasses, generally jeans, and her voice inevitably fills up my ears as if it were the London Symphony Orchestra.

She hasn't forgotten the type of lyrics that matter, which build in powerful narratives. It really does need to be noted that she has absolute gorgeousness in the way she sings into her various different registers. Ladies, purity definitely has undeniable power. Honestly, I find it baffling that Janelle is not substantially more popular. She has an eloquence to her voice, she isn't afraid to sound off, and her rap skills are paramount.

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A great deal of her musical career has paid homage to the science fiction film "Metropolis" a film which receives a great deal of controversy for some of its thematic nature, but nonetheless a fascinating German Expressionist film. Her style of music exudes with a mix of retro and an ahead of its time appeal making it plausible that she "defies every label. Her music videos are filled with spontaneity and dance prowess. I think she is a rarity in form and easily one of the hardest performers to replicate from her style, sound, dance, and admittedly Also, I think it would be a travesty if artists started copy catting her as her uniqueness is what I feel is her trump card, not that I think anyone could mimic her with justice anyway.

She creates a unique experience that questions society's intermingling of ideas on feminism and cyborg technology. All of her songs jam hard. They come from a world that doesn't seem like the present, but is definitely liberating in how much it presents the idea of the free individual self. She's one of the few women who can wear a tux and somehow still own it like a woman. I love that her band has a harp.

More importantly, she has an incredible voice that has a great deal of dynamic range to it as well as a unique signature to it. Her mother was an art history professor, which I think influenced Florence to some degree as she seems like she escaped from a romantic painting from the 19th century. Her attire is usually vibrant, her performances are highly free spirited, and she always carries a smile. I think she has an incredible amount of power to her voice, and her mid range has a noticeable beauty to it.

She intends to sing music that has biggest themes such as sex, death, violence, and love as these will still be relevant hundreds of years from now. Growing up she read more on fashion magazine than music, which may account for the eclectic style. A great deal of her two albums "Lungs" and "Ceremonials" has to do with her relationship with Stuart Hammond that do to career demands did not work out.

Have you ever seen Cowboy Bebop? She's the main female vocalist. She has one of the strongest blues, jazz voices in the world. There's only so many artists that can work with the renowned composer Yoko Kanno and be able to pull of the sheer brilliance of her compositions, and Mai Yamane is one of them. Her live versions of the song, "Blue" are riveting, they draw you in until you feel like your head is going to explode. She has one of these uniquely powerful voices that only comes once every a hundred years. She has a voice that transcends most in the amount of depth it carries.

It has a power that sounds like it comes from so far away in a deep part of the universe. Mai Yamane has an incredible voice that fits snuggly for rock, such as with the Seatbelts, but she also has a voice that easily can make orchestra or symphony recordings all the more powerful. She commands voice out of her body in ways that most women will never be gutsy enough to try, and it has a distinct maturity it to it that gives me shivers. Her voice is an integral part of the Cowboy Bebop aesthetics, "Rain" helps make for one of the best animated episodes I have ever seen. I think she could practically command storms with her voice.

This might not be her best performance that I'm applying here, but I think this shows that this woman has magnitude. A freakish amount of magnitude. Beginning her career in a karaoke bar in Italy with an impressive version of "Lean on Me", Sia has one of the most soulful, authentic, joyful, and innovative voices of all time. She lent her voice to several tracks for Zero 7 creating some of the their most profound songs.

In her performances she comes off unafraid, willing to thrust herself into artistry, with a deep sense for compassion and social rights, while also maintaining an aura of utter happiness. Her work with David Guetta has created some of the most prolific pop music of the past couple of years with vocal lines that most singers should be hesitant to try and mimic.

She is becoming a more common household name in the United States and abroad, but her career has been steadily taking off in her home country of Australia for years. Her creative soul leaves a golden impression on everything she touches, and her attitude is sunshine. She has currently five studio albums with her solo career. Her ballads are rich and her dance-pop is electric. When she belts, it has a certain ring of truth to it that most artists will never find. I would pay good money for her to collaborate with Daft Punk I must admit, I'm actually fairly disappointed in a lot of friends I have who have never even heard of her name.

Hailing from Norway, the 27 year old is by far heads and shoulders one of the most fascinating and beautiful voices on the planet. With a mastery of jazz and classical she is able to both sing with a full understanding of how music works fundamentally while also transcending it to be free flowing. Her recent album "The Silicone Veil" asks existential questions about how we modify ourselves into these plastic masks to be accepted socially and how in the end we wish to be freed of the silicone surgeries that ensnare our generation.

This is music that will cause you to stop and think, to feel deep emotions, to having you question the sex trade, ponder on the reality of religion, and to wonder what is the state of our world. There have been rumors that while playing in Norway other "Norwegian artists would start crying when hearing her—both because she is several leagues above them, but also because her music is so moving and beautiful.

Her voice is truly angelic in its full capability of expression. She commands and allows it to be free in some of the most chilling and unforgettable ways. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Your top 49 has some great vocals but I guess you must of forgotten Beth Hart, check out a few of her live performances, especially with Joe Bonamassa and tell me where she would fit? She's at the top of my list! She's still only a few years into what is sure to be a long, storied career, but she's already making a huge mark on the jazz scene.

Her voice blows me away. She belongs high on this list. Really cool list, with quite a few I need to check out. A few more I would add: Marissa Nadler has an incredible voice. Jenny Hval from Norway is also great. Have a listen to an artist called Nic Evennett. She's from the UK. This list is great! I discovered new artists: I would add Gina Chavez. I believe you forgot PJ Harvey. Quite a list of excellent chanteusses, but I don't know if I can overcome missing to add Polly Jean. Her voice is one of the most beautiful I've ever heard in my short lifetime.

Sthepanie, you are the joke Those 2 are may main favorites in this list, i assume that the last 10 are mostly ordered following personal preference, 'cause they all are awesome and it's very difficult to choose. But Sussane it's really something out of this world, go buy "The Silicone Veil" and count how many times you get goosebumps i bet you'll change your opinion Despite being generally in the "pop" genre, their abilities expand beyond that category.

I absolutely love this list, has all walks and also each docu on each artist is very well done and informational. A few others that maybe could make this list are Joss Stone, Amy Lee and Sade lol I know she's a bit out for this group but I heard she was actually making a comeback. You had me at St. Love, love, love her.

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  5. Been a fan of her for a long time and finally got to see her in concert at the Sydney Opera House this year- amazing show. I agree with many others on this list too- excellent job! Don't forget Kate Davis. You have Amy Winehouse at only Amy Winehouse was one of the greatest singer songwriters of all time. Amy had a wider range she could sing heart breaking songs like Love is a Losing Game and light hearted ones like Amy Amy Amy too.

    The group was the first all-girl group invited to tour USO military camps in During the early s, the group alternated between USA camp show tours and smaller theater engagements on the Kemp Time circuit. Egan was a violinist and bandleader during the s through the s. She began her career in Hollywood pit orchestras for silent films during the early s. The California based group played vaudeville houses and stage shows throughout the West Coast and in Honolulu.

    They progressed to tour nationally on the Keith-Orpheum vaudeville circuit for many years. They continued to work in theaters and picture palaces in the United States during the s. In , they toured Europe with a 16 piece band, which included pianist Dorothy Sauter and saxophonist Geraldine Stanley.

    The group joined with Thelma White in the s date unknown and again in the mids estimated date , touring Australia where they recruited several of their musicians. Egan retired from professional life in the s. She died of a stroke in in Verdugo City, California Poole. The first prominent blues singer of the s and s. Smith began busking as a child on the Streets of Chattanooga with her brother Andrew as a singer and dancer. Smith continued to work, establishing a reputation for herself in the South and on the Eastern Seaboard as a dancer and singer during the early s.

    She moved to Philadelphia in the early s to promote her singing career. She quickly became the highest paid African American entertainer of the s. Johnson, Charlie Green and Fletcher Henderson. In , Smith starred in her only film, St. Luis Blues directed by Dudley Murphy, which featured the composition of the same name by W. Although she was dropped by Columbia in , Smith continued to perform musical theaters and night clubs in the s despite the waning of vaudeville.

    One of the most influential jazz singers of the twentieth century. To make ends meet and pressured by her mother, Holiday worked in brothels, an experience which most likely informed her aesthetic and musical vision especially considering the role of jazz piano playing in brothel parlors. Talent scout and producer John Hammond invited her to record with Benny Goodman in , and later arranged musicians Teddy Wilson and Lester Young to collaborate on other recording projects.

    She joined Count Basie in and Artie Shaw in She recorded the song for Commodore in , which sold surprisingly well to American audiences. In , she sold out Carnegie Hall, billed as a come-back concert after drug charges and arrests during the s. She performed again to sold-out shows at Carnegie Hall in She died in in New York from liver and heart disease alcoholism. A jazz and popular music singer, bandleader, and composer active from the s to the s.

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    In the early s, she left Morgan State College to perform in local Baltimore revues. She later performed to critical acclaim at the Ciro Club in New York during the s and made her first recordings with Louis Armstrong as a side-man in She then starred in musical revues and stage shows during the s and s with residences in Chicago and Philadelphia and tours throughout the territories. She also led her own bands through the s, recording in and She continued working as a solo performer throughout the s and s and left show business during the s to work as a radio programmer in her home town of Baltimore.

    Cab Calloway often credited his sister for inspiring his own career path and she is sometimes identified as the first woman to lead an all-man band Allmusic, Grove Music Online and Vintageblackbeaty. A jazz trumpeter, composer and bandleader most active during the s to the s. She began singing in the Lawton, Oklahoma Baptist church, but took up the trumpet after her brother and played in her high school marching band in Texas. The group went to New York in and performed the Apollo Theater in She toured with other all-girl bands during the s including the International Sweethearts of Rhythm and the Black Queens of Swing.

    In she moved to Los Angeles and contributed to the Central Avenue jazz scene where she first encountered bop. She worked with a number of bands including the house band at the Club Alabam. She recorded Gal with a Horn in and worked briefly during the s, touring with the Billy Williams Revue. She also appeared on television programs including the Ed Sullivan Show. In , she was invited by Mikhail Gorbachev to play in the Soviet Union. During the s and s, she published articles on jazz and co-edited the book Central Avenue Sounds: The group, led by pianist and arranger Dave Schooler, became known for swinging the classics and recorded a number of jazz classical themes from famous works by Mozart, Ravel and Tchaikovsky.

    Part of their performance strategy entailed the surprising transformation of sweet or classical musical repertoire to smaller ensembles of instrumentalists who could perform in the hot jazz or Dixieland style. During their existence, the group toured vaudeville and stage show circuits throughout the United States. A popular music, jazz singer and actress most active during the s and s. Shore was raised in Nashville, but moved to New York in the s to pursue a singing career. Her first performances occurred on radio programs during the s, such as the Ben Bernie Show and the Eddie Cantor Show.

    She returned to television in the s with a daytime talk show and continued performing through the s. A blues, rhythm and blues, jazz, popular music and gospel singer. Washington was born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama but raised in Chicago where she was inculcated in the gospel music traditions of the south side. As a young woman, she began performing both the blues under the name Dinah Washington and continued with gospel music under her birth name.

    Lionel Hampton invited her to join his band after hearing her at the Garrick Stage Bar in During the s she toured internationally and headlined the Newport Jazz Festival in A jazz and classical pianist.