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The course itself is full of useful information and scientific evidence on the process of learning. I highly recommend watching the optional interviews and reading up on some of the optional readings, many of those are fascinating and worthwhile on your path of learning. Barb Oakley and Terry Sejnowski do a wonderful job presenting in an entertaining and concise manner, you can tell they are truly passionate about this subject and want nothing more than to help other learners to learn more ….

Barb Oakley and Terry Sejnowski do a wonderful job presenting in an entertaining and concise manner, you can tell they are truly passionate about this subject and want nothing more than to help other learners to learn more effectively. I was very grateful for the short tests after many sections that helped keep me focused and ensure that I understood the material. I also enjoyed the short comment sections at the end of many videos even though I am doubtful that anyone actually reads them it felt good to write out my thoughts about a subject or finding. My favorite part about this course was the credibility of having it presented by two renowned doctors and that every section had works cited that backed up any claims made within the videos.

You can find a lot of information online in the realm of learning and less and less of it is actually backed up with scientific evidence, it comforted me knowing that the team behind this course had done their due diligence and could back up any claim they made with evidence.

As with anything you will get as much out of this course as you put in, however, as someone who scours the Internet for resources on helping students there is no better centralized place with scientifically supported tools and information on learning. I work in a role as a university professional that focuses on helping students navigate college successfully and positively, I have no doubt that this course will help me to be a better resource to students.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to improve upon his or her knowledge or ability in the realm of learning. It is full of scientifically backed up information, presented clearly, entertaining and is absolutely free to take!

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What do you stand to lose? I am enjoying this course very much. I am interested in the content of the course more than the recognition for the course. I homeschool my children and they are all taking the course as well. Just because Coursera is not offering a free certificate of learning does not mean that I cannot give my students credit for taking the course.

I have always been more interested in knowledge than in paper saying I have knowledge, so maybe I am unique in that mindset. I also believe that there is something for everyone in this course from beginners to advanced learners. An excellent course, thoroughly worth the time taken to complete. I learned so much about the way our brains work, which gave me a completely new appreciation of the mind. The messages are pretty simple: It sounds easy, and all-too predictable when written this way, but there is so much more to each of these, and understanding that makes it much easier to spots the mistakes you make and the bad habits you've created.

For me personally, the most important aspect was dealing with procrastination something I have a degree in and the negative effect is has not only on your brain but on your well-being.

Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects

There are swathes of self-help gurus, websites and books dedicated to the best way to study and beat procrastination, and you may think, oh here comes another, but I think what makes this so brilliant is the way it is explained and how you can visualise the harmful effect of procrastination. Not only that, but how to deal with it is simpler than you think, and importantly, it is backed up by hard science, but in a way that is simple to understand.

I found the scientific aspect fascinating, and that in itself is a powerful persuasion tool for combating it. The tools you gain to combat procrastination are simple but effective, and it is something I started using during the course, and it has been immensely beneficial already.

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I know this is going to make a huge difference in my life, and have given me the kick up the backside I needed to attempt study of subjects I am not comfortable in, but which are work-related. Another aspect of the course that I found extremely useful was the optional reading. I will admit that I often gloss over loads of links, feeling I've read enough, but I was determined to finally get to the bottom of many of my deep-rooted problems in my 47th year of life.

I love to learn new things, but have always been bad at studying, and I still have thirst for knowledge but could never retain it, having forgotten most of it by the time I reached the end of the page. So now, in my determined state, here I am reading all the links in the optional reading, and many of these are fascinating articles in their own right which helps me to learn more deeply and widely.

Not only that, but I developed new tools as a result, such as using the Cornell notetaking method, which I'd never heard of, but I have been doing it since the end of week one. I know this is how I'll take notes from now it, as it is brilliant. This was an unexpected and extremely rewarding bonus. I cannot recommend this course highly enough.

I know I will keep going back to it to refresh my learning until I have it down pat, and I suppose that's what we're being taught. I would like to thank the tutors for their excellent course and their videos, and I look forward to seeing more of their work. This course clearly describes the complex process of how the human brain works while learning.

Students get exposed to many new concepts: How the neuromodulators get released in the brain when you learn with motivation and how you can benefit out of that. Anyone can improve his or her learning habits by doing this interesting course. It is a highly recommended MOOC course. Learning How to Learn is a 4 lesson self-paced course that summarizes key findings in neuroscience about how we learn.

The course touches on brain function, working and long-term memory and various methods for improving learning as well as overcoming hurdles like procrastination. The lecture content in learning how to learn is very good. Videos aren't too long, the lecturer is clear and personable and everything is easy to understand. Also, you can't full…. Also, you can't fully complete the course unless you verify your identity before submitting quizzes, even if you don't want a verified certificate.

One of the main pitfalls with MOOCs is that you can get into the habit of watching hours of lecture content without taking time out to practice, recall and commit ideas into long-term memory. Good courses help students learn with quizzes and homework; this course teaches students other things they can do, such as making flash cards, taking breaks and getting adequate sleep, to maximize learning.

Considering the main lecture content only takes a few hours complete, this course offers a good amount of value for your time. I give this course 4 out of 5 stars: At the very beginning the course seemed somehow easy and pretty basic. Nonetheless, once that you start understanding the biological reason about how and why we learn, you get the feeling that this course will definitively change your life.

And that is exactly what has happened to me. Before this course I had the illusion that what I was doing was normal, I mean the way in which I was accustomed to learn. However, I had that sense that something was wrong with my approach. It turns out that my intuition was right because I was completely wasting my time while rereading or highlighting the mate….

It turns out that my intuition was right because I was completely wasting my time while rereading or highlighting the material all the time, just to give you an example.

Learning How to Learn | Barbara Oakley

Additionally, I knew that procrastination could affect your life and your productivity in a way that you do not catch until you start getting anxious, for instance. Therefore a simple technique like the pomodoro, which I have been using during the last month, has been enormously beneficial for your studying and productivity. Furthermore, there are some techniques like the memory palace, or the use of metaphors and analogies that will definitively ease your job while learning any subject.

Apart from that, understanding how your brain works and why you have certain behavior under certain circumstances, will change the way that you process any new information and it will boost your cognitive abilities up. Please, give it a try, then you will understand what I have written here. Learning how to learn, in my opinion, is a must, not an option.

Learning How To Learn for Youth

This course is about how to learn more effectively, no matter what you are trying to learn. It is based on fundamental research into the workings of the brain and presents proven methods allowing the brain to work as it is supposed to. Surprisingly, some of quite common approaches to learning like re-reading, underlining important passages in text, banging your head against a problem until a breakthrough happens etc. From my own experience, I must say that I have met some of the obstacles created by wrong approaches, in particular I have been too often exclusively in focused mode, c….

From my own experience, I must say that I have met some of the obstacles created by wrong approaches, in particular I have been too often exclusively in focused mode, clinging onto problems like a pitbull instead of letting the brain loose to work out things on its own after sufficient initial efforts had been made.

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Don't miss out on the bonus interviews Dr. Barbara Oakley has conducted with very interesting and diverse people, these and the very good reading material cited are a very nice expansion of the core material.

Terrence Sejnowski have done a very good job, they present the key ideas very clearly and in an entertaining and friendly fashion. I only regret not having done the second assignment, I started too late on it I should have known better by following the advice given in the course itself A very useful course covering concepts behind how to learn effectively and efficiently. I'd recommend it to anyone who is about to un…. Material is very easy. You can watch most of the videos at 1. Nice material to validate techniques that you are following or correct your methodology if you are doing things the ineffective way.

Either way, its sort of a feedback for your learning methods. Of course, feedbacks themselves are subjective but useful for introspection. If not anything, gives you reassurance that you are not alone when it comes to struggles during learning or solving problems: This course was truly insightful. I have experienced a paradigm shift in the way I used to understand the process of learning.

I had my own set of mental blocks that prevented me from enjoying the learning process. I had reached a point in my life where learning new concepts was more of a burden. And procrastination had started affecting most aspects of my life. Thanks to the course, it's style, it's content, the instructors.. Learning has become joyful once again. I will remember her as one of the most influential teachers it have come across in my life so far. I highly recommend that all students and teachers take this course and make learning a joyful experience. The lectures are direct, short, sweet and easy to understand.

Barbara Oakley's corny humor is refreshing and absurd; so not only will students retain the information, they'll actually enjoy every lesson. The assignments and assessments are structured around the same principles taught in the lectures so students can begin practicing the methods they've learned immediately. Even if all you can do is audit, this is a class worth taking. Everyone should take this course. If you're on this platform then learning how to learn will be interesting. It doesn't take up too much time so you can easily study something else while doing this course. I plan on reviewing the tools learnt here very often.

Fiona C Crawford I have completed this course. I found it to be excellent. I spent about 3 to 4 hours a week on it. The course was brilliantly done. This is a very skeleta…. This is a very skeletal explanation. Take a peek at the course outline and contents. Be prepared to be energized! I downloaded all sections and reviewed them, outlined them, thought about them and used them, to re-energize me. I had hid an intellectual wall, and was basically stalled in neutral, stagnating. Surprisingly, this book goes deeper in many ways than A Mind for Numbers - even as the powerful illustrations add more fun!

Based on the most popular open online course in the world, this course gives you easy access to the learning techniques used by experts in art, music, literature, math, science, sports, and many other disciplines. No matter what your current skill level, using these approaches can help you master new topics, change your thinking and improve your life. But a great teacher will leave you curious. Well, Barbara Oakley is a great teacher. Not only does she have a mind for numbers, she has a way with words, and she makes every one of them count. Finding it is hard. This book is full of examples to help—people who have found their way around roadblocks or just plowed right through them.