Getting an Investing Game Plan: Creating It, Working It, Winning It

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  1. How to Win Game #2 - Create Passive Cash Flow
  2. How to Win Game #2 - Create Passive Cash Flow
  3. Make sure you’re always on a winning team
  4. Stock market resembles more like a game

  1. Accumulate More Wealth With An Investing Game Plan;
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Such huge falls and spikes. Should I still be considering the stock market I can live the way I want on what I have now. I loved the market and made a small fortune when I was in it, but now that I have crossed the finish line I feel like I should take my winnings and go home…..

I think if you can live within your earnings, then just stick with what works. The markets are close to all time highs, and we are six years into a bull market, and the Fed is trying to raise rates in the next six months. I guess the most valueable rule is to stay calm in all situations.

At the beginning of this weeks i had problems to find enough cash to buy besides of my regular savings. Will re-read it to try to understand the tranche system and possibly employ it in my situation. For now as I do not trust myself I follow the simple advice of much more experienced investors.

Hit the nail on the head. Last week and earlier this week provided a huge opportunity to dollar cost average in the markets. So much of it is just paying attention. As you mention, if you have the liquidity during these dips in the market, you need to recognize the crash for what it is and put your money to work for you! Look at the last two days! You could have made up points back on the Dow simply by paying attention. From a long term perspective, you need to recognize the cycles and, again as you said, keep your investment horizon in focus.

The market freaks out sometimes; use it to your advantage. In a serious downturn e. This week I took the opportunity to contribute 10k to our Roth and my ik. I really like your 5 tranches idea.

How to Win Game #2 - Create Passive Cash Flow

Sam, I appreciate you writing a whole article in response to my question. I read this post twice, and also read the answers above regarding equity vs real estate balance. Step — 4 — Tranches. Thought more about my deployment strategy, and decide to write out a concrete plan with exact numbers. I thought a bell curve deployment maybe be better than a linear one. Bill Bernstein in The Four Pillars says: Apparently, statistically lump sum investing gives you more money after 20 years or was it 30?

How to Win Game #2 - Create Passive Cash Flow

Anyway, I dumped the money into the Total Stock Market index about 2 weeks ago — right before the correction! Who knows where the market will be even next year? This is long term money and I knew that getting in.

But in hindsight of course I see the value of your plan. My plan is to dump extra cash in the market whenever I have it, though I do keep a year of expenses in cash as well as extra if I plan to buy another property or make a private investment in a given year. But if you think about it, it depends on your future cash flow. Do you recharge the tranches with the regular monthly investment fund or separate one? And a side question not particularly related to this post: Time in the market is more important than timing the market as they say. I really liked your idea of setting aside an excess capital deployment strategy to take advantage of market corrections.

I am really enjoying your blog posts thank you. I have an advisor and accounts with Ameriprise.

Make sure you’re always on a winning team

I have been discussing Personal Capitals wealth management accounts with them and am considering a change. I know that many people feel their fees are too high. I need to balance fees with the advice and returns that I am getting. Do you have an opinion on Personal Capitals wealth management program? Love your site and advice. I purchased some stock on my own but choosing these takes a trained eye. My Roth and IRA are in yet two other places with other brokers. Is is ok to have different Investments firms?

The Merril acct I take care of myself. It seriously is way less expensive than Merrill Edge. Hello, Thanks for sharing this information. It truly is priceless! I wanted to get your opinion on putting the monthly investments in Fidelity portfolio advisory service. In this article you mentioned investing after the discovery process. Samurai, do you have an effective way of charting your gains with this method, relative to not using this method? Your email address will not be published. Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

You can also subscribe without commenting. Sign up for the private Financial Samurai newsletter! Reaffirm Your Investment Horizon My investment horizon is 22 years, or age 60 for both pre-tax and post-tax investment accounts. Is your retirement on track? Comments A very sensible approach Sam. This is brilliant, Sam! I should be finding out the final sales price of that one home within the next week! Hey Sam — I love your frameworks you pull together. It looks like this: Am I the only person who had to Google the word tranche? Feel free to work it into a dinner party conversation! Major life events and changing goals may mean you need to adjust your financial plays.

They can help you take the emotion and stress out of financial strategies—so you can plan for your financial future. Working with an advisor. Create a financial game plan: Do I need a financial advisor? How do I choose a financial advisor? What should I bring to my meeting?

Be a part of the long-term success story of the company and not to capitalize on the current news making situation of the company. Ignore short term fluctuations. Avoid investing based on the stock market tips or recommendation. Do your own research. Analyse thousands of stocks before choosing the right stock to invest. That is one of the secrets to win in the stock market.

Once you have chosen a right stock, wait till the share is available at a very high bargain price. Buying a right stock at the right price is the key to investment success. Finding a right stock is one thing, but figuring out whether they are undervalued or not is a different thing and a difficult thing. By analysing the fundamentals of the company like earnings, revenue and assets, we can arrive at the intrinsic value of the company. If the intrinsic value is more than the current price, then the stock is definitely undervalued. It is worth investing in that company.

If this is the case, you can outsource this Portfolio Management Scheme to a professional financial planner or wealth manager. But you need to be careful in choosing a professional financial planner who is capable and at the same time customer centric.

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  • Accumulate More Wealth With An Investing Game Plan.
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  • The third secret of stock market success can be achieved if you have time and patience or by outsourcing it to the right expert. Insights to implement the third secret of investing in the stock market: In order to master the third secret of investing in stock market, you need to do these two simple things:.

    If it is not possible to identify the bargain, then you can follow a simple yet powerful strategy called Systematic Investment Plan. This will make the investing process much easier. Check how efficiently a management is using its resources like money, manpower and material. This management efficiency will in turn reflect in Return on Equity and Return on Capital. All these resources need to be used efficiently. Only when all the resources are used optimally, a company can continue to deliver consistent profits. For sustainability of the business, efficient resource management is important.

    Any wastage or underutilization of resources by a company need to be taken as a warning signal when investing in the stocks. This efficient management of different resources is the fourth and profound secrets of stock market success. Hot stocks are those stocks which have some attention catching activity such as severe volatility in share prices, high trading volume or when the stock market is in news.

    Stay away from these hot stocks. The time to get interested is when no one else is. It is not advisable to chase the hot stocks or hot mutual fund schemes. All stocks and funds go through a performance phase and non-performance phase. A performance phase will be followed by a non-performance phase. Instead of chasing a stock or fund which is hot performing now , we can choose stocks or funds which has performed well over a period of time, and which has the potential to perform in the long run.

    Hot stocks become hot because of the sensation created by news media. This sensation increases expectation.

    The increased expectation will work against you. Stocks which are not in the limelight, and stocks which are boring will eventually deliver remarkable results. Identifying the unnoticed and undervalued stocks is really an important secret to the stock market success. Of course, you need to make a few assumptions to do this calculation. Most often investors tend to ask the share is undervalued or overvalued. Identifying the intrinsic value of a stock is difficult, and the various models available to calculate the intrinsic value are faulty.

    We need to take into account the expected dividend and the expected share price appreciation. Look before you leap. Calculate the ROI before you invest. This is a simple but sound stock market secret. This is a very good stock market strategy when you review your share portfolio or mutual fund portfolio. People have this theory of loss-aversion, i. In effect, investors tend to keep the loss making shares with themselves and they offload their profitable shares.

    Actually it needs to be the other way around. Instead of getting attached to the stocks or funds selected, we need to be attached to the logic behind the stock selection. If a stock or fund is not maintaining the good fundamentals which was there when you selected it, then you can consider them to sell. Though this is the last secret of the stock market success, this secret is the most important and not to be neglected secret for the stock market success. As investors practice stock investing with the above secrets, they come back to us with a few more challenges.

    We are discussing those challenges here with the secrets to face those challenges in stock investing. Hazing is cognitive dissonance. It is the concept of people being torn between two opposite ideas or strategies or values. Most of the times, before arriving at an investment decision, there will be conflicts in our mind. Your portfolio value is eroding.

    So, book profits ASAP. Stocks are available at discounted price. When you hold both the thoughts continuously in your mind without coming to a logical conclusion, then that stage of confused thoughts is considered as hazing.

    Stock market resembles more like a game

    When you do hazing in the stock market, you will be emotionally imbalanced. This will make you take irrational decisions for which you will regret later. As we have discussed in detail on what is hazing in the stock market, let us discuss on how to avoid hazing in the stock market. When you keep things in your mind. You may not get clarity.