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K-7 Leetha is believed to be the most powerful of the Hellspawn suits and even goes through it's different stages of evolution at a much faster rage than other suits. Bairn - Bairn is a Hellspawn created in an alternate universe by an aquatic deity who utilizes him to kill gods. Nyx - Although not technically a Hellspawn she stole Spawn's suit and powers taking his place in order to enter Hell. Necro Cop - The first and only known man-made Hellspawn.

It was destroyed in the sewers of France by Spawn.

Hell's Pawn

Daniel Llanso - Created in a distant future by Phlegethonyarre the ruler of Hell at the time. This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for: Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Comic Vine users.

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Necroplasm All Hellspawn are entirely composed of the substance known as Necroplasm , it is one way that the otherworldly material of Hell may manifest itself within the real world of Earth. The Suit All Hellspawn are given a special symbiotic suit that feeds of their necroplasmic bodies for substance.

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. A provocative look at the afterlife as Jay lifts the curtain on a realm that is just out of reach. There is such a mix of old gods, faiths and evolving religions that split into various factions.

Hell's Pawn by Jay Bell

Technology and logic too has become a base belief for other believing that humanities' ingenuity will eventually solve all our problems. Jay steps back and takes a "what if" view of how all of this comes together in the afterlife. Are all the faiths and beliefs separate or are they just different facets of the whole that humanity has sought to understand. Jay's story does not mock religion or peoples beliefs but rather builds upon them to create a more inclusive whole.

Differences make us stronger. I recommend this story to readers who are comfortable suspending their religious and spiritual beliefs and take a light hearted view of the interplay between all the various realms and possible conflicts that might exist on the other side of life.

Personally, I enjoyed this story and highly recommend it to others. There was a time while reading the story that I became lost in Purgatory!

BARATHRUM - Hellspawn (Official video)

I almost set the book aside. As I patiently continued the pieces started coming together and my enjoyment increased. Ironically, the thesis of Jay's book is not so different than my own spiritual beliefs. As I believe that all faiths have validity and that no one is condemned to damnation by a judgmental god, I naturally liked the story. Each of us, regardless of faith or lack of faith are on our own spiritual adventure. We are co-creators with God, Goddess, all that Is. I am a long time fan of fantasy and sci-fi. Gay romance is a new genre for me I have been sick a lot, so I trying new things helps me forget I am miserable.

I really loved some of this author's other books, but this is the first of his full length fantasy books I have read. So why didn't I love it? A couple of reasons, some of which will absolutely have no bearing on whether or not YOU will love it. First, it started with a trope that has been overdone to the max. Yes, he added something really new to it, but to those of us who have been reading fantasy forever, the mythology lessons were like repeating kindergarten.

I got a bit bored with that. So that was the first issue.

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Second, there were whole chunks of the books that felt discontinuous. Like weren't we just doing one thing, and now we are doing this other thing, and what?? It needs a good go over by a professional fantasy editor for sure. And last, the ending. One person found this helpful.

Jay Bell Books

This book was really quite extraordinary. The theme of multiple pantheons dueling it out in the afterlife is not new, and is hard to do well. It requires skill to write in different voices, knowledge to do justice to the subtle differences and commonalities in the various religions, and imagination to come up with an original approach.

The auction of Hell in Sandman's Season of Mists by Neil Gaiman is a wonderful example, and this book compares favorably with that work and Gaiman is on of my idols, so this is the highest praise I can muster. The surprises and pacing of the revelations was well handled, and kept me guessing right up to the end. Even the romantic subplot left me in a completely different place than I was expecting to wind up. I heartily recommend this work to fans of comparative religious fantasy and gay paranormal romance.

I'm glad I did. This is vastly different and follows a character through his journey through hell and other underworldesk places like Valhalla and Olympus.


The writing is amazing as usual, and the characters even demons are really enjoyable. I also love that if you squint , you can see a character from the Something Like series, which made me squeal. I enjoyed this immensely, and I'd suggest it to anyone.

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All I can say is ths book is dark. It brought me down so far that it took days to get over it. For a small book it felt as if it was never going to end. Not like Jay's other stuff. One of the characters from another Something Like books makes an appearance and it was a welcome sight. You ahould read it of you plan on reading the book Something Like Stories because there is a story in that book regarding this one. There has to be more to the afterlife than lounging around on clouds all day or roasting marshmallows in a fiery pit.

Without physical limitations, anything could be possible in the spirit world, which would make existence there awfully exciting. In fact, the afterlife sounds like the ideal place for an adventure…or to fall in love. The ancient Egyptians had their own concept of where they went after death, as did the wild Celtic tribes and many others.